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OneUnited Bank #BankBlack Event Miami!

While my love for clothes, shoes, socializing, attending events, and building my brand is undeniable, I am also a Black Woman who wants nothing more than to be the change I want to see in both my community and yours and to also see my community reach it's highest potential. When my friends over at Circle of One Marketing invited me out to OneUnited Bank for the #BankBlack First Time Account Opening Celebration Event this past Saturday in Miami at the Liberty City Branch I knew it was an opportunity to learn, grow, and make a difference I simply couldn't pass up!

OneUnited Bank is the Nations largest Black-owned bank, first Black internet bank, and a Community Development Financial Institution who's mission it is to provide affordable financial services to support economic development in urban communities and maintain superior financial performance to maximize shareholder value. The  event was held on behalf of OneUnited Bank in an effort to empower South Floridians to move their money in response to the national outcry of recent events and move this event did!

Heading to the event I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I took my thirteen year old son FabJr. who's also my photographer with me to  open an account for the first time and I just hoped he'd be moved and somehow, someway remember this experience forever and I can proudly say the event achieved just that! There were food trucks, free giveaways, spoken word by Darius Daughtry Celebrities Killer Mike, Ace Hood, and Lil Briana were also in attendance. Mayor Oliver Gilbert and OneUnited Bank Co and President Terri Williams both spoke and interacted with attendees.
 Killer Mike Ace Hood and Brianna Perry

I was so beyond inspired by this event!  FABulites, I got chocked up on more than one occasion seeing all the beautiful people come together both young and old to show support for such a great cause. There were parents opening accounts for and with their kids, people socializing and taking in the beautiful art and scenery, and people  who simply made the decision to try to do what's right for their communities! What could be more inspiring and motivating than that? Seeing the excitement on my son's face as he opened up his very first account and in such an epic way, Priceless!

Love this artwork by Adonis Parker

Thank you for allowing me to share my experience with each of you and I hope you enjoyed it. Don't feel bad if you were not able to attend because you can always visit  to sign up for your very own account and don't forget to Spread the Word!

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