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12 Must Have Camel Coats to Rock on a Budget!

FABulites, I just watched the news and so many of you are still buried under tons of snow and it looks to be pretty overwhelming. I'm a Fun in the Sun type of Girl and I'd be lying if I said I knew what you were going through, but please know better days are ahead! While I have no idea what you're experiencing I can most definitely compare it to the times when we're stuck inside because of a hurricane scare or something of that nature, but  come rain, shine, or snow I still stick with my beliefs that being cute is never optional, but a must! In this case make that warm and cute! That's the idea I had in mind when I decided to bless you with 12 Camel Coats to Rock on a Budget! Ya Ready?

I have been completely obsessed with all things Camel lately and of course it was the Camel Coat that started it all! In my head I can see me rocking the hell out of my office hallway with caped camel coat, booties, and my cup of vanilla coffee in tow.  The best thing about this seasons hottest trend is the multiple ways of rocking it! Enough about me and my workplace fantasies, Which of my Camel Colored Cuties are topping your must have list and last but not least, Do you Dream in Camel? 

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