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70's Style Print and Fringe Lovin Fit of the Day!

Happy Thursday Luvs! How's everyone doing? Today BabyFab decided to get up at 6:20 ready to play and make it do what it do and all I wanted was maybe an extra half hour of sleep! That wasn't happening, so instead I got him situated and quickly decided today was the perfect day to throw on a Fab Print, Blue Eyeshadow, and my Embellished Fringe Kicks! Take a look!
Print dresses-Style- Fashion- Patterns

Don't you just Luv when a fashion plan comes together!

Shoes-Fringe-Embellishments- Trends-Heels

These shoes are giving a whole new meaning to the term "Happy Feet"! Can you see my feet are smiling? Lol!

Patterns-Prints-Fashion-BloggerStyle- Trends

What's a Thursday without my signature pose? I'm working on trying to switch things up but FABulites, I'm a work in progress!

Midi Dress-Dress Lengths-Dresses

I originally purched this dress to wear to meet June Ambrose at Macy's during the Black History Month Style Event but if I could wear it daily I totally would because at this stage in my life it's all about what makes me feel good and what makes me best the best I can possibly be to and for others.

Vintage-History-Fashion History-70's Style

Fashion Bloggers-Mom Style- Mom Wear- 2015 Mom Fashion

Thanks for allowing me to share my Print, Shadow, Embellishment Luvin Fit of the Day with you! make sure to check back in cause you never know what a day will consist of in the life of the Frugal Flirty N Fab! What Fit made you know you were ready to Take On The World Today?

Dress bebe
Shoes Nordstrom Rack


8 Kicks Sure to Bring Sexy Back!

FABulites, For weeks now all I've been hearing about is the freezing cold, covering up, snow, scarves, and Booties! Well today I wanted to provide you with something sure to not only bring the Heat but to also Bring your Sexy Back! Take a look at most 8 Most Wanted Kicks guaranteed to do just that!

Sexy Shoes-Heels-Sandals-Kicks

Alright Alright Alright Fabulites! This week's top choices were all about sliding into those Must Have Kicks perfect for a Date Night out with the Boo or a Sexy night out on the town with ya Girls which I could definitely use right now!  Without further adieu, Which one of these Beauties is your favorite and tops your Must Have List when it comes to forgetting the cold and all else and simply Bringing Sexy Back??


Introducing Rum Times and the Rums of Puerto Rico!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Rums of Puerto Rico for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.
This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Rums of Puerto Rico for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hello FABulites! Every now and then I like to take a little break from the norm and get real Grown and Sexy with my readers and this just happens to be one of those days. Today I want to take the time out to introduce and help you get to know a little about a new web series called Rum Times! Rum Times is a new web video series created in partnership by Rums of Puerto Rico and HISTORY.COM exploring world history through the eyes of Puerto Rican rum. The series plays on the idea that, because Puerto Rico has been distilling this spirit for more than 450 years, Puerto Rican rum has probably been at the celebrations of many historical milestones throughout history. Rum Times imagines behind-the-scenes parties and celebrations of important achievements such as the quest for electric light, the development of motion pictures, and the invention of sports. It’s an exciting way to experience Puerto Rico and its unique rum like never before.Now I know that several of you like to have a great glass of rum every now and then, but have you ever stopped to think about the history of your favorite Puerto Rican Rum and how it's great history came about?

By viewing Rum Times you will not only learn that Puerto Rico has been distilling its Rum for over 4 decades, making it the Island Rum Capital of the world, but also how key figures such as Thomas Alva Edision and Nikola Tesla played a major role during the exploration of the quest for electric light. Just when I thought I only wanted to focus on the history of fashion visiting enlightened me and gave me the unique opportunity to see the country and its history in ways never seen before, from the eyes of a local luxury that has been around for centuries and I'm positive it will do the same for you!

And now my friends the moment you've been waiting for, It’s Rum Time. It would be an honor if you'd head over to and share with the Frugal Flirty N Fab your thoughts on this new amazing series promoting the beauty of Puerto Rican Rum. I can't wait to hear from ya!

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The Day I Rocked my Faux Fur in Sunny South Florida!

Happy Thursday FABulites! I am so feeling myself today, is that alright? Well for one thing Cookie finally got some from Luscious last night on my favorite show Empire, things went super smoothly this morning when getting ready for work and getting the kids out the door, and best of all we finally got some weather cool enough for me to Rock my NastyGal Faux Fur!!! Yes! 
fur, faux fur, style fashion, trends

Style, Trends, Bloggers, Winter Wear

Boots, Skinny Jeans, Earrings naturals, bloggers

Outerwear, jackets, boots, style

Bloggers, Moms, Fashion, Boots

Now I'm not sure if I'll be able to rock my Faux Fur for the entire day but Babay, I will never forget the Day I got to Rock my Faux Fur in Sunny South Florida! Ever had a special look you waited months or even years for the perfect occasion to wear? If so share it with the Frugal Flirty N Fab and as always Thanks for visiting!


10 Looks Every Fashionista Should Rock At Least Once!

Happy Thursday Fabulites! I hope everyone is off to a Fab start to this Beautiful day! Just in case you haven't noticed I absolutely luv being a Blogger! Blogging gives me the chance to wear things, and try different trends I might not have had the opportunity to wear in life and share it with all of you. Here are 10 looks I think every Fashion Blogger  or Fashionista should strut or  post at least once and my 10 supportive reasons why! Check it out!

Ball Gowns, Freakum Dress, Lingerie, Active Wear, Costume, Freakum Dress

1. Freakum Dress- While the name says it all with this dress, you have no idea the power of being a woman until you Rock 1!
2. WorkWear- No matter if you stomp on Corporate America by day or work from home, everyone should have the perfect wear to work look.
3. Swimwear-Who hasn't dream of rocking killer swimwear on a deserted island holding a Strawberry Margarita?
4. Lingerie- Victoria Secret who? Wait till they get a load of me in this....Keep it classy Ladies!
5. Ball Gown- While I may never attend the Grammy's, I can damn sure look like I'm going!
6. Jeans- On the days when the world seem to be ending it'll be me and my favorite pair of do no wrong jeans!
7. Menswear- They say this is a mans world, but I'm entitled  to disagree.....
Wedding Dress- What little girl doesn't dream of wearing one of these?
9. Costume- Am I the only one who likes to release her inner Demon Whore at least once per year?
10. Workout Wear- Have you ever wanted to give up but your workout wear was just too damn cute?

Have you tried or thought about trying any of these looks? Is so leave a comment sharing your thoughts and as always thanks for visiting and I hope to see ya again soon!


Must Have Mules!

Happy Tuesday Luvs! Today the Frugal Flirty N Fab is all about those almighty Must Have Mules! So when I first realized Mules were making a comeback I wasn't very happy about it. That was all before I realized that while the Mules of today are similar to the Mules of yesterday, today's standouts come in a variety of colors, patterns, embellishments, and a Kick of Spice! Take a look at My Top 11 Must Have Mules! 
Mule Trend, How to wear Mules, shoes, Kicks, Shoe Deals

What do you say Fabulites, Are you feeling the Mule trend? Which looks are topping your Must have Mule wishlist?

Fab's Weekend Getaway Recap!

Happy Monday Fabulites!! Ever feel as though some days you just need to get away from it all and regroup? That's how I was feeling this weekend as the Fab Family and I decided to hit the open roads for a weekend Universal Studios In Orlando  Family Adventure. I know some of you might be wondering why I chose V-Day weekend to do something so family oriented instead of an all out focus on the Boo but to those I say nothing makes my happier than seeing smiles on the faces on the ones I love and I can't think of a better way to see a loving smile than by being entertained at Universal Studios! 

Theme Parks, family travel, Disney World

The weather was absolutely perfect for spending the day at a theme park and from the nearly hour long wait it took just to enter the park many other people felt the same as I did. It was the most people i'd ever seen at an amusement park but i guess i wasn't the only one in need of a little V,alentines Day Family Bonding

Universal Studios, Weekend Getaway

Before having the chance to witness it with my own eyes I'd forgotten just how beautiful Universal Studios could be. I'm always in awe of the gorgeous and clean architecture. Doesn't this shot just make you wanna go for a relaxing swim?

Family, Travel, Theme Parks, Fun, Studios

Theme Parks, Orlando, Florida, Parks, Activities

Mardi Gras, Jazz, Beads, Parades, family

One of my favorite as well as FabJr.'s favorite part of the day was viewing the Mardi Gras parade. Universal Studios guests were also treated to a wonderful performance by Pop Icon Jessie J which was also amazing!
Well thanks for allowing me to share a pics of my V-Day weekend with you and you can definitely look forward to me doing more weekend getaway post like this! When was your last getaway and where did you go? We're you better able to focus and regroup after returning?

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