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How to Rock A Fab Color on Natural Hair!

For weeks after I reached my 2 year Naturalversary  I'd been trying to figure out what I could do to change my look a little, you know spice things up with  my hair, but for some reason nothing jumped out at me. I thought about adding a Summer protective weave, getting braids, and even getting a haircut but none of those ideas really excited me. You see I have loved being a natural from the day I did the big chop and the idea of not being able to switch up my hairstyles as I pleased or having to deal with the agony of having tight braids was definitely a no go in my book. I wanted  my hair to be Big, Bold and Bad so I did what any Frugal Flirty N Fab diva would do and I changed my hair color. This wasn't by far the first time I'd dyed my hair before but it was by far the boldest I'd ever been with the color!

Coloring- Natural-Hair

I thought long and hard about what color I thought would be best for me and my hair. I took into consideration that this color would have to fit in well with my lifestyle, both professional and private, match my personality, give me a Natural Glow and also not scare the hell out of my baby!  I chose the Luminous Blonde and I knew there was no turning back!
I am so pleased with the decision I made to become a luminous blonde. Its amazing how something as simple as a change in haircolor can give you a new outlook on life. Believe it or not I feel more confident, I'm smiling more and my faith in fashion has all been renewed because of it. Anyways Fabulites this is my take on How to Rock a Fab Haircolor on natural hair and I hope you enjoyed it. For additional hairstyles and looks make sure you follow me on Instagram. What Fab hair colors are you currently rocking or thinking of rocking and why?

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