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LadyLike Mondays!

Happy Monday Fabulites!! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and is ready and willing to move full steam ahead into this upcoming work week. I had a very interesting Weekend Myself. Spent my Weekend at my 10yr old Slam Fest Basketball Tournament where for the first time since he's been playing they lost 4 straight games in a row. Add to that the Miami Heat also losing game 6 Saturday night and it turned into a weekend of learning how to keep your head up when times get tough. I must say it was a great learning experience all around. Anyways let's jump into my fit of the day. After so much sadness over the weekend I wanted today to be all about the Strength, Joy and Determination that comes with being a woman. A Strong Woman! So I jumped into one of my most LadyLike dresses and headed to the workplace vowing never to take a look back...check me out.
How do you maintain your LadyLike composure when times get tough?
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