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Hump Day Obsession-All Things Express!

When I finally came to terms with the fact that I was too damn grown to purchase a majority of my wardrobe from forever 21 I found myself in a lost and confused state of fashion. I mean Forever 21 had all the cute fits plus their prices were perfect for my pockets so I had little idea on what a girl was supposed to do. It was during this awkward life stage that I found Express. While at first I found the prices to be a little out of my price range I quickly grew to respect the quality of clothes and almost instantly began focusing on how to purchase the fab finds at a discount rate.  In no time at all I realized Express had some of the most spectacular sales I'd ever seen. At that point we became a match made in heaven. Without further adieu I introduce my Top 5 Express Most wanted Looks!

Thursday Obsession, All Things Express!

With the Holidays being so near and dear of course I chose pieces that could easily camouflage  a healthy portion of Thanksgiving Dinner , Red Wine and Dessert no doubt! And as if that's not enough, For a limited time Get up to 50% OFF EVERY SINGLE ITEM plus Save $25 off every $75 you spend with Code 1474!!!!! With deals of this nature who in their right mind could be against Express

Are you a fan of Express? What are your thoughts on my top 5 Must have Express Looks?


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