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Best of 2014-The Good The Bad The Ugly of the 2014 Golden Globe Awards!

I've always wanted to be the girl who was magically prepared for every holiday and award season with a cute post that separates her from the others.  In the year 2014 decided I shall be her! Without further adieus lets jump right into all that was fashionably Right, Wrong, and Indifferent  at the 2014 Golden Globe awards!

 The Good
Without a Doubt the night's best look goes to 12 Years A Slave actress Lupita Nyong'o who was absolutely dazzling in a red Ralph Lauren dress. Red was a big hit on the red carpet but Lupita put the other girls to shame! Lupita girl this now makes us besties in my head since we both luv to Rock a Hot Red Look! Call me!

I know it can be tough being pregnant and having to deal with an award show but comes on Ladies, was this the best you could do? Olivia looks like she needs a nap, Kerry dressed her bump in Grey and gave me mother of the bride instead of knocked up Cutie, and Drew brought a real Cat Lady vibe to her bump, someone needs to be fired!...Is this preggo lyfe?

I'm sorry, Its 2014 and I know too many plus size Hotties that would never ever ever step foot on the red carpet dawning the depressing looks of Melissa and Gabourey. I mean really but why? These are 2 of my favorite actresses but time and time again I see them take a hit on the red carpet! Stop this foolishness right away!!!

What were your Fashion Highs and lows of the 2014 Golden Globe Awards?

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