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Mama Sexy Saturdays!

FABulites, I have a little confession to share with you today! You ready? Well I confess that after a pretty stressful work week, on Saturdays I like to enjoy a good workout and then dress up in one of my sexy dresses that maybe just wasn't so sexy on me before....Read ahead to get a little more insight on why!

Losing the baby weight after having BabyFab is one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. One reason its so hard is because for the first time in my entire life I actually have to eat fairly healthy and workout regularly to make any type of headway. My biggest problem thus far is the fact that I'm a proud Foodie! You heard me right, Frugal flirty N Fab Foodie! I luv food to my core and while eating healthy doesn't exactly mean I have to give up the foods that I love but it does mean I need to sometimes learn to say No and eat in moderation. Easier said than done, Let me tell ya! I've also struggled with eliminating Coke from my diet and trying not to have anything too heavy after 7. The Struggle is Real Fabulites!

It's been slightly over 30 days that I began to take my workouts and healthy eating a little more seriously. The first couple weeks I was discouraged because I felt like I was putting forth so much effort and yet something totally different was appearing on my scale. After nearly giving it up all together I decided to Toss the Scale and continue moving forward. Best decision I've made in awhile.
Now instead of weighing myself on  Saturdays I now rumble thru my closet, find a dress I wasn't able to wear before and enjoy the Hell out of my Mama Sexy! Scales may lie but clothes don't! It's just my little form of Sexy Mama Motivation and I think we all need that ever now and then.

Although I have a long ways to go to get my pre preggo Sexy back, It feels good knowing I'm headed in the right direction. I'm a sucker for a cute red dress and picked this little number up from the BeBe outlet in Sawgrass Mills Mall back in January I believe. I also luv a good body con dress sucker so although it looked downright horrible on me when I tried it on in the store I purchased it hoping to one day be able to wear it with style and grace. Who knew today would be that day?

Thanks for allowing me to share a little about my Mama Sexy Saturdays with you. Hopefully I can post a picture and update and encourage you to share your Sexy Saturdays with me too! On a side not I asked my son FabJr. who's also my photographer if I should call my post Sexy Saturday's or Mama Sexy Saturday's and he said neither and that it should be called Mama's Gone Mad! This is the same kid that when I was pregnant and asked him what I should title my BabyBlog he suggested Old Lady with a Blog and a Baby, HA! Kids, you gotta Luv em and  I can always count of him for a good laugh! Anyways, What's Motivating you this Mama Sexy Saturday?


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