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70's Style Print and Fringe Lovin Fit of the Day!

Happy Thursday Luvs! How's everyone doing? Today BabyFab decided to get up at 6:20 ready to play and make it do what it do and all I wanted was maybe an extra half hour of sleep! That wasn't happening, so instead I got him situated and quickly decided today was the perfect day to throw on a Fab Print, Blue Eyeshadow, and my Embellished Fringe Kicks! Take a look!
Print dresses-Style- Fashion- Patterns

Don't you just Luv when a fashion plan comes together!

Shoes-Fringe-Embellishments- Trends-Heels

These shoes are giving a whole new meaning to the term "Happy Feet"! Can you see my feet are smiling? Lol!

Patterns-Prints-Fashion-BloggerStyle- Trends

What's a Thursday without my signature pose? I'm working on trying to switch things up but FABulites, I'm a work in progress!

Midi Dress-Dress Lengths-Dresses

I originally purched this dress to wear to meet June Ambrose at Macy's during the Black History Month Style Event but if I could wear it daily I totally would because at this stage in my life it's all about what makes me feel good and what makes me best the best I can possibly be to and for others.

Vintage-History-Fashion History-70's Style

Fashion Bloggers-Mom Style- Mom Wear- 2015 Mom Fashion

Thanks for allowing me to share my Print, Shadow, Embellishment Luvin Fit of the Day with you! make sure to check back in cause you never know what a day will consist of in the life of the Frugal Flirty N Fab! What Fit made you know you were ready to Take On The World Today?

Dress bebe
Shoes Nordstrom Rack

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