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Timing is Everything with Jord Watches!

You ever wish time would just stand still, there were more hours in a day or you had an inner switch that kept you walking the straight and narrow path to perfect time management? I know I sure do, that's why today's post is so important. I've been a little MIA lately and one of the things I've learned during my absence is that time is truly of the essence and the funny part is that it took this beautiful Jord Watch to remind me of that!

Reece Walnut and Navy Watch

It's been a super hectic couple of week for me so I think it's time I let you in on a little of what's been going on. You see when my job ended back in December I knew immediately that I wanted to take my Blogging and Brand Building to the next level. I also knew that one way of doing this was to not only talk about clothing, fashions, and shoes in my post but to fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming a business owner. I'm happy to say that My dream is quickly becoming a reality and is a constant reminder that timing is everything!

Jord Reece Watch

My daughter and I are now the proud business owners of an online shop specializing in Fashions, Shoes, and Accessories called Boutique Sales Chic. This is why I've had to focus on productively managing my time between my current ventures and if you know anything about me, Timing has never been my specialty. The new boutique will be officially opening in the next couple weeks and while it involves lots of hard work and very little sleep I am overjoyed at just the thought of it!

Jord Reece Watch and Me

Recently after it was recommended that I learn how to account for every moment of the day and use time management to the best of my ability I connected with the Jord Watch company and it's been a beautiful collaboration ever since. Who would have ever thought that it would take something as simple as wearing a watch on my are to assist me in figuring out my time management issues? Not me!

Jord Watches

I've never been much of a watch wearer but since falling in love with the detailing and styling of this beautiful Jord  Reece Watch I can honestly say I am now! It's been such a big help keeping track of my schedule and staying on top of things that I only wish I would have formed this relationship sooner.

Thanks to my new Reece Series Walnut and Navy Watch  I'm now able to move smoothly and confidently throughout my day without having to worry about any timing issues. Because this has been such a help to my life  I thought It would only be right if I offered a GIVEAWAY  and special discount for all of you! By entering this giveaway One lucky Frugal Flirty N Fab reader will  Win a $100 e Gift Code once the contest is over.  All those who enter will receive $25 e gift code and will  have until 3/19 to redeem your code (enter the contest).  At 11:59PM, A Winner will automatically be selected and everyone will be emailed their coupon code. The code will expire on 4/30/2017.

Contest link:

Jord Watch

Thank you for allowing me to share with you my new love for Jord Watches, My new business venture, and the changes I've made to improve my time management skills. Before we go let me ask,  Are you ready to take your Time management to the next level with Jord Watches? What are you waiting for?

*While the above watch was provided the opinions expressed above are all my own*

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