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Throwback Thursday Inspired Fit of the Day!

Happy #ThrowBack Thursday Luvs, and how's everyone doing today? I've already slurped up 3 cups of coffee and I'm way more hyped than anyone should be at Noon but all in all I can tell we have a beautiful day ahead! My entire look today was inspired by my favorite blue eye shadow and because of it I decided to share with your my Throwback Inspired Fit of the Day, Ya ready?

I am definitely a child of the 70's which also means in my book I am entitled to rock a 70's inspired look in the drop of a dime without warning or notice and that's exactly what took place today!

Although I consider myself to be the Dress Expert,  that's never stopped me from rocking a great pair of wide leg jeans.

Pair the jeans with a 70's inspired paisley top and just like that you have  what I  like to call A Winning Combination!

 I'm not sure if it's because the looks tend to fit so perfectly with my body shape or not but rarely do I come across a 70's inspired fit that I don't like! The Bell Bottoms and Jumpers from that era are absolutely to die for!
I managed to find both this top and bottom at Sears. Lot's of folks sleep on the Deals and Fab Finds I manage to pick up at Sears. Let this Fit of the Day serve as a lesson! Just check it out the next time you're in the area, you won't be sorry!

Thanks for stopping by and allowing me to share my Throwback Thursday
 Fit of the day with you! What era of clothing is your favorite and what are you Rocking for your Throwback Fit of the Day?

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