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K-Y® TOUCH® Deal of the Day!

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This Valentine's Day, K-Y® is inspiring couples to connect more deeply via the power of touch by using new K-Y® TOUCH®, a new touch activated gel crème for massage and intimacy that gently warms and intensifies sensation with every touch. The warm sensation builds with every caress and encourages couples to slow down and explore more of each other for a more profound intimate connection. Pick up K-Y® TOUCH® at a Walmart near you!

Also, click both the images below to receive a total savings of $6 off any one K-Y® product and see for more information on the new K-Y® TOUCH® and intimacy tips that can help you deepen your couples' connection.


It takes a Village and Blue!

 Why is it so damn hard to get fit  and stay fit? Please someone answer that lifelong question for me. It seems like everytime I find myself right where I want to be as far as health and fitness are concerned something happens and takes me right back to square one!  Today out of nowhere I learned a valuable lesson and that lesson was that It Takes A Village to Get and Stay Fit!
How to stay Motivated when working out
 Monday Morning I woke up on my Beyonce, Motivation, Black Girl Magic, Formation inspiration running through my veins and i have so many reasons to get myself in the best possible shape I can. We are less than a week away from Valentines, I ordered this really cute little red dress to wear, and ain't nobody got time to feel fat and out of shape during Valentines Day Weekend! I told myself repeatedly while getting dressed that today Would be the day I changed my eating and fitness habits for the better, Boy was I wrong!

Staying Motivating during fitness goals

I'm not sure what came over me once I reached work. All of a sudden I was starving and wanted nothing more than to have 2 croquettes and 2 beef pastelitos. WTH is probably what you're saying but we have a little cafeteria downstairs in my office builing and on many of occasions that meal right there has made me smile like never before. I walked over to the front with a huge smile on my face only to her form the owner that they were out of both croquettes and pastelitos, The Horror! I then headed back to my office where I quietly enjoyed my cup of Jenny Craig Oatmeal and cup of coffee! My bad breakfast intentions turned out to be good instead and that wasn't all!

How to have fun when wearing a Sears Midi dress

By the time lunch rolled around I was feeling a little more positive about having a healthy lunch and getting back on track with my goals. This is where the village comes in. I decided to head over to Publix not sure what I was going to have but knew I was feeling super hungry. I decided to go with a nice chicken salad with baby Spinach and sliced chicken breast and dressing.  It's the dressing that determines if you are having a healthy lunch or a lunch that's unhealthy and full of fat and calories. I happens to be obsessed with Creamy Caesar dressing event though I am fully aware its' one of the worst ones I can choose. As I got ready to put the dressing in my basket a really nice and sweet older lady tapped me on my should and said, "Go with one of the oil and vinegar dressing, Lots healthier for you and at the end of the day you'll feel better about the decision you made"! I obliged and headed to the register with my Oil and Vinaigrette dressing in tow! Not once but twice in one day divine intervention and the Village manage to keep me on track with my much needed goals and fitness plans and I couldn't have been more pleased!

This dress has very little to do with being saved by the village but it too is one of the reasons I Want to keep my mind, body, and soul in the best of shape. I happen to love clothes, dresses, and all things pretty and want to feel a certain way when I'm wearing them. I think feeling great in a look is just as important as looking great in it and to all those around you it shows.

Have you ever had a time when the Village stepped in and kept you on track with your fitness and weight loss goals? I'd love to hear about it in the comments if you did. As always thanks for allowing me to share with you and make it a Frugal Flirty N Fab day!

 Dress Sears
Shoes Ross


Blogger Brunch Meet & Greet!

It's been a long 6years FABulites and throughtout the years I've learned valuable lessons along the way and have also worked my way up to a five figure income doing something I love! Im super excited to ask you to Join me for a Fab Brunch and Discussion on How to Blog Your Way to the Life You Deserve. Sunday Feb.28th 12-3pm. Brunch is a buffet style meal, with several stations you're sure to love. Guests  will enjoy a great afternoon  of Learing the Ins and Outs of How to use your Blog to Live the Life you Deserve and Dream of– and plenty to eat!!  One complimentary Bloody Mary, Mimosa, Glass of Champagne, or Juice is also included.  Coffee and hot tea are included as well. Valet Parking is also included! Can't wait to see ya there! Get Tickets HERE
How to Blog your Way to the Life You Deserve
Are you ready to join the Frugal Flirty N Fab and Blog Your Way to the Life You Deserve?


Celebrate Black History Month with Macy's!

 Join Macy’s this February as they salute a rising icon of African American culture! African American actors, artists and performers have been commanding the spotlight for decades, but the newest generation of trendsetters is in a class all its own!

Celebrating Black History Month at Macy's
Join us “In Conversation” with actors Jurnee Smollet-Bell and Taye Diggs, at the Macy’s Aventura (Miami, FL) -February 13, 2pm  for an entertaining look at the next wave of African American cultural luminaries and taste makers like never heard before! 
Jurnee Smollet-Bell has won awards for her role in The Great Debaters and has starred in multiple TV and movie roles. Meet her just in time to ask her about her new show, Underground, airing on WGN America this spring.   Actor and new author, Taye Diggs has built an impressive resume on the screen and the stage. Appearing in plays such as Wicked and Rent, movies like Chicago, and television shows such as Private Practice. Now as a father, Diggs is a children’s author with his book, Chocolate Me, a book to inspire all children to love themselves. 

As if that wasn't Fab enough, Following the discussion make any $25 purchase during the event and get a chance to meet them, snap a photo with them, and receive a signed copy of Taye's new book, Chocolate Me.

Additional Event Locations and Appearances
For more information, visit: 

* Macy's Herald Square (New York, NY) - Feb 3, 6pm
o Jurnee Smollet-Bell, Monica, Terrance J
* Macy’s Center City (Philadelphia, PA) - February 4, 5:30pm
o Jurnee Smollet-Bell, Monica
* Macy’s State Street (Chicago, IL) - February 10, 5:30pm
o Jurnee Smollet-Bell
* Macy’s Metro Center (Washington D.C) - February 11, 5:30pm
o Jurnee Smollet-Bell, Beverly Bond, Eunrique Jones Gibson
* Macy’s Lenox Square (Atlanta, GA) - February 12, 7pm
o Jurnee Smollet-Bell, Taye Diggs, Chef G. Garvin, and Shane Evans
* Macy’s Aventura (Miami, FL) - February 13, 2pm
o Jurnee Smollet-Bell, Taye Diggs
* Macy’s Union Square (San Francisco, CA) - February 17, 6pm
o Jurnee Smollet-Bell, Monica, Rosalyn Gold-Onwide
* Macy’s Baldwin Hills (Los Angeles, CA) - February 18, 6:30pm
o Jurnee Smollet-Bell, Monica

For additional information about Black History Month Celebrations at Macy’s visit 

Will you be Celebrating Black History Month with Macy's and the Frugal Flirty N Fab?

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K-Y® TOUCH® Valentine's Day Inspiration!

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #KYALittleTouch #CollectiveBias

This Valentine's Day, K-Y® is inspiring couples to connect more deeply via the power of touch by using new K-Y® TOUCH®, a new touch activated gel crème for massage and intimacy that gently warms and intensifies sensation with every touch. The warm sensation builds with every caress and encourages couples to slow down and explore more of each other for a more profound intimate connection. Pick up K-Y® TOUCH® at a Walmart near you!

Also, click here  or the below image  to receive $2 off any one K-Y® product and see for more information on the new K-Y® TOUCH® and intimacy tips that can help you deepen your couples' connection.

8 Shoes for Valentine's Day and Beyond!

Valentine Day is right around the corner and you're excited as all out hell because you picked out the Valentine's Day outfit of your dreams and hair and makeup ideas to match. Now that you got all that out of the way you are left with a very limited budget for your shoes. Don't fret because the Frugal Flirty N Fab has gotcha covered! Let's take a look at my Top 8 Must Have Kicks for Valentine's Day and beyond!

Have I mentioned  just how much of a kick I get out of providing you deals such as this? Being able to provide you with today's quality deals for Valentines Day and beyond at great prices make my heart go pitter-patter! Everyone should experience being able to wear kicks that look and feel great without having to sell a kidney to purchase them, Right? Enough about me and my love for all things fab, Which of these 8 Beauties is topping your Must Have List? Are your special shoes qualified to take you through Valentine's Day and Beyond?


ActiveWear Done Right with SearsStyle!

Hey yall Hey!! How's everyone doing on this very overcast Monday? I'm home today with BabyFab who isn't feeling well and wanted to drop this post off while he's napping. Yesterday I spoke with you about getting your eating right with the Jenny Craig Weight Loss Kit and today I'd like to talk to you about keeping it cute while on your weight loss or fitness journey!

Why I chose Sears for my Activewear
I am currently obsessed with the super cute line of Everlast Active wear currently available at your local Sears Stores. I mean I just can't get enough of them! When I'm not working at my full time or attending a Blogging event I'm normally at FabJr's Basketball events or doing something super fun with my kids and unfortunately neither of those items call for me to be in my six inch heels. Being busy is no excuse for not looking cute so when I laid eyes on Sears Activewear section it was an immediate match made in heaven!
How to Wear Active Wear from Sears
Not only can you get a great workout in these pieces but they can also take you anywhere from a mad dash to the grocery store to a parent teacher conference and more! I basically have 3 requirementsfor my activewear which is Be Cute, Be Functional, and Be Budget Friendly and fortunately  at Sears i'm covered on all 3!
Why I wear Sears Activewear as a busy Mom
I love the fact that it's rare of me when I visit not to find quality pieces marked down at least 30%. I was pleasantly surprised when I purchased this look which because of the points I'd earned with my Shop Your Way Program  I was able to get both the top and bottom free of charge! Can somebody say Winning! Cute, Free, and Fab, What more could a Girl ask for?

Why Stylish Moms choose Sears ActiveWear
 Not only is it about keeping yourself motivated, it's also about motivating the people around you. That's why when I came across this very shirt that reads "She believed she could do it so she did", I just had to have it! In a matter of minutes I'd put together a complete look with these pants and was heading out the door as yet another satisfied SearsStyle customer!
Thanks for allowing me to share with you why I choose SearsStyle for my activewear shopping choice and I'd love if you took a moment to share with me what you think of my outfit in the comments. Also make sure to follow me on Instagram as I share more activewear looks! Have you ever purchased Activewear from Sears? What are your current Activewear requirements?


Jenny Craig at Walmart Hooray!

Hey FABulites Hey! How's everyone doing today? I'd be lying If I told you all was well on my side. As many of you know it's been a constant struggle on my side trying to lose the additional baby weight I gained from BabyFab! I know many of you are probably wondering why I choose to call it baby weight since BabyFab is now over 2 years old but I don't know how else to explain it. I'm not sure if it's something that's experienced more by older Moms or if it's because I just can't seem to stay consistent  with my eating, but today I'm bringing in the ultimate reinforcement! It's the Jenny Craig Weight Loss Kit sold exclusively at Walmart in the diet aisle and the Frugal Flirty N Fab is gonna tell ya all about it!
What is the Jenny Craig Weight Loss Kit
I am beyond excited to introduce you all to the brand new Jenny Craig Weight Loss Starter Kit sold exclusively at Walmart. This kit promises to help you lose 3x's the amount of weight you'd lose just by dieting on your own and I am one am here for it! One of the most challenging issues I've had meeting my weight loss goals is staying consistent with my eating, not giving in to the fast food demons and learning to eat right when on the go. It's an amazing feeling to know The Jenny Craig Weight Loss Kit will take care of that for both me and you!

What does the Jenny Craig Starter Kit Look Like 
Each kit comes complete with 5 Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snack options. Yep that's right, you get 5 whole days of great foods and snacks to get you eating the right way!
Jenny Craig Chicken Salad  Meal
For breakfast you get your choice of oatmeal or breakfast bars  which give you the energy you need to start your day off on the right foot. For lunch you get to choose from options such as the above chicken salad kit or you can chose the delicious Zesty Tortellini Soup Pictured Below
Jenn Craig Starter Kit Tortellini
Dinner also presents an interesting variety of meals ranging from Swedish Style Meatballs to White Bean Chicken Chile. I mean How Can you Go Wrong, Right!
Jenny Craig Starter Kit Dinner Variety
I absolutely love that the Jenny Craig Weight Loss Kit recognized the need for a good snack! Seeing this shows me that you can still enjoy some of your favorite snacks while on a healthy eating plan and having things in moderation. Not to mention the snacks look amazing! Who doesn't love having the option of being able to enjoy cheese curls and cookies while kissing the pounds goodbye!
what snacks you can eat on Jenny Craig Diet
Just when you think you've heard it all with weight Loss plans, you can also enjoy a $50 off coupon for additional foods and 1 free month of support from a dedicated consultant talking you through challenges and helping you to stay focused on the goal at hand.
I don't know about you but this weight loss kit is just the thing I was looking for and I'm so glad I found it. I've come as far as I could on my own and now I'm excited about Jenny Craig leading and assisting me the rest of the way!
Thanks for allowing me to introduce you to the Jenny Craig Weight Loss Kit sold exclusively at Walmart. For additional information or to join me on my weight loss goals please visit  Also to keep up with my weight loss journey make sure to visit me on my Facebook Fan Page where you can catch a look at my Jenny Craig Walmart Weight Loss Intro Video. Thanks and feel free to leave me a comment if you have any questions or comments.
Are you ready to give healthy eating  your all with the Jenny Craig Weight loss Kit sold at Walmart?
I was provided a free Jenny Craig Weight Loss Starter Kit. However, the opinions expressed are entirely my own.”


Periscoping-The Rush The Reality!

Happy Hump Day Luvs! If there's one thing we know about technology it's that either you join in or get left behind and who wants to have to deal with that? Exactly Nobody! So with that thought in mind I decided to make one of my 2016 Blogging Goals a reality by hitting up Periscope and sharing my Top Five Frugal Flirty N Fab Family Friendly Activities you can do without Breaking the Bank! Take a look!

I have to admit it was one of my first Periscopes  and I was nervous as all out hell. Then I realized it was just an extension of the information I share with you on an everyday basis and suddenly it was like Butta Baby!  What I'd like to do eventually is be able to share  with you a different video every Wednesday and you know get a little more up close and personal with my FABulites! Check out the video and let me know if this is something you all would be interested in? Am I getting in a little over my head dreaming of the day when we can all sit a talk with each while I play the Adorned Hostess, or are my Periscope weekly videos the way to go? Thanks so much for joining me and I look forward to hearing from you!


12 Must Have Camel Coats to Rock on a Budget!

FABulites, I just watched the news and so many of you are still buried under tons of snow and it looks to be pretty overwhelming. I'm a Fun in the Sun type of Girl and I'd be lying if I said I knew what you were going through, but please know better days are ahead! While I have no idea what you're experiencing I can most definitely compare it to the times when we're stuck inside because of a hurricane scare or something of that nature, but  come rain, shine, or snow I still stick with my beliefs that being cute is never optional, but a must! In this case make that warm and cute! That's the idea I had in mind when I decided to bless you with 12 Camel Coats to Rock on a Budget! Ya Ready?

I have been completely obsessed with all things Camel lately and of course it was the Camel Coat that started it all! In my head I can see me rocking the hell out of my office hallway with caped camel coat, booties, and my cup of vanilla coffee in tow.  The best thing about this seasons hottest trend is the multiple ways of rocking it! Enough about me and my workplace fantasies, Which of my Camel Colored Cuties are topping your must have list and last but not least, Do you Dream in Camel? 


K-Y® TOUCH® Valentine's Day Savings!

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #KYALittleTouch #CollectiveBias

This Valentine's Day, K-Y® is inspiring couples to connect more deeply via the power of touch by using new K-Y® TOUCH®, a new touch activated gel crème for massage and intimacy that gently warms and intensifies sensation with every touch. The warm sensation builds with every caress and encourages couples to slow down and explore more of each other for a more profound intimate connection. Pick up K-Y® TOUCH® at a Walmart near you!

Also, click here  or the below image  to receive $2 off any one K-Y® product and see for more information on the new K-Y® TOUCH® and intimacy tips that can help you deepen your couples' connection.


7 Must Have Valentine Day Looks Under $50!

Fabulites, Have I ever mentioned before just how much I love Valentines Day! In my head it's the day some of my favorite things come together. It's the day you wear my favorite color red; It's the day you enjoy a great meal with your special someone; It's the day you rock a super cute fit and lippie; It's the day you tell the people closest to you how much you care, It's a downright amazing day! Now that we've discussed how I really feel about Valentine Day it's no wonder I'm coming to you today to give you my top 7 picks of Looks Under $50 I'd be honored to rock this V Day, Let's take a look!

 Can I just start off by saying I am completely obsessed with this Darling Blue Dress! The back is to die for! I'm a South Florida girl so I can definitely see myself hitting up my favorite seafood restaurant in this number complete with a top bun, red lippie and black single strap heels. Picture the possibilities my friends! And best of all this price just can't be beat. 
For my second look a girl can do no wrong in a Red Sparkly Jumpsuit. This one is for all my girls who've been hitting the gym hard since the beginning of the year and want to show the abs off  little. This look is sexy and sophisticated and shows you have style for days! Gotta Luv it and fellow gym chicks, eat your heart out!
Look number three is for my ladies who don't care what time of the year it is will only feel comfortable rocking that Little Black Dress! I love the fact that this particular beauty shows off lots without showing off too much! I'd love to see this one played out with a great smoky cat eye and red lippie of course!
My fourth look is all about being Pretty in Pink! It's sexy yet innocent at the same time and best of all this look can be played up or dressed down to your particular satisfaction. Surprise both your date and yourself by rocking this number,  and whatever look you decide to go for just make sure you own it!
For my fifth selection I chose this amazing White Stunner ! I know most would probably play up the color red with this look but I'd take a walk on the wild side and play it up with both an animal print clutch and a bold pink lippie! OMG I'm getting super excited just thinking about it! I would keep the shoes pretty lite because you're not trying to scare your date away, Just owning your boldness a little!
My sixth look is for my Ladies who know the power of a great Jumpsuit ! As long as the girls look good in this getup it will definitely take you thru dinner and beyond! Sex it all the way up with red single strap satin heels, black clutch, black accessories and the almighty red lippie! Ladies, You got this!
Rounding out my selection of V-Day look is what I like to call my Kill em with Kindness look! This look pretty much gives you a blank canvas to paint exactly who you want to be for the evening. My only suggestion is that you chose wisely!
Thanks for allowing me to share with you my Top Pick for Valentines Day Looks I'd be proud to Rock! Have you settled on your Valentines Day Look? Which of my 7 options are topping your must have list? Make sure to share your thought in the comments section and as always I can't wait to hear from you!

Frugal Flirty N Fab Family Does LegoLand!

One of my goals for 2016 was to enjoy more time traveling with my family enjoying more of what the State of Florida has to offer. My first of hopefully many weekend trips took place this past Saturday as the Fab Family headed to LEGOLAND Florida for the very first time, Allow me to walk you through our visit!
What the front of LegoLand Florida Looks Like

LEGOLAND is a family resort located in Winter Haven, Florida  which is located about 45 minutes from both Orlando and Tampa. The only Florida interactive theme park where LEGO® comes to life and kids take control and take control they did! The 150-acre interactive theme park offers more than 50 rides, shows and attractions, restaurants, shopping, a breathtaking botanical garden and the LEGOLAND Water Park all geared to families with children ages 2 to 12.Parents with kids who's ages are far apart know exactly how important it is to make sure the destination you're attending has a little something for everyone and LegoLand definitely did!

First time visit to LegoLand Florida
Can we talk about how sweet BabyFab is in this picture. He loves his Legos and was so excited about seeing them all around him that he showered me with hugs and kisses all day long!
Brotherly Bonding at LegoLand Florida
Love this picture I caught of my boys. I enjoy being able to experience new, interesting, and fun things with them and LEGOLAND was definitely a new and great experience!

How Lego's Rule at LegoLand Florida
There were many different Lego Statues set up all around the park and this was one of my favorite ones. Gotta love Daddy's cameras! Reminded me a lot of myself during our visit taking as many pictures as I could and making sure we took in all the many sights and sounds.

How to Have Family Fun at LegoLand Florida

I really enjoyed the fact that at LegoLand I could losen my grip a little and allow BabyFab to do more with FabJr. At most parks the activities FabJr  participates in are way too advanced for BabyFab but at LegoLand there was lots they could do together and seeing that made LegoLand more than worthwhile for me.

How to play games at LegoLand Florida
 If you need a little break from the rides and activities you can always take some time to play a couple games with the family and hopefully win something worthwhile. There are several super kid friendly game stations around the park. Good luck!

Stunning views and architecture at LegoLand Florida
I fell in love in no time with the beautiful scenery and architecture all around the park. Pharaohs Revenge is another pitstop where your kids can run, play, and have a little physical fun with slides and activities. Pitstops such as these are needed at all parks. The energy burning that takes place is amazing! LegoLand also has a great water park but unfortunately it does not open until March I believe. Sounds like a pretty good reason for us to return.

Lego Creations of LegoLand Florida

  No matter how far you go there's always that something you see that reminds you of home. Who knew there'd be this beautiful Miami Beach South Beach Lego Replica. Absolutely stunning right?
Thanks for allowing me to walk you through a little our adventure at LegoLand! For additional picture and cute videos make sure you visit and follow my Instagram page.  It was great fun and I can't wait to do it all over again.  A definite A+ visit in my  book and for that I say Thank You LegoLand! For additional information on LegoLand or if you are considering taking a trip with your family please visit


Top 10 Earring Deals Priced Under $25!

Happy Thursday FABulites! If it's one thing I know it's the power of a great pair of statement earrings. Thanks to all the positive feedback and questions about the ones I rocked here I decided to provide you with my Top 10 Statement Earrings all priced under an amazing $25! Shall we begin?

*To view the entire collection please click on the arrow on the left or right hand side of the picture*
Listen Up Ladies! While 'm fully aware that earrings might not be the first thing you think of when putting an outfit together I'm here to let you know they can totally make or break your look or be the topping on top of the cake you were looking for. That's why it's always important to have a go to pair, an all purpose pair, the daily wears, and the showstoppers on hand at all times! I mean I know I'm not the only one who has nightmares about being out at a great event and suddenly realizing I forgot to throw on my earrings before I left the house! Nightmare indeed!  The best thing to do is purchase your earrings the same time you purchase that shirt you were going crazy over or that plain black dress that could use a little sprucing up. That way the look you envisioned stays fresh in your head as you search for the perfect complimentary pair. While I tend to go with big bold colorful ones your earring should always help frame you face, tell a little something about your personal style,  and bring sass and chicness to your overall look!
Thanks for allowing me to share with you my current Top 10 Deals on Statement Earrings with you! To keep up with my earring fashions and how I rock em make sure you follow me on Instagram and my Facebook Page! What are the earrings  you're wearing right now saying about you?


How to Make Sautéed Salmon!

Hi FABulites! Before we begin with today's post I need to make something clear. In no way shape or form do I think I'm any kind of chef. Who I am is a Mom who has had to make a way out of no way a time or two before; A wife who when her hubby asks for Salmon for dinner I try to oblige; A Brand Builder who has said on numerous occasions  the Frugal Flirty N Fab is way more than just a blog,  It's a lifestyle! Now that we got all of that out of the way. Let's get into the featured post of the day! How to make Sautéed Salmon in 30 minutes your entire family will love.
How to make  the quick and easy meal of Sauteed Salmon
I love trying new things in the kitchen.  I also often get tired of cooking the same weekly meals over and over again. So when I asked the hubby what he wanted for dinner yesterday and he responded fish I immediately tried to come up with a couple quick options the entire family would appreciate. I knew right away what I wanted to make so at that point it was all about making it happen!
Ingredients necessary to make Sauteed Salmon
I headed to my nearest Winn Dixie store for the following Must Have Ingredients:
  • 2 Cans of Bumble Bee Pink Salmon
  • 1Onion
  • 1Tomato
  • Complete Seasoning
  • Garlic Powder
  • Black Pepper
  • Frozen Stir fry Vegetables
  • White Jasmine Rice
  • Olive Oil
How Onions and Tomatoes are needed when making Sauteed Salmon
In a large skillet heat your olive oil over medium high heat. After the oil is hot add in both your onions and tomatoes to sauté. Once both are sautéed to your  liking add in a pinch of your desired seasonings.
What your Salmon should look like when making Sauteed Salmon

Once your veggies are looking and smelling great you can then proceed to add in your salmon. I personally don't like my salmon being too wet so I make sure to drain the liquid from the can before adding. Once both cans have successfully been added proceed to Sautéed the combination for a couple minutes. It's important not to allow the Salmon to dry out.

How to Stir Fry Veggies for Sauteed Salmon
Once the salmon is cooked to your desired consistency add in frozen veggies and allow mixture to cook on medium high heat for a couple minute gradually lowering to simmer over low heat.

What the end product should look like when making Sauteed Salmon

Remove Sautéed Salmon from the skillet and lay on top of a bed of fluffy white Jasmine Rice and there you have it folks! Sautéed Salmon your entire family will be sure to love!
Thanks for allowing me to share my favorite quick and easy Sautéed Salmon Recipe with you today and as always please make sure you share it with a friend! Have you ever tried Sautéed Salmon before? What's your favorite Numero Uno Quick and Easy Salmon Dish?


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