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Fab Finds at Shoptiques!

Happy Monday Fabulites! I hope everyone enjoyed a Fabtabulous weekend cause I for one sure did! Besides the fact that it was Father's Day Weekend and a time to pay tribute to those wonderful men in our lives, it was also special to me because I rocked this awesome dress from Shoptiques!
 In order to understand how much of a Fab Find this is for me you have to understand that while I love finding fashion items online, I'm sometimes hesitant about ordering because I'm not sure how the dresses will fit my particular body type. I'm sure we've all ordered something a time or two and once received you realized that particular look just wasn't for you right? Those were my original thoughts but there was something about this particular dress that made me want to go ahead and take a chance!
The dress turned out to be everything I wanted it to be and then some. The material was amazing, the colors were poppin, and something about it made me want to twirl to no end! This is exactly how one should feel after getting their hands on a Fab Find!
To complete the look I threw on my favorite Gladiator sandals which I also rocked here, Threw the hair up in a high puff like here, and proceeded with a purple pout and black earring! My Father's Day Never Felt Better!
Thanks for allowing me to share my Fab Finds with you. If you'd like to see more please make sure to follow me on Instagram, Pinterest, and my Facebook FanPage! What Fab Finds did you Rock this weekend?


July Introduction and #Fit of the Day!!

Happy July 1st Fabulites!! I know it's already midday, but I hope everyone's day is off to a fantastic start! As I reflect on previous post I never want to be the Blogger or Business Woman who gives my audience an array of posts, suggestions, beliefs, that are simply unattainable. From the clothes and shoes that I wear to the stories and experiences I share with you, to the products I review on my site, I want my FABulites to know it's all authentically me. While you'll probably never see me sporting a $500 dress  because its just not me, What you will see is a person finding her way and sharing the journey with others, A mother that will do anything for her Kids and Family, and a Individual trying to live a life less ordinary while being fashionable in the process. With that being said let's take a look at my First of July, Fit of the Day!

Because some days you just want to get out of bed and not have to worry about ironing or having to take the time to Baby your Fit I suggest everyone have a cotton tee, and fuss free bottom they can throw on! It's really unbelievable how much they come in handy! Both the top and bottom are items I've had in my closet for a very long time but I appreciate the fact that I have them when needed!

No outfit is complete without a cute pair of Fringe Shoes which it just so happens I spoke about last week here .In my book they're the perfect summer Accessory no Fashionista should be without!

TOP Unknown
Skirt H&M
Shoes Amazon

Thanks for allowing me to Share  with a you a little more about who I am and what I hope to accomplish with my Blogging and Business Ventures. Before you go please take a moment and share with me one sentence about yourself or something you hope to accomplish this July. That way we can both accomplish said goals while also holding each other accountable, Win Win! Right!

FABulites, What are your wearing to Welcome the Month of July?


Deal-Fringe Shoe Finds under $50!

Hi FABulites! Every now and then that one trend comes along that you simply can't get enough of and right now that trend is the Must Have Fringe Trend. While you might have seen me rocking my favorites  both here and here, How many are simply too many to own? I find that owning a pair of flats and heels work best for me but hey, Who Am I to Judge Fringe Lovers? While you think about it here's the Fab Fringe Deals I just can't get enough of, Take a Look!
While sporting Fringe is not new , it's definitely one of this Summer's Style Staples and I find it brings a often needed touch of playfulness to the everday Summer Wardrobe.
Are you a Fringe Lover? Which of the above deals are landing on your Must Have Summer WishList?


Does My Voice Matter- Frugal Flirty N Fab vs #Cinemark Paradise 24

FABulites, Can we talk? I have an issue that's been weighing kinda heavy on my conscious since it happened and I'd Love the chance to share it with each of you and maybe get some feedback. You see for so long I've wondered exactly what I'd use my voice and blogging platform for besides the obvious lifestyle post and as this situation transpired I knew I'd suddenly figured it out. Now the question was, Does My Voice Matter?
If you know anything about the Frugal Flirty N Fab it's that I greatly enjoy hitting up the movie theatre and catching all the latest and greatest flicks, even posted about it here. Because I'm a Mom who loves spending time with my family, that normally means BabyFab and FabJr are in tow. BabFab who's now 18 months probably started attending when he was maybe 3 months old and I think the situation was fairly similar with FabJr if I recall correctly. I guess you can say it's our thing and I wouldn't have it any other way!
During our latest visit which took place maybe a week ago, we were advised by the ticketing staff that BabyFab had to purchase a ticket as well. At first I thought the ticketing agent might have been a little too young to understand that my baby was only one. That's when she shared with me that all kids ages 1-11 had to purchase movie tickets. This news was a major shock to me. I mean Disney doesn't even charge for 1 yr olds!
We bought the tickets and proceeded into the theatre but the fact that we'd just spent nearly $10 on a movie ticket for a 1yr old didn't sit well with me so I took it upon myself to find a manager and once again inquire about the ticketing policy. Once again she confirmed all kids 1-11 were required to purchase a childs ticket. I was in shock! I also reviewed Cinematks Fact and this is how it reads all big and bold on the site!

What is Cinemark's age break for a child?

A child is considered age 1 - 11 years old.
I then did what any Blogger would do and I sent an  email to Cinemark stating my dislike of the policy and why I thought this particular policy needed to be changed. I explained in my email the  policy made me feel as a Mom that my 1yr old wasn't welcomed/I mean what else could the reason be for charging a Toddler entry  besides Corporate Greed or simply wanting parents to refrain from bringing their kids. I can totally understand charging for a 2 yr old who has the actual ability to sit and watch a brief childrens movie, but an 18 month old who'd be sleep before the previews could even finish is something else!
To my surprise the manager of Cinemark responding basically blowing me off and stating that as the Father of  3 small kids he completely understood my frustration but I feel he really has no idea. I mean who approved this policy, has anyone ever complained before, why would any large corporation treat it's family oriented patrons this way, Yes I had questions! I realize I have the option of just not  returning to that particular movie theatre But I decided to take it a step further and try to possibly get the policy changed for the single mothers that can't afford to purchase an extra ticket, for the Parents who like being able to bring their kids to the movies without having to worry about getting a sitter, and for all the hardworking folks who know the value of their hard earned dollars and just don't think that it's fair!
FABulites, Have you ever had to pay for your one year old to attend a movie, Do you agree or Disagree with Cinemarks Policy, Is the voice of the Frugal Flirty N Fab enough to maybe get this policy changed, and last but not least, Does My Voice Matter? If you too disagree with Cinemark's policy, tweet, pin,  share this post and leave me a comment below!


BabyFab and the Boom Boom-When Toddlers Strike!

After having a 12year hiatus between having kids this Toddler thing is still kinda new to me. Although I find everyday to be a joyous day today I ask my fellow parents, Why are Toddlers so damn cute yet embarrassing? Below is a cute picture of BabyFab enjoying a doughnut just mere hours before the Boom Boom Massacre began! Hear me out FABulites!

Here we were out and about on Sunday grabbing a bite to eat at one of my favorite places, Chipotle when the Toddler Tantrum or Boom Boomwent down. After being appointed the Chipotle Queen I was given the task of ordering everyone's food. BabyFab, FabJr, and FatherFab were all sitting at the table waiting for me to bring the food when I glanced out and witnessed BabyFab repeatedly saying Boom Boom while punching his Dad in the head with closed fist. I laughed but I could see the little punches were affecting my 6 foot 3 200lb husband but yet it was very entertaining to watch. Little did I know very soon I'd be getting a taste of the Boom Boom myself! 
Minutes after I thought Boom Boom Gate was a thing of the past my sweet little18 month old begin to call out for Mama. I told FabJr to bring him to me and I would hold him with me in the line as I wait to order the food. WHY DID I DO THIS?  Just moments after I picked him up I heard those dreaded words Boom Boom Again and knew I might be in a bit of trouble. As suspected BabyFab then begin to use his little not so precious fist and hit me maybe 3 to four times in my head. I then held his hands and firmly told him that was a NoNo and it was not  nice to hit Mommy like that! Well those words didn't sit well with him so he managed to get his hands free and Give Mommy the Boom Boom again! Wait was I a grown ass Lady wrestling and being beat up by her Toddler in Chipotle while restaurant attendees watched most likely in disbelief, Yes I was! Not only was I completely embarrassed by BabyFab's behavior but the right side of my jaw was actually beginning to hurt from the baby blows that had been thrown. The young and obviously in love couple who stood in line behind me watched in utter disbelief and most likely vowed to never have kids after what they witnessed. At this point I was tired, hungry, embarrassed, and could not take the Boom Boom again so I did what any Mom would do and called out for Hubby to come get BabyFab while I try to get myself together!!

Parent's what do you do when Toddlers Strike?  Have you ever been left feeling used and abused by your Toddler and if so how did you deal with it? I promise if I ever hear those dreaded words Boom Boom again it would be too soon!


Fathers Day Fabness for the #NauticaDad

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.  #NauticaforDad #CollectiveBias

What do you get the man who blessed you with the Gift of Life, Taught you how to ride your first bike, drove you off to college, and proudly walked you down the aisle? For being the anchor in my life I'm gifting my Dad with the Nautica Voyage Gift Set!  

It's such an honor to have been raised by such a  warm, positive, caring, and hardworking man. I am the person I am today because of his influence. My fondest childhood memories are of him working hard to make sure his family always had what they need and then some. That's the reason Father's Day  is such a special time in my life and why I go above and beyond to show him just how much he's appreciated. My Dad like many others would probably prefer I save my money and do something more useful than buying him a gift, but Father's Day Is so special I  wouldn't  have it any other way!

I headed out to my nearest Macy's knowing I wanted to get him something that smelled great and was a reflection of a life well lived. I quickly came across Nautica Voyage and learned it was intended for An everyday hero, a man everyone can count on, a good guy. Nautica Voyage spoke of a particular man who's priority it was to acquire a rich range of life experiences and to build real connections with family and friends I knew it was perfect for my Dad!  

 Because Nautica Voyage is so Awesome they want to provide you with the opportunity to win your very own  gift set for that special man in your life by entering this Fabtabulous Giveaway, Click Enter Competition for all the Details!

Thanks for allowing me to share with you all the reasons why My Dad is getting the Nautica Voyager Gift Set this Father's Day.  I've shared with you my memories, Now who is the Anchor in your life? To purchase Nautical Voyage online please click here

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