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The Truth about One Piece Swimsuits!

I take great pride in always being honest with myself, but the truth is that for the last I'd say 15 years or so I've done nothing but constantly lie to myself! I convinced myself If I gave up drinking soda I'd be ableto work myself into the 2 piece swimsuit of my dreams,  I lied and convinced myself that right after having my 3rd child I'd magically whip my body into supermodel shape and werk a 2 piece swimsuit,  I lied when I convinced myself to purchase my last  two piece swimsuit and that if I looked at it often enough I'd be motivated to lose weight. Enough of the Swimsuit Lies already!  Although it makes me feel better about the situation at hand, the truth is that I may never be in the
position to flaunt my stuff  again in another two piece swimsuit, But I'd be lying to myself again if I didn't straight up own the fact that while I work on perfecting the two piece I will rock the hell out of a One Piece Stunner like below!


I am currently obsessed with all the super fab One Piece swimsuit options that currenly exist. Now you have the ability to show your sex appeal and style while not exposing all the goods and making yourself and others a little uncomfortable. Sounds like a Win Win situation right! Got any one piece swimsuits topping your Spring/Summer Must Have list? Have  you ever lied to yourself for a little Swimsuit Sanity?

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