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3 Blogging Goals I hope to Accomplish by the End of 2014!

Happy Tuesday Fabulites! Have you ever heard the term of speaking something into existence? That's what I plan on doing today by discussing with you my Top 3 Blogging goals I hope to accomplish by the end of 2014. Yeah I know its only  23 days away but I think its pretty amazing what the body can do when the mind is willing and able!  Let's Dive In!

  •  I would absolutely enjoy finishing off 2014 by meeting all of my social media goals. I mean lets face it, You can be as great as you want to be but if no one is interested in sharing in your greatness or you encouraging the greatness of others then really how great are you? If you enjoy talking about all things, Fashion, Family, Fun, and straight up Fabness check out my Facebook Page, Follow me on Instagram, Tweet me on Twitter and last but not least Pin with me on Pinterest!  I promise you'll have a blast!
  •  The Frugal Flirty N Fab has always been big on Holidays and this one is no different. This year I would love to collaborate with other locals in the South Florida community to provide a needy family who otherwise couldn't afford to have a nice Christmas with a super surprise. Nothing too extravagant but definitely a  Nice Meal and some Christmas presents for the kids.  This is something I've always wanted to do it's just that I'm currently a little better at talking about it than putting an actual plan in motion but my Heart is definitely in the right place. HELP!
  • .My third blogging goal is to make sure I post a daily post 5 days a week for the remainder of the year. Just recently I slipped into a zone where I was barely posting twice a week and there's no way around it, that sucks! At this stage in the game posting is clearly my chosen form of therapy so when its off so am I

Welp that's all I have right now Fabulites. Do you think I'll be able to accomplish my 2014 Blogging Goals? I would love to hear your feedback and also feel free to share your end of the year goals with me as well. I mean after all sharing is caring right? 

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