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Monday Motivation & Fab's Week Ahead!

Happy Monday Luvs! Last week was one heck of a week with me returning from my road trip from Alabama, Dealing with the Stomach Virus, and trying to prepare for the Valentines Week Ahead but I must admit, I am greatly looking forward to this week's activities. Follow along as I share with you my reasons why!

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Deciding that I wanted to grow my brand and be my own boss was by far the best decision I've ever made. Trying to figure out how to ears a satisfactory revenue while doing what I love is probably one of the hardest things I've ever had to do but it's beyond rewarding knowing I've managed to pull it off the last three months consecutively and things are progressively improving.

I spent my first couple week of just sitting around waiting for opportunities to mysteriously fall into my lap. When that didn't happen is when the real fun began. I then began targeting companies I thought were a good fit for my brand and I introduced myself, what my brand is all about, why I think I would be a good fit  and asset for their brand, why we should work together, and how to get started. Immediately things began to look up  and the non believer suddenly became the believer.

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None of this is easy and I don't expect it ever will be but as a Mom who once thought having the career of her dreams would never ever happen and was a lost opportunity I am proud to say I wake up daily with determination and motivation for the possibilities of what this week and every week can bring. It's through these week's that we speak of that I'm living my best possible me and you can too!

Work hard, Be kind to Others, Keep your Eye on the Prize and watch the weeks of your worst nightmares turn into the weeks, months, and years you've always dreamed of. Remember the Frugal Flirty N Fab told you so!

What's  your Monday Motivation and plans for the Week Ahead?

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