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August Earnings Report!

 Fabulites, It was a pretty good month for the Frugal Flirty N Fab but let's be real, While my earnings may not be a substantial amount Some money is always better than no money! Add on the fact that you're able to earn those funds doing something you truly love and it becomes an overall Win Win Situation.  Before we get into my August Earnings Report I feel the need to provide you a little insight on why for the third month in a row I'm choosing to discuss my earned revenue and what I hope to achieve by sharing my report with all of you, Let's Begin!
How to Monetize your Blog and Earn Revenue
It's pretty simple FABulites. I know many think talking about money is taboo or something that should not be done by Bloggers or anyone for that matter but I constantly  find myself thinking back on my first couple years of blogging and the time and energy I wasted because I was unaware that as a Blogger I had full control over if my blog would just be a hobby or If I would monetize it and allow it to become a source of earning revenue. It was years before I had any idea I could even make money from blogging. Once I learned of the great revenue potential it was then that I found out about those elite bloggers who were make 5 and 6 figure salaries from doing the same things I was doing which was trying to earn a living while living out their dreams! To me it's about so much more than just having a couple extra dollars in your bank account at the end of the month. As a employee, generating this revenue inspires me to one day be my own boss and not have to deal with the technicalities that come with working a 9-5. As a Mom, generating this revenue allows me to see my kids grow, enjoy life's little pleasures with them, and make sure their every needs are provided and met. As a woman generating this revenue from my blog allows me to be independent, allows me to motivate others by just living out my daily life and allows me to experience things I still have a hard time even imagining! I want others to know of the opportunities, I want more Moms to know the opportunities are endless and possibilities are simply incredible. Truly when it comes to a career choice, nothing could be better than earning a living and being able to provide for yourself and others doing what you love and simply put I just want everyone to experience that feeling! Now that we got that all cleared up let's get into that August Revenue Report.
August was a pretty good month for the Frugal Flirty N Fab with all my social stats showing substantial growth for the month. Take a look and if you're not following me on the below social networks there's no time like the present!
I managed to bring in a little over $1400 for the month of August and here's how  it was generated.
Collective Bias $575
Pollinate Media $220
Linqia $187
Everywhere Society $175
Xfinity Ambassador $200
Blogher $25
Private Ads $37
TOTAL $1419
Thanks for allowing me to share my August Earnings Report with you. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the information I'm sharing and for this to be an open dialogue where you can feel free to ask questions in the comments. I promise to answer them to the best of my ability. 

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