8 Must Have Midi's Under $30!

Happy Tuesday Luvs! When I got the email advising me of the ASOS Final Clearance Sale with up to 75% off All Styles I knew immediately this was the Fashion Gods way of telling me it was time to have my way once and for all with my Midi Obsession. I don't know what it is about these skirts but they are I and I am them! True fashion luvers understand that statement whole heartedly! Anyways, Yes I am Midi Obsessed and have been for a couple years and today I'd like to show You how to get in on the MIDI craze without breaking the bank! Midi's come in all different shapes, styles, and patterns so you never have to worry about purchasing one on sale that's out of style. Best thing about choosing a midi skirt is being able to wear one that showcases your individual style. Some of us are midi's, tank, and heels  kinda Chics while another  just might be a kick ass midi, t shirt and Sneaker Chic! No matter how you style em, Midi's Rock!  Take a look at my ASOS Must have Midi's Under $30
Must Have Midi's

Are you Midi Obsessed? Whats your favorite way to style your Midi's? What's the best place to search for Midi Bargains? Midi minds wanna Know!! 


Chili's at Home, Get Into it!

If it's one thing I know as the mother of a very busy 8 month old it's that going out to eat isn't always an option. Does this mean I'll be dining in until BAbyFab turns 18 No, it simply means when you can't make your way out for fine dining you can always be smart and bring fine dining in!  Chili’s® at Home  frozen entrees are making my life 100% easier.That's why I am beyond excited to share with you the new  Chili's at Home Options, Take a look!


 Bellisio Foods, a leading frozen foods manufacturer, partnered with Chili’s® Grill & Bar earlier this year to introduce a new line of licensed Chili’s®-inspired frozen meals — boldly flavored and deliciously prepared to enjoy at home. The new line of Chili’s® frozen foods is inspired by some of the restaurant’s most popular and innovative dishes and delivers the bold, southwestern flavors and same great taste for which Chili’s® is known.  Chili’s® frozen foods let consumers treat themselves or their families to the experience of bold Chili’s®-inspired flavors — right in their own homes and  is available at major retailers nationwide, including Walmart, Kroger, Safeway, Food Lion, H-E-B, Meijer, Giant Eagle, Schnucks and many more.

For my evening in I chose to go with the Chicken Fajita Rice Bowl and I'm positive that after experiencing this one any of the Chili's variety will do! It absolutely surpasses my expectations and I so wish my post came with a scratch n sniff feature because the aroma was everything! 


I also purchased the Bacon Mac N Cheese and the Seasoned Chicken Bites with Honey Chipotle Sauce and made it a complete Chili's Dine In night!



Have you tried any of the Chili’s At Home meals? What is it about the Chili’s® at Home meals that makes them different than other frozen meals. Is it the bold, high quality taste? How about the bold packaging? Or the ability to Dine In with one of your Dine Out Favorites?

* This post is sponsored by Bellisio Foods, but my love for their tasty, bold, and quick meals is all my own!*


Fab's Must Have Dorm Essentials!

Fabulites, Its that time of year again, Time to head back to school! And what parent doesn't want to save a buck or two when investing in must Have Dorm Essentials?  I remember how nerve racking and financially exhausting it can be trying to make sure you have everything you need when heading off to college so today the Frugal Flirty N Fab has teamed up with Walmart and Kleenex to make sure your all set for Campus with Fab's Top 10 Must Have Dorm Room Essentials! Let's Dive In!

Must Have Dorm Essentials

1Storage Bin- You can never have too many storage options specially when working with limited space.
2. Comforter-The key to a much needed great night sleep is making sure you have the right bedding.
3Lighting-Of course perfect for those late night study sessions
4. Cleaning Supplies-Cleanliness is next to Godliness, need i say more?
5. Shower Caddy- Perfect organizational tool to keep all your shower supplies together
6. Mirror-Who doesn't want to start out their day looking their best?
7. Laundry Hamper-Another organizational tool used to keep items that need cleaning in order
8. Picture Frames-Family reminders are always a welcomed dorm room addition
9. Coffee Pot- Nothings gonna help you deal with those late nights or early mornings better than a cup of Joe!
10Pillows- I know we started with bedding  but I had to separate Pillows simply because they are everything!

If you're looking for a way to add a little style and class to your dorm room while staying healthy then the Kleenex Expressions Oval Chevrons found exclusively at Walmart are a definite must! Not only are they designed beautifully but the fab colors will definitely be a welcomed style addition. Chevron designs are a limited Back to School edition with Walmart.

FABulites,What's topping your Must Have Back to School Dorm List?

*Thanks to Kleenex +Walmart for Sponsoring this discussion* 


Tuesday's Fit of the Day!

Happy Tuesday FABulites! I hope everyone is off to a terrific start to this beautiful day! Just wanted to take a moment and share with you my Tuesday Fit of the Day! For today's look I went with a pair of my favorite pants. We all know I am currently obsessed with all thing Palazzo, so when I copped these in H&M a couple months ago I knew they'd quickly become a closet staple. What I luv most about these pants besides the fact that they are high waist and no fuss is the fact that I can wear them in so many different ways and styles. Here's a quick peek at how I styled them the last time I wore them here. With clothing now being so expensive it's an absolute must that you're able to create versatile looks with all pieces. Anyways I took these fab pants and paired them with one of my all time favorite daisy top (yes I named it myself) and my wedges and hit the door Jack, take a look!

Frugal Flirty N FabFrugal Flirty N Fab

Frugal Flirty N FabFrugal Flirty N Fab

Frugal Flirty N Fab

What are you wearing for your Tuesday Fit of the Day?


Throwback Thursday-10 Looks Every Blogger Should Try!

Happy Tuesday Fabulites! I hope everyone is off to a Fab start to this Beautiful Tuesday! I absolutely luv being a Blogger! Blogging gives me the chance to wear things I might not have had the opportunity to wear in life and share it with the world. Here are 10 looks I think every Fashion Blogger should dawn and post at least once and my 10 supportive reasons why! Check it out!
10 Blogger Looks

1. Freakum Dress- While the name says it all with this dress, you have no idea the power of being a woman until you Rock 1!
2. Workwear- No matter if you stomp on Corporate America by day or work from home, everyone should have the perfect wear to work look.
3. Swimwear-Who hasn't dream of rocking killer swimwear on a deserted island holding a Strawberry Margarita?
4. Lingerie- Victoria Secret who? Wait till they get a load of me in this....Keep it classy Ladies!
5. Ball Gown- While I may never attend the Grammy's, I can damn sure look like I'm going!
6. Jeans- On the days when the world seem to be ending it'll be me and my favorite pair of do no wrong jeans!
7. Menswear- They say this is a mans world, but I'm entitled  to disagree.....
8 Wedding Dress- What little girl doesn't dream of wearing one of these?
9. Costume- Am I the only one who likes to release her inner Demon Whore at least once per year?
10. Workout Wear- Have you ever wanted to give up but your workout wear was just too damn cute?

Have you tried or plan on trying any of these looks? Is so leave a comment sharing your thoughts!


Life in Black n White!

Happy Tuesday FABulites! Although I Like to think I Live my Life in full color, Today is all about living Life in Black N White with my must have Kicks of the Week, Take a Look!

life in black n white

When I realized Kim hooked up with Kanye and basically started wearing only black and white I knew that was a kind of Luv I wanted no parts of. Why should you have to dim your light for companionship I thought to myself. But after seeing some of the Fabness that only exists as of lately in Black and White I think I have a better understanding. FABULITES, could you live your lives fashionably in only Black N White? Which of my Must Have Kicks of the Week are topping your wishlist? Till me meet again my friends make sure to have a Frugal Flirty N Fab Day!



I've Been Thinking-A Bloggers Responsibility!


Happy Monday FABulites! Hope everyone enjoyed a fantastic weekend!  Saturday I went with the FABFam to see Get On Up, The story of the Legendary Godfather of Soul James Brown rise from extreme poverty to music superstar. The movie was excellent, the actors outstanding, and I love a movie that makes you think or teaches you something you never knew. Not to give the movie away but there's was a scene in the movie where James Brown was ask to help calm and guide the community  after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.and it made me think, Are entertainers responsible for doing more than just entertaining? Are we as Bloggers responsible for educating, guiiding and calming  our reader communities by taclkling controversial topics and issues affecting our communities? I got mad at Oprah, Yes I said it, I Got Mad at Mother O!  Yall think she care? When Michael Jackson died I looked to my Community for peace 
and guidance. Michael was everything to me and I wanted Oprah to come out and speak to a nation in mourning and say Trouble Don't Last Always or something Fab as only she could. Well it never happened. She never said a word and immediately I felt as though Oprah had turned her back on not only me but on everyone who loved MJ. I mean the president spoke on it,  Beyonce spoke on it, and my Dear friend Usher nearly fainted from the pain so where the Hell was Mother O? Oprah was not a musician, wasn't a close friend of Michael's that I knew of and I couldn't even remember a time when Oprah had ever spoke on Michael so I'm really not sure what made me appoint her to lead the Michael Farewell train but somehow she'd silently been appointed. Oprah later came out and said because of what happened to her as a child she stayed quiet about the Michael incident but after seeing James Brown responsibly  handle the situation the way he did I immediately begin to think if I or we as Bloggers have a responsibility to our readers to address social and controversial issues. I mean I blog about fashion, family, fitness, food, movies, music, and more but if an injustice of any sort happens in my community or yours for that matter is it my responsibility to address it ?. On one hand I think about how mad I got  when Oprah failed to address the Michael issue and how impressed I was when James Brown address the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and I think we do have a responsibility? Some of us have large followings, our readers trust us and what we're saying, plus most of us have a way with words that so why not use our platforms to make a differnce. That's how I
feel about it but I'd love to hear your thoughts on this issue. Do Bloggers have an obligation to discuss social or controversial issue on their blogs, Why or why not?


Frugal Flirty N Fab's 90 Degree by Reflex Reader Appreciation Giveaway!

A couple years ago I decided to cross off my dream of running a marathon from my Bucket list. This meant I was going to workout 5-6 days a week, eat a healthy diet, and train my hardest to cross the finish line. I quickly realized training for a marathon was no easy fete and also with great training came great responsibility. Training so many days per week meant I had to have a pretty good amount of workout clothes on hand and of course as with anything I also wanted to be cute. I hit up my nearest hot spots and purchased what I thought was the best bang for my buck but boy was I fooled. I noticed that after wearing some of my workout pants they began to tear in the thigh area or the ones that were really bad would rip all together. Don't get me wrong guys, I luv the hell out of my thighs but I have to admit they are hard on the average pair of workout pants. I mean trust when I tell you that you have no idea what real pain is until you've completed 7 miles in a pair of workout pants with a rip exposing your thigh and allowing your thighs to rub together...OUCH! Just when I'd convinced myself that dealing with poor workout items came with the job I happened to come across the sale of all sales! I was out shopping one day and came across a large amount of really cute workout wear label 90 Degrees by Reflex. I was first drawn to them because of the cuteness and sturdy material they were made of, and when I looked at the price tag and noticed they were all very reasonably priced  I knew this was the beginning of a match made in Heaven. While I did not manage to complete my dreams of participating in the half marathon (13 miles) I did make my mind up from that moment further that no matter what physical activities I participated in, 90 Degree by Reflex would always be by my side. When the time came in my blogging and I had the choice to reach out to brands that I believed in and wanted to work with 90 degree was at the top of my list. At this point I'd just recently had a baby and new I needed them now more than ever. I reached out to the brand and explained how much I believed in their clothing and let's just say the rest is history. It feels great to talk to my readers about a brand I believe in so much. 

Tank, Bottoms, and Headband courtesy of  90Degree by Reflex!

To show my appreciation for my readers  I have a special promotion code where you can save 20% off your entire purchase by visiting 90 degreebyreflex.com and entering frugalflirtynfab as your promo code! I mean who doesn't want to get in on a little of the magic that is 90 Degree by Reflex? But that's not all, I also have a 90 Degree by Reflex Workout Prize Pack for 1 special reader who shares 1 workout goal with the Frugal Flirty N Fab and also likes both the Frugal Flirty N Fab's Fanpage and 90 Degree by Reflex Fanpage.  This spectacular prize pack consists of a great workout jacket, tank, and gift bag I know you can't wait to get your hands on!  Yes, its just that simple so make sure you enter today. I greatly dislike long drawn out giveaways so the winner on the prizepack will be announced on Saturday August 9th so Good Luck and I can't wait to read all about your Fab Fitness Goals!

*winner will be chosen at random by 90 Degree by Reflex*


Simplify Your Shopping with ENEW Wholesale!

wholesale clothing online

Buy Wholesale Online
When you buy wholesale, you can save a lot of time and money on your next shopping trip. Whether you are looking to buy electronics, socks for the kids or enough mayonnaise to get through the entire school year, you will find everything that you need in one place. Many wholesalers will allow you to make purchases online, which means that you don't even need to leave your house to get the things that you want or need.

Purchasing goods online may be easier for busy parents who don't want to have to bring their kids to the grocery store with them. Online shopping may also be easier because products can be shipped right to your doorstep in as little as 24 hours. This means that you can get whatever you need brought right to you and delivered to your doorstep. If you can't be available when your order arrives, you might not have to sign for it and it will still be waiting for you when you get home.

Using sites such as Enewwholesale.com is the fact and easy way to do your shopping. All you have to do is pick what you want, fill in your purchasing information and wait for your order to arrive. For those who have a busy schedule, it may be the only way to fit in that weekly shopping trip or fit in time to buy those shoes or earrings that you have always wanted.

 Have you ever purchased wholesale online? What was your wholesale shopping experience like?

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