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What I Wore to Taste of Miami!

To some my logic may be a bit much but to me it makes perfect sense. I was heading to my very first Food, Beer, and Wine Festival of 2016 and the only thing I could focus on was the Good Food  I'd get to eat,  The Fab New Wines I'd get to drink, and Looking Cute of course! I mean who doesn't picture themselves looking their very best when eating the finest of Seafood Dishes and toasting to their Favorite Wines?
Just so happened I wondered into JCPenney on the right date at the right time and when I did this little stripped beauty caught my eye. It was priced right temporarily on sale for 40% off the ticketed price and clearly looking for a brand new home.

As my wheels began turning on where id wear this beauty, the #TasteOfMiami Food, Beer, and Wine Festival was at the top of my list. I know this might not be what you think of when you think of a Food Festival But at the beginning of the year I promised myself to dress up in pretty things that I like no matter the occasion and that's exactly what I did!
 I  completed my look by adding a cute bag and these super fab T-Strap suede sandals I found at Burlington for an unbelievable $13 bucks.  You can definitely expect to see lots more of these hotties ahead!

Normally i's say I'm not too big on Stripes but there was something about this Jumper that pulled me all the way in! the gold belt and the open back sucked me in even further.

The jumper has flared arms which I adore. Make it roomy and flexible when you're trying to do as much as I am when at events.

Another of my favorite things about this Jumper is the Bold Black and White Color pattern. Definitely one of my favorite color schemes and most likely its being I love being able to throw in that pop of red sealing the deal.

Thank you for allowing me to share with you what I wore my very first time attending Taste of  Miami. To get a look at some of the fine foods and wines I had the chance to experience make sure you hit me up on Instagram here
You ever stepped outside what's considered the norm attire when attending a Festival? What did you wear and most importantly, Will you do it again?

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