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New Beginnings and Fit of the Day!

Hey yall Hey! I know I've been a little MIA lately but I assure you its now over and I'm ready to take my place at the head of my Frugal Flirty N Fab Throne! Today I'll be sharing with you what's been keeping me so busy plus give you all the deets on my Black, White, N Colorful all over Fit of the Day, You Ready?

Rust Linen Pants

It's been nearly 7 whole days since my last social media posting and things have been crazy to say the least! I miss you all so much! My social life kinda came to a halt because I was in the process of moving, Yay Me! I knew from the day I brought  BabyFab home from the hospital that my home was no longer suitable for a family of 5. It took me a while to finally find the perfect home for us but I'm so proud to say we did it!

Fall Fashions

I've moved a couple times in the past but I gotta tell you this time was completely different. This time I looked for things that before now were never important to me. I had to have a great closet, I needed to make sure my new placed had great lighting, and it was a must that I had multiple locations for both entertaining as well as places to record my You Tube Videos! Happy to say I was able to accomplish all of the above.

Black White and Rust

On top of what the new place provides for me I also have a really great yard where the kids can go out and play, great neighbors who came over to introduce themselves,  and don't get me started on what I have in store for BBQ season! I can't remember the last time I was this excited about anything. When I think about decorating I get goosebumps all over!

Natural Hair Styles

It's like I fought change so much and then when it finally happened I'm beyond overjoyed and definitely look forward to seeing what additional changes are just ahead. So far change has been my friend. First my hair and then my home, will my Blog and Business be next? I hope so!

Shoes, Kicks, booties

I couldn't wait to post my very first Fit of the Day post live from the new place. I had a special outfit in my closet ready and waiting for the big day! Not sure if you're aware or not but I'm obsessed with all things orange and rust lately! Cant get enough of this color! I was in heaven when I found these super cute Rust Colored Lined Pants at Sears. I knew immediately that I wanted to tone down the color a little with a black n white top with leather embellishments from JCpenney's and was extremely pleased with this combination. I completed this look with a pair of my favorite cut out booties, statement earrings and my favorite NYX San Paulo Lippy.

Thanks for allowimg me to share with you some of the things that are currently happening in my life and for all the encouragement on my new beginnings. What changes are you currently most looking forward to before the end of the year and what are you doing to make those changes a reality?
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Top/JCPenney Pants/Sears Booties/Burlington

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