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Today I Gave Up!

FAbulites, I'm always sharing positivity with you but sometimes I might skip out on exactly how that situation became positive. Today I'd like to share with you my truths about being a Blogger. I know when you read my posts it's happy and uplifting and things look great from the outside looking in  but today I want to share a little about how I get to that point. Believe it or not there are days when I just want to call it quits and today, the day I speak of,  was one of those days! Listen Up!

Today I GAVE UP! I thought about it all weekend long and just kept asking myself why I was even blogging. I spent Saturday working on my You Tube video about my latest week in review and after working on the video for hours a voice appeared out of nowhere asking does it really matter if your You Tube video is good or not? Is anyone even going to really see it? That little voice haunted me for the entire weekend and by the time Monday rolled around I was convinced I was ready to give up blogging for good, just walk away forever or so I thought!

I was headed in to my 9-5 when a woman I'd never seen before began talking to me as we waited for the elevator. Out of nowhere she said I always see you smiling and dressed so nicely and wondered how does she manage to do that on a Monday morning. She asked if I had kids and I proudly told her 3. She then asked if I had any tips I could give to a Mom who has kinda found herself in a fashion rut after the birth of her 3rd child who just so happen to now be 3. In a instance I wanted to help this Mom be great! I spoke briefly to her about taking time for herself and how it was possible to find clothing that made her and any Mom look and feel great! In an instance I was reminded why I started blogging in the first place. It made me feel good to know that  even though sometimes I'm not aware of it there is always someone inspired by what it is I do. Even those who might not even know about your blog can be inspired just by looking at you and the way you carry yourself. It felt good to know this Mom saw me how I want other Moms and women in general to relate to me. By the end of our brief conversation I nearly shed a tear. You see for so many years I longed to be able to share a part of myself with others the way I'm able to do by blogging but after I reached a certain age I was pretty much convinced that ship had sailed. From the time I decided to use my blog to be the inspiration I wanted to see in others that's when my Life changed for the better. A day that up until today I'd never looked back on.
As if that little incident wasn't enough to make me see the error in my ways I was pleasantly surprised when I checked my email and found not one but 2 new sponsorship opportunities but more importantly I had a letter from a young Mom asking for advice on how to go about maintaining a happy and thriving family life while going after her dreams. Somewhere somehow at a time when I thought no one was really interested in what I had to say not only were they listening but they also want me to share my story with others! I couldn't believe how what I thought was one of my worst blogging days yet turned out to be one of my best and definitely one of my most memorable. 
In an instance I was reminded what it is that I love so much about blogging and the truth is when it's something you really love and are passionate about, walking away will never be an option.
Today I Gave Up, and fell in love all  over again with this thing called Blogging.

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