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Top 10 Must Have Gingham Summer Wish List!

Hey yall Hey! How's everyone doing today? First off I just want to Thank you all for the love and support of my last blog post Port Charlotte Florida in the Mazda CX9- Memorial Day and We Travel. It's the most love I've received from a posting in a long time so again Thank You All!! Now let's get down to business! I'm not sure what it is but annually at the close of Memorial Day Weekend I suddenly feel the need to get oh so fresh and oh so clean. What better way to do that than throwing on the latest and greatest in gingham wear? This year I'm going to do you a favor and do the dirty work for you by providing you with my list of the Top 10 Gingham pieces to Rock this Summer! Let's get started!

When I observe a gingham print I observe a piece laced in fashionable sophistication. Not sure about you but my thoughts are immediately placed on someone who knows what she wants, knows what she's got, and most of all knows how to get what she wants! Yep all of that just simply based off the fabric and print alone. Some may have a hard time distinguishing between plaid and denim but I was taught a long time ago that Gingham always consists of white with another color while plaid can consist of many different colors. The print on gingham pieces is always one size and with plaid pieces it can be many different sizes. I hope that helps.

Gingham is hot right now and can be seen on everything from the Summer's hottest off the shoulder halter dresses to your favorite pair of mules. They are absolutely everywhere and as always I love it! Don't be surprised if you one day soon catch me mixing gingham prints in a funky yet bold top and bottom set and maybe even more. I adore gingham, always have and always will. Although gingham prints appear to be very structured don't be afraid to play around with them, mix them up, and make them your own. One of my favorite thing to do is to mix let's say a gingham dress with a bright pair of shoes and maybe accessories. It's all about having fun with fashion and gingham is just one of those looks that easily allows you to do so.

Thanks for tuning in and checking out my Top 10 Must Have Gingham Pieces for Summer. Before you go please share with me below in the comments which of my Gingham Pieces is topping your Summer Must Have List.

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