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Fab's Must Have Dorm Essentials!

Fabulites, Its that time of year again, Time to head back to school! And what parent doesn't want to save a buck or two when investing in must Have Dorm Essentials?  I remember how nerve racking and financially exhausting it can be trying to make sure you have everything you need when heading off to college so today the Frugal Flirty N Fab has teamed up with Walmart and Kleenex to make sure your all set for Campus with Fab's Top 10 Must Have Dorm Room Essentials! Let's Dive In!

Must Have Dorm Essentials

1Storage Bin- You can never have too many storage options specially when working with limited space.
2. Comforter-The key to a much needed great night sleep is making sure you have the right bedding.
3Lighting-Of course perfect for those late night study sessions
4. Cleaning Supplies-Cleanliness is next to Godliness, need i say more?
5. Shower Caddy- Perfect organizational tool to keep all your shower supplies together
6. Mirror-Who doesn't want to start out their day looking their best?
7. Laundry Hamper-Another organizational tool used to keep items that need cleaning in order
8. Picture Frames-Family reminders are always a welcomed dorm room addition
9. Coffee Pot- Nothings gonna help you deal with those late nights or early mornings better than a cup of Joe!
10Pillows- I know we started with bedding  but I had to separate Pillows simply because they are everything!

If you're looking for a way to add a little style and class to your dorm room while staying healthy then the Kleenex Expressions Oval Chevrons found exclusively at Walmart are a definite must! Not only are they designed beautifully but the fab colors will definitely be a welcomed style addition. Chevron designs are a limited Back to School edition with Walmart.

FABulites,What's topping your Must Have Back to School Dorm List?

*Thanks to Kleenex +Walmart for Sponsoring this discussion* 

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