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LadyLike Fit of the Day!

Hola Fabulites!!! I know its been a while since my last Fit of the Day but you know ya Can't keep a Fashionable girl down! Those of  you who are familiar with the Frugal Flirty N Fab know that I have what some could call a real fear of white dresses. Not sure why but they just never seem to work for me. Here I am the self proclaimed Fab Fabulista scared of a little white bueno! I decided it was time to tackle my fear, but how was I going to do so without diving head first  into the pond all at once? That's when I noticed this little ladylike number from SammyDress and knew she'd be the one to help me out, Take a look...... 

The moment I laid eyes on this dress it came to me. The way to tackle my fear of the little white dress was to work my way in slowly by finding one with a great print yet stylish enough to handle my womanly curves, Yes! After searching far and wide this dress was everything for me. It had the pop of color that we know I can't live without, It hugged my body the right way without making me feel self conscious of my imperfections and for some strange reason made me want to take the dog for a walk around the neighborhood....go figure!
In just the blink of an eye this showed once again there was nothing to fear but fear itself! What do you say Fabulites, Has the Frugal Flirty N Fab finally faced her fear of wearing white? What are some of your biggest fashion fears and how do you get over them.

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