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Tales of the Not So Fab!

I know my blog is about all things Fab but every once in a while something not so Fab takes place. Take this particular  night I had for instance. One Saturday Night I decided to head down to South Beach to preview some art, have a couple drinks, you know relax a little with a couple of friends. I wore m leopard print dress, black heels, and even threw on what I thought was a really cute wig at the time. 

At the completion of the Art Show my friends and I decided to head to a hotel to finish off our drinks and maybe shoot some pool or sing a little karaoke.

To make a long story short we were taking pictures in the lobby of the hotel when I heard this very distinct voice. Remember, at this time I was probably working on my 3rd or 4th Margarita so my judgement may have been slightly impaired (not a big drinker)! So I turned around and to my surprise guess who it was standing just mere feet away from me in the Lobby. It was Tyson Beckford! OMG I was so excited to see him. What I thought was a  fast and elegant walk kinda turned into a terrifying run and leap and next thing I know this was happening!

He was such a nice good and a good sport for taking this picture with me and for not being afraid of the crazy hotel lady. The next day I couldn't wait to see our picture. It happen to be one of the worst pictures I've taken in a while but I got a picture none the less. See I told you that even though I talk about all things Fab, sometimes Fab Not is more like it and in the end that's OK with me. I mean nobody's perfect but its all about loving yourself during your most imperfect moments! Have you ever had a Not So Fab moment? Share it with the Frugal Flirty n Fab!
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