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The Birth, The Death, and the Monster Storm- What's Been Happening with the Frugal Flirty N Fab!

It's been almost 30 days since I last posted and while I can say I missed you all the truth of the matter is that life simply took over.  Not just everyday life, but the shit that happens in life to change you forever. I know I haven't shared anything personal with you before but with this post that'll be forever changed. I'm hoping the information I share with you today, inspires you to tell the people who are most important in your lives that you love them, I'm hoping this post inspires you to be more than you ever thought was possible, and I'm hoping this post reminds you that changes is good and life is short. You see I derived from the school of thinking that as a blogger you stick with what you know not how you feel. I now know that's the furthest thing from the truth and you will all soon find out why.

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1. The Passing- You may have heard me talk about my Mom on the blog before but I never really went into depth about our relationship. You see from as early as I could remember I knew my mom was a special lady. The mother of 9 always had a smile and a positive word for all those she came into contact with and I'm proud to say she taught me everything I know about how to uplift, motivate, and leave others feeling better than they did before meeting you. She was everything! On August 22, 2017 I got the call that no daughter ever wants to hear. The woman I knew as the greatest mom to ever walk the face of this earth was no longer. My mother was finally free! I still can't even begin to put into words how this event has effected me but at the same time I found myself relieved that she was no longer suffering and in pain. Because of her greatness I have the most amazing memories and moments to look back on. I actually find the most comfort in knowing without a doubt she enjoyed her life to the fullest extent and I am just one example of her joy.

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2. The Birth-Just 2 days before I laid my mother to rest I received one of God's greatest gifts. My only daughter gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl named Naila and again in a instance I knew my life would forever be changed. FABulites she is everything and at the moment I was nearly overcome dealing with the loss of my mother I was  put in the place to love again. OMG I'm a Grandma!! She was born weighing in at 6lbs 9oz and the joy she has brought to an otherwise not so happy situation is absolutely amazing. Now I have the opportunity to be to her what my mother was to all her kids and grandkids. What a blessing!

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3. The Monster Storm-Just 2 days after laying my mother to rest and witnessing the birth of my very first grand daughter, mother nature introduced us to what was later titled the history making Monster storm or Hurricane Irma. She showed up and showed out at a time when I found myself most vulnerable. All I wanted was to be alone to deal with all the changes happening in my life but somewhere somehow the world had other plans. Even with everything I was dealing with I kicked into Super mama mode during the hurricane. I'm not sure where I mustered up the strength but I made sure my kids, grandkid, and family were all protected and had everything we needed to make it through the storm. I made it my business to make contact with all my neighbors and make sure they were all good, and I even managed to try to motivate and be a source of inspiration for all those going through this and any other type of storm. I knew without a doubt no matter what happened with hurricane Irma that we would overcome and so it has begun.

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Now I hope you have a better understanding of exactly why it's been so long since my last blog post. Lot's of life happening around these parts and Life changes things. I can't wait to share with you the positivity that comes out of these changes and please believe me when I tell you it's coming! I'm just a girl who wants to change the world for the better and nothing will stop me from doing so! I have the Will, the Heart, and the Know How to do it so FABulites promise me that you'll continue to inspire and motivate me along the way!

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