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Fab's Polka Dot Loving Fit of the Day!

Hey yall! Happy Tuesday! Hope everyone is off to a fantastic start to this beautiful day! Yesterday I found myself questioning if I could have it all because lately it sea when one area in life is doing well it seems like another area is falling apart. Yesterday I was extremely excited because for the first time in nearly a year I made it to the park at 6am for my morning working. The problem arose when I convinced myself my workout was so awesome I didn't need to put any effort into my hair, makeup, and fit of the day! It was so bad that one of my coworkers asked me if anything was wrong and that I was looking a little sad:-( Well damn, who comes to work looking damn near suicidal because she chose to focus on her workout more than her appearance? Monday evening I made my mind up to never let this happen again! I knew if I wanted to have a good workout plus maintain my appearance I could I just needed focus! today I was up and at it at 6am again but this time I grabbed one of my cutest Polka Dot Dresses, my earrings, Penny Luvs Kenny Shoes, and Loreal lips and made it do what it do! Take a look!
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How do you balance working out, working full time, family, fun and all life's other responsibilities? Is it something that you perfect in due time, or is it the age old story of if there's a will there's a way? Thanks for visiting and please feel free to share your experiences with the Frugal Flirty N Fab!

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