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Beauty with Minimal Effort!

Frugal Flirty N Fab!

Some women always seem “together” while others don’t. The secret to always looking good doesn’t necessarily rest in a woman’s genes. It doesn't mean that women have to spend exorbitant amounts of money either. Looking good boils down to taking care of health and hygiene. 

Trimmed nails are a matter of good hygiene. It’s not necessary that a woman be on top of manicures and pedicures; however, such a small change adds beauty. A woman’s hands, feet and nails are a reflection of the overall care she shows herself. Trimming, filing and buffing nails makes them look beautiful, and it keeps them looking clean. Hand exfoliation and skin lotion help to protect and promote skin integrity, which makes the hands look healthy and beautiful. 
It’s a sad reality that most people don’t get adequate amounts of rest. It usually occurs as a result of hectic schedules and stress. However, if people set aside time to sleep, they feel better and deal with stress better. When a person is healthy, they can focus on life better, which, in turn, speeds up their production. 

Diet directly affects a person’s health. What people ingest is directly related to how they feel. The body’s regeneration is dependent upon an adequate and consistent ingestion of vitamins, protein, energy and other nutrients. Processed food and fast food is not good for people. They often have high amounts of fat and sodium and lack vitamins. 
Water is vital to life. Water is what allows blood to be made in the body to carry nutrients and oxygen. Water helps cell function. Water aids in digestion, and the human body is mostly comprised of water, which means the body will not function without water. Water makes the eyes brighter, and it makes the skin more vibrant. 

The condition of a woman’s hair reveals a lot about a woman’s health, and her age. In addition, the color of a woman’s hair, in comparison to her skin tone, can make a woman appear more youthful. Making regular visits to the salon can help improve the condition of a woman’s hair. By clicking on “Local Salons Near Me,” women can discover the physical location of each salon, its amenities and how well people like each one. 

By taking time to sleep, eat a healthy diet, focus on hygiene and drinking an adequate amount of water, a woman will look her best with minimal effort. 

What are some things you do to maintain your beauty with minimal efforts?

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