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The Price of Being a Blogger-When Speaking Your Truth Comes at a Price!

Hi FABulites and Happy Bring on the Weekend! It's been a rough week around theses parts but somehow, someway it looks like I managed to survive it! I didn't really mention it but a couple weeks ago I received a post congratulating me for my 10 year Blogging Anniversary and I could hardly believe it.  What the post didn't tell you is that blogging for that many years definitely comes at a price. 

 Blogging definitely has its privileges but man oh man there are some rough days. When I first started blogging it was honestly for all the wrong reasons. I first started because I was obsessed with clothes and thought it would be a great way to get free merchandise. Boy oh boy was I both na├»ve and wrong. I mean I did get free clothes but what I didn't expect was the responsibility that comes along with it. After blogging for only a short time I was receiving mail from other women saying I inspired them, helped them through rough patches and even made them interested in being Bloggers. Then as time went on I realize I had a platform and deemed it my responsibility to be somewhat of a voice for the voiceless.

Sometimes people don't exactly want to hear your voice or see your growth. I think that's the case with Driveshop who I worked with for years. I received this message from them after requesting a vehicle for one of my posts.

"Thank you for following up with DriveShop about your vehicle request. As our program has changed, you no longer meet the requirements of our current clients therefor we cannot complete your vehicle request. We thank you for your support over the years and we look forward to working with you again in the future." 

Best of luck on your trip and all future road trip!

So the message states I no longer meet the requirements that their clients are looking for but I take it as a message that they are not interested in my current voice or platform. They have really great clients such as Mazda and I believe Mitsubishi so why wouldn't I be a good fit. Here I am a Business Woman running my own business and inspiring others along the way, Blogger, Mom, Wife and more with goals to boot so why wouldn't I be their target market? At first I saw this as something telling me I might need to make some changes in the way I say things or how they come across. Then the more I thought about it I realized that this coming after 10 years of being in the blogging game just let's me know I'm right on track and ready to elevate even higher. Thanks for the reassurance DriveShop!

Have you ever felt like your voice was trying to be silenced? Have you ever had to deal with being rejected because you spoke out on issues that were important to you and your community? Can't wait to read your thoughts below in the comments sections and as always FABulites, enjoy your weekend!

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