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15 ThanksGiving Day Dress Must Haves and More!

Happy Veterans  Day Fabulites! While we pay homage to all of our Men and Women who have fought and are still fighting the good fight I wanted to plant a little seed of something you might wanna keep in the back of your head for now. That little thing is Thanksgiving and will before you know it be a very Big Thing! In the spirit of Thanksgiving and all things to be thankful for I give you my Top 15 Must Have Thanksgiving Day Dresses! Let's take a look!
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I'm not sure  if Thankfulness comes with age or not but for me to say I'm excited about Thanksgiving is a total  understatement! I damn near can't even reflect on Thanksgiving pasts without feeling the urge to sing group togetherness songs and tear up! There's not one thing about the holiday I don't like but in order for my day to go smoothly there are a couple things that I need to make sure are in place!
1. I need the Holiday Décor and Ambience to be on point!  Out of all the holidays celebrated this is definitely the time when you want your house to be on point! Create the mood for yourself and others with lite music and of course Fall like décor! Make me a Thankful Believer!
2. I need all my family members gathered together solely for the purpose of Giving Thanks and Celebrating  together. We all know a holiday just isn't a holiday until that drunk Uncle or the Cousin that no one likes shows up but in the spirit of thing lets Laugh, Eat, Drink, and Give Thanks!
3. I'm really going to need the food to be on point. Everyone needs to stick with making the meals they verified they were bringing and I need each and every ounce of food to taste like your life depended on the outcome of each bite! Yes I said it and I meant it! Food must be Everything! No burnt pies, Hard macaroni or dry turkey allowed. A cooking game Only!
4. Last but not least I'm going to need ou to look like you are Thankful for it all! Dress, hair, makeup, soul and spirit all need to be Beat for Lyfe!  Do you have any idea how wonderful it is to sit arounf eating Sweet Potatoe Pie and Turkey in a Fab dress without a care in the world???? Eat until you can hold no more then prance around in your dress like every day is Thanksgiving and beyond! May you be the one who slayed both her Dress and the Honey Ham!

Thanks for allowing me to share with you my 15 Must have ThanksGiving Day Dresses and more with you today. As always which of my looks will be topping your Must have List? What ThanksGiving Day Traditions or Needs are a Must for you this Thanksgiving?

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