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Jumper and Vest Fit of the Day!

TGIF Luvs! It was rough at times but we made it to the end of another work week! This week was filled with Growth as I tried to figure new ways to build the Frugal Flirty N Fab brand, History as I nightly caught up on all 4 episodes of Roots, and as always family as I take not one day of having them in my life for granted. With all that being said let's jump right into my Friday Slayday Fit of the Day!

If you've heard me say it once you'll hear me say it again, I LIVE for a jumpsuit! Throw on a cute vest, laceup sandals, hairband and a pink pout and we are definitely on to something!
Jumpsuit=Sears/ Shoes=Ross/ Vest=Marshalls

I think I might need to start taking my pictures wearing shades. The sun was absolutely brutal this morning. It appeared the more I smiled the smaller my eyes got! Rain or shine I was determined to share with you all how simple it is to jazz up a jumper for a little Friday action at the office. Yall know it's donuts day right? What better to wear as you stroll into the office kitchen and put those 2 delicious old fashioned doughnuts on that plate? (don't judge me)

I picked up this jumper at Sears probably a little over 2 years ago now and as you can see its still in good shape and remains one of my timecrunch go to items. It's easy to wear requiring no fuss and don't get me started on how I love wearing it after my weekly workouts have gone right. Waist=Snatched!

Thank for allowing me to share with you my Friday Slayday Fit of the Day and before you leave I'd love to hear your comments on what you think of my Fit of the Day. Is this something you could see yourself wearing to the office or not?  What are you wearing for your Fit of the Day?

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