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Because I'm a Mom First Birthday Chronicle!

Happy Birthday to Me, I know I will hear all day from readers as well as family and friends of the Frugal Flirty N Fab, but if I can be honest with you today's turning out to be one pretty shitty hellava day! It's the kind of day that I probably should have seen coming from a mile away but because I'm a Mom first I held on strong knowing that one bad day does not determine all my days. Allow me to elaborate!

There I was merely hours away from enjoying the birthday of my dreams when out of nowhere I received a call from the daycare telling me BabyFab had a temperature of 102 and needed to be picked up. At first I thought it was some sort of sick joke being played because he was just fine when I dropped him off to school. I immediately headed to his school to see what was going on and when he didn't greet me with a big smile and warm welcome I knew it was time to face reality. How was this happening, how did he get sick so fast, and what was I going to do next?
We arrived home and I did everything in my power to try and help him feel better, You see as a Mom seeing my hyper toddler want nothing more than to cuddle in Mommy's arms and watch recorded episodes of The Lion Guard was a little heartbreaking. Forget my Birthday, Forget  my Trip, Forget all else because at this point it was just about BabyFab!
After BabyFab went down for a nap and reality set in I knew it was time to make some cancellations. I first contacted the hotel, explained my situation, and hoped like hell that someway, somehow they'd see it fit to refund me money. I'd booked a non-refundable stay so I wasn't sure what to expect. Because I booked the stay using a third party vendor I was told I needed to contact for my refund. They were very helpful and advised I should receive my refund within the next 72 business hours. I couldn't complain. I then contacted my connect who organized my weekend plans and advised her I would no longer be making the trip. She was super kind and just advised it was no problem rescheduling my adventure for another weekend. Happy Happy Joy Joy! 
I then began to focus on how blessed I was to be spending my birthday surrounded by people who love me, readers who appreciate me, and my family who adore me and all was well! Birthday weekend plans come and go but Being a Mom will always come first and I wouldn't have it any other way! 
Thanks for allowing me to share my not so Fab but still Fab birthday with all of you. If you'd like to help celebrate with me I think what I'd like most from all of you is to just Smile, Enjoy your Day, and Do Something Nice for someone without looking for anything in return! In the end that's exactly what Birthdays and Being a Mom are all about!
Have you ever had to rearrange your travel or vacation plans due to dealing with a sick child? How did you handle it?
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