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The Real on CineBistro Movie Theatre!

Happy Monday Luvs! Hope everyone enjoyed a FABtabulous weekend! As I write this post I am just mere moments away from loading mself up with Nyquil to hopefuly relieve a little of my current annoying cold sysmptoms but before I do I just wanted to take some time and tell you all about my Date Night (evening) at Cinebistro.
Cinebistro My First Time

Before I dive into my experience allow me to provide you with a little background as to how I ended up spending my evening at Cinebistro. Well since having King a little over 2 years ago I found that I have kinda lost a little of myself being Super Mom to my three kids. I miss the things I use to do and need to find a way  to be both SuperMom while also enjoying time away from the kids. The issue is my time is very limited. I don't have a lot of options as far as a babysitter is concerned so it's pretty hard to go out with the Hubby as well. Valentines Day we vowed to get a little of our Crazy, spontaneous life back as much as we can and Saturday was definitely an indication we're headed in the right direction. We had about a 4 hour window and wanted to have a meal and watch the movie "Race" so when the option presented itself to do both at Cinebistro I was all in!

Movies Showing at Cinebistro
I'd visited Cinebistro once before for a TV show premiere but never to actually sit down and enjoy a movie and the settings. As we reached the outside of the theatre it was pretty clear there were 5 movies showing but we were a little unclear as to how things were set up inside.
Stocked Bar at Cinebistro

Once we entered the theatre one of the first things you see is a really large bar and seating area. It was grown, classy, and elegant and seeing the bar so perfectly stocked even made me blush a bit! It was like a cute lounge setting inside the Theatre and both Hubby and I were here for it! This was probably the most grown up thing we'd done in a while so we were enjoying the hell outta the lounge. At approximatel 30 minutes before the movie started a Theatre attendee appeared and escorted us back to Theatre 5 to prepare for our movie (Race). As we entered the actual theatre we'd be seeing the movie in I couldn't help but notice it was set up like a fine dining establishment. The chairs were large and super comfortable and had both menu's and silverware. It was absolutely perfect and way more than I expected.

Food at Cinebistro Movie Theatre

A couple minutes after arriving at our seats which did I mention the seat numbers were printed on the tickets and we were escorted by staff directly to our seats, we were provided with menus. The server then explained they would take out complete appetizer/dinner/dessert  meal requests before the movie starts and that if you wanted something outside of what you ordered while the movie was playing they you'd have to go to the front to get it. There were a variety of items to chose from on the menu from Filet  Mignon to Pan Seared Snapper to  Bistro Burgers. I was actually pleasantly surprised with the variety of items. There was also popcorn available if you just wanted to go with the standard movie theatre foods.
What I ordered to drink at Cinebistro

One of my favorite things about the entire experience was the ability to enjoy a FABtabulous Margarita while watching my movie. It gets no better than that in my book. I have to say this was probably one of if not the best Movie Theatre experiences I have ever had. The Food, Fantastic, The Movie, Remarkable, the Experience Amazing! I would definitely recommend adding Cinebistro on you list of places to visit. I can't wait to do it all again!

For additional Cinebistro information or to find a location near you please visit
Have you tried the Cinebistro Experience? Share your experience today with the Frugal Flirty N Fab! 

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