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Must Luv Leather!

Happy Hump Day Fabulites! Halfway through the work kickin ass and taking names! Listen, I'm a Florida girl born and raised. I know very little about the cool Fall weather you speak of, the light outercoats you're forced to wear, or the thigh high boots being worn in the middle of October. In my neck of the woods where we still have a daily average temp of 89-92 degree weather wearing all over leather could leave you sweaty, passed out, dazed, and confused!  But that hasn't stopped me from wanting to be adorned all over by this oh so fab fashion trend! Please allow me to share you my Current Top 10 Must Have Leather Looks! Allow a girl to dream a little!
Must Luv Leather!
What current Leather Looks are topping your Must have Leather Wishlist?


  1. You spoke my mind. Number 8 is my favor.


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