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Fab's Great White Hope!

Happy Monday Luvs! I hope everyone enjoyed a FABtabulous weekend! My weekend was spent with family eating great food which you'll hear all about in a couple days and spent cheering on my son FabJr at  his basketball tournament, I love cheering him on! That kinda explains why my post all about what I like to call the Great White Hope is a little late but hey better late than never right!
I definitely have an obsession with white dresses. The only issue is that I'm obsessed with seeing it on other people. I have never really been too self conscious in my life but for some reason the thought of wearing a white dress can be alarming to me. I didn't even want to get married in one but it was tradition so I went with it but I think you've all heard me say that if I had the chance to do it all again I'd rock a puffy red dress like it was nobody's business. Sorry not Sorry!

I found this little white number at Sears a while back and every now and then I get courageous and allow her out to play. Did I mention I also refrain from wearing nudes, browns, greys and so on? When I say I prefer to live in living color I really mean it.
 Thanks for allowing me to share my Monday Great White Hope with you and after this post I can honestly say I'm kinda looking forward to my next vision in white!
Do you have a specific color that you kinda manage to stay away from? When you wear that color what are the steps you take to rock it with style and grace?
Dress-Sears/   /Earrings-Burlington

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