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5 Lessons Learned Year 1 of Boutique Sales Chic!

Hey yall Hey and Happy Monday! What started out as a lifelong dream became a reality March 25, 2017. After dedicating 10 years of my life to a job where I was only given a raise once, my ideas were belittled, and was going nowhere I decided to step out on faith along with my daughter and make my dreams of owning an online fashion boutique a reality. Yesterday Boutique Sales Chic celebrated it's 1 YR Anniversary and today I'm going to share with you 5 of the most important lessons learned! Let's Begin!

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1. If you build it they will come-Going into business this is exactly what I originally thought but it only took me a little while to find out how far from the truth that really was. After you get the main things set up such as your site and appearance is when the tough part starts. Now you have to figure out how to get people to your site, how to find people who are targeted and interested in what you are selling, and how to successfully grow your business and brand. Building the site is the easy part!

2. Don't put your eggs all in one basket- Have you ever heard the saying you can't be in two places at one time, If so forget about it! When running a business you are expected and have to figure out how to be present and available on all your social media sites, email system, messaging system, and beyond plus find the time to keep the site stocked and looking pretty. Running a business taught me the true meaning of multi-tasking and its one I won't soon forget! Believe it or not it's completely doable. It's just a matter of finding out how to work smarted instead of harder.

3. Don't get too stressed out- I can't begin to tell you the amount of times throughout the year that I wanted to just trash the entire site and idea! I mean my stress levels were completely hitting the roof at one point but then I realized I was doing something I loved more than anything, I was putting a smile on the faces of the people who purchased from me and last but not least I'm no quitter! I learned quickly how to make sure I have some down time where I can just think, regroup, and be boss another day! Stress is a mess and the quicker you learn to control it the sooner you'll start winning!

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4. Always be ready and willing to learn and grow- In business there is no such thing as standing still! What you learn today could easily no longer work for you the following day. This means you always have to be willing to learn and improve on your craft. Don't be afraid to take classes, read books, and learn from other business owners or even your audience. Make sure you ask those important questions that will keep you in business both today and tomorrow. Boss up and Grow!

5. Know your tax situation-The worst thing you could possibly do is destroy your business before it even gets off the ground and if you fail to learn about your tax requirements you are doing just that. You always want to make sure all your business documentation is current and up to date and that you are familiar with the tax laws in your state. There is absolutely no reason to work so hard only to allow Uncle Sam to reap the benefits of your hard work. The government does not play and neither should you!

Thank you all for allowing me to share with you my top Lessons Learned YR 1 of Boutique Sales Chic. In honor of this major accomplishment please visit and save 20% off all purchases. Use code:ANNIV18 and let's Celebrate! Are you a current business owner. What was one of the main lessons you learned during your first year of business?

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