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7 Must Have Valentine Day Looks Under $50!

Fabulites, Have I ever mentioned before just how much I love Valentines Day! In my head it's the day some of my favorite things come together. It's the day you wear my favorite color red; It's the day you enjoy a great meal with your special someone; It's the day you rock a super cute fit and lippie; It's the day you tell the people closest to you how much you care, It's a downright amazing day! Now that we've discussed how I really feel about Valentine Day it's no wonder I'm coming to you today to give you my top 7 picks of Looks Under $50 I'd be honored to rock this V Day, Let's take a look!

 Can I just start off by saying I am completely obsessed with this Darling Blue Dress! The back is to die for! I'm a South Florida girl so I can definitely see myself hitting up my favorite seafood restaurant in this number complete with a top bun, red lippie and black single strap heels. Picture the possibilities my friends! And best of all this price just can't be beat. 
For my second look a girl can do no wrong in a Red Sparkly Jumpsuit. This one is for all my girls who've been hitting the gym hard since the beginning of the year and want to show the abs off  little. This look is sexy and sophisticated and shows you have style for days! Gotta Luv it and fellow gym chicks, eat your heart out!
Look number three is for my ladies who don't care what time of the year it is will only feel comfortable rocking that Little Black Dress! I love the fact that this particular beauty shows off lots without showing off too much! I'd love to see this one played out with a great smoky cat eye and red lippie of course!
My fourth look is all about being Pretty in Pink! It's sexy yet innocent at the same time and best of all this look can be played up or dressed down to your particular satisfaction. Surprise both your date and yourself by rocking this number,  and whatever look you decide to go for just make sure you own it!
For my fifth selection I chose this amazing White Stunner ! I know most would probably play up the color red with this look but I'd take a walk on the wild side and play it up with both an animal print clutch and a bold pink lippie! OMG I'm getting super excited just thinking about it! I would keep the shoes pretty lite because you're not trying to scare your date away, Just owning your boldness a little!
My sixth look is for my Ladies who know the power of a great Jumpsuit ! As long as the girls look good in this getup it will definitely take you thru dinner and beyond! Sex it all the way up with red single strap satin heels, black clutch, black accessories and the almighty red lippie! Ladies, You got this!
Rounding out my selection of V-Day look is what I like to call my Kill em with Kindness look! This look pretty much gives you a blank canvas to paint exactly who you want to be for the evening. My only suggestion is that you chose wisely!
Thanks for allowing me to share with you my Top Pick for Valentines Day Looks I'd be proud to Rock! Have you settled on your Valentines Day Look? Which of my 7 options are topping your must have list? Make sure to share your thought in the comments section and as always I can't wait to hear from you!

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