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ActiveWear Done Right with SearsStyle!

Hey yall Hey!! How's everyone doing on this very overcast Monday? I'm home today with BabyFab who isn't feeling well and wanted to drop this post off while he's napping. Yesterday I spoke with you about getting your eating right with the Jenny Craig Weight Loss Kit and today I'd like to talk to you about keeping it cute while on your weight loss or fitness journey!

Why I chose Sears for my Activewear
I am currently obsessed with the super cute line of Everlast Active wear currently available at your local Sears Stores. I mean I just can't get enough of them! When I'm not working at my full time or attending a Blogging event I'm normally at FabJr's Basketball events or doing something super fun with my kids and unfortunately neither of those items call for me to be in my six inch heels. Being busy is no excuse for not looking cute so when I laid eyes on Sears Activewear section it was an immediate match made in heaven!
How to Wear Active Wear from Sears
Not only can you get a great workout in these pieces but they can also take you anywhere from a mad dash to the grocery store to a parent teacher conference and more! I basically have 3 requirementsfor my activewear which is Be Cute, Be Functional, and Be Budget Friendly and fortunately  at Sears i'm covered on all 3!
Why I wear Sears Activewear as a busy Mom
I love the fact that it's rare of me when I visit not to find quality pieces marked down at least 30%. I was pleasantly surprised when I purchased this look which because of the points I'd earned with my Shop Your Way Program  I was able to get both the top and bottom free of charge! Can somebody say Winning! Cute, Free, and Fab, What more could a Girl ask for?

Why Stylish Moms choose Sears ActiveWear
 Not only is it about keeping yourself motivated, it's also about motivating the people around you. That's why when I came across this very shirt that reads "She believed she could do it so she did", I just had to have it! In a matter of minutes I'd put together a complete look with these pants and was heading out the door as yet another satisfied SearsStyle customer!
Thanks for allowing me to share with you why I choose SearsStyle for my activewear shopping choice and I'd love if you took a moment to share with me what you think of my outfit in the comments. Also make sure to follow me on Instagram as I share more activewear looks! Have you ever purchased Activewear from Sears? What are your current Activewear requirements?

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