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A Better Me with Nature Valley Simple Nut Bars!

   Nature Valley Simple Nut Bars #SimpleSnacking
FABulites, This morning I woke up, sat my scale by the trash, and vowed from now on to be the best version of myself I can be and I'm going to show you how Nature Valley Simple Nut Bar products are going to help me do it!
Let me just start at the beginning. It started when I attempted to put on my black jumper that i'd only worn one other time which was on my birthday April 8th. To my surprise this time when I attempted to wear it the jumper was so tight and unflattering on me that I could barely get it zipped! Did my jumper shrink, is someone playing a mean prank on me, what was stopping it from fitting the way it had once fit before? The answer  was me!I was the reason for this fashion disturbance but I'm not going down without a fight. I'm giving myself a full month of healthy eating, Nature Valley Simple Nut Bars and moderate exercise to show my jumper who's boss! Are you with me?
Nature Valley Simple Nut Bars come in two flavors, Almond Cashew Sea Salt and Roasted Peanut and Honey and can be found at your nearest Publix. I chose Nature Valley Simple Nut Bars to assist me on my journey because I spend lots of time on they go and they're the perfect go to snack. That won't have to worry about over indulging on bad snacks. They are also perfect for the times when healthy dining options aren't available. Pull out a Simple Nut Butter Bar in either flavor and chow down until healthier food options are available. Best of all this simple snack is made of just 7 ingredient, can't get any more simple than that! With my exercising, healthy snacking, and day in and out dealings with BabyFab and FabJr.,  I'm positive I'll be back in my jumper in no time at all!
For my FABulites that might be going through something similar I want to help you out as well With my $15PayPal Giveaway and a $0.75 cent Off Coupon for your Publix Purchase! Here's How you can Win with just 3 Easy Steps!

 (1) Go to the Nature Valley Simple Nut Bars Product Page to check out Nature Valley Simple Nut Bars and see the two new products.

(2) Visit to get the $0.75 off coupon.
(3)  Leave a comment below in the comments section as your official giveaway entry. Your comment should include which flavor you plan on purchasing and simply can’t wait to try!
*Winner will be chosen and notified on August 18th!*
Don't forget to visit your nearest Publix, coupon in hand  for exclusive in store saving or to purchase Nature Valley Simple Nut Bars from 7/20-8/17, 2015 and give the entire family the chance at #simplesnacking today!

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