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13 Reasons to Take the Plunge!

Hey yall Hey! How's everyone doing today? It's the first day of March and time for new goals, new ventures, new experiences and of course new clothes! I kicked off my 2016 fashion goals vowing to have a look that was a little more sophisticated yet stylish and classy. One of the looks I had in mind was to master the Deep v or Plunge as some of you like to call it and if you remember my first day welcoming the new year look I did just that! Because it's tried and true that it ain't no fun if the Homies can't have none I decided to share with you my Top 13 Must Have Plunge Looks to Rock on a Budget, Shall we Begin!

I am currently obsessed with all things Plunge lately and with that obsession I've come to learn a couple things about rocking the plunge look! One thing I learned is that there are levels to plunging. You can go with the slight plunge, the deep V plunge, the simple V neck plunge and more. I think its best to find which one works best for you and which look you're more comfortable with. Whatever you decide I only ask one thing of you. DO NOT decide to take on the Plunge trend then decide you're too shy to own up to the look. Wearing this trend requires confidence and a Boss like attitude so don't attempt it if you're not ready. I know I said I had one requirement but so what I lied. My second requirement is to make sure you're wearing the proper undergarments when rocking this look. Simply picture the horrible possibilities, Need I say More?  My third requirement is if your going to take the plunge please try not to show too much meaning if you're wearing the Deep plunge look you might not want to rock it with a barely there skirt. Too much of anything is bad for you and I'm sure you know the rules, It's either going to be the boobs or the booty but never both! Keep it classy Ladies! One thing I can promise you is that once you give it a try you'll probably never go back to wearing regular shirts again. I can just see you now sitting in your child's carpool lane with your upper rib cage exposed! Ha! Hey get your fashion on when and wherever you can is the motto!

Thanks for allowing me to share with you my 13 Must Have Plunge Looks and I can't wait to find out which ones are topping your Must Have List?  Have you ever taken the Plunge or is it currently on your Fashion Bucket List? What are the Pros and Cons of wearing this looks and is it Frugal Flirty N Fab Mom approved?
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