Present Luvin Fit of the Day!

Happy Thursday Luvs! I know today centers around the throwbacks of yesterday but sometimes a girl just wants to LIVE in the present.....Is that alright? I said is that alright....
Dress Marshalls
Belt Old
Bag Adam Levine (gifted)
Sandals Steve Madden
 How are you Living in the Present with your Fit of the Day?


LadyLike Fit of the Day!

Hola Fabulites!!! I know its been a while since my last Fit of the Day but you know ya Can't keep a Fashionable girl down! Those of  you who are familiar with the Frugal Flirty N Fab know that I have what some could call a real fear of white dresses. Not sure why but they just never seem to work for me. Here I am the self proclaimed Fab Fabulista scared of a little white dress.....no bueno! I decided it was time to tackle my fear, but how was I going to do so without diving head first  into the pond all at once? That's when I noticed this little ladylike number from SammyDress and knew she'd be the one to help me out, Take a look...... 

The moment I laid eyes on this dress it came to me. The way to tackle my fear of the little white dress was to work my way in slowly by finding one with a great print yet stylish enough to handle my womanly curves, Yes! After searching far and wide this dress was everything for me. It had the pop of color that we know I can't live without, It hugged my body the right way without making me feel self conscious of my imperfections and for some strange reason made me want to take the dog for a walk around the neighborhood....go figure!
In just the blink of an eye this showed once again there was nothing to fear but fear itself! What do you say Fabulites, Has the Frugal Flirty N Fab finally faced her fear of wearing white? What are some of your biggest fashion fears and how do you get over them.

Sammydress is one of the largest online wholesalers focusing on women's fashion and beauty products. Offering the latest clothing, shoes, bags, makeup tools, home decor, toys and novel products at factory direct prices.To purchase this Frugal Flirty N Fab Sammydress please click here


Throwback Thursday *Friday Foolishness*!

I consider myself to be a very understanding person and I know that times are tough right now for everyone, but people we have Got To Do Better! Currently my job is hiring for several different positions but the foolishness I have seen come through these doors in the last two days is absolutely astonishing. Yesterday there was a female who came in with part of her weave undone and a sky blue tank top on. You think to yourself maybe things are so bad for her that she didn't have anything else to wear which would have been fine if she didn't smell like she had just turned up a 12 pack of Heineken in the parking lot. Earlier today we had another female show up with a crochet top with the back cut out, no bra on, midriff showing, two pig tales on her head, and a pair of sandals that you wear to the beach. People lets get it together. Remember you can never get back that first impression so please Lets Do Better!


Buy Borrow Bury-Celebrity Style!

Happy Hump Day Luvs! Well I know it's been awhile but due to Popular Demand,  Buy Borrow Bury is back! For today's edition we have the very beautiful and talented, Tracee Ellis Ross, Chante Moore, and Tia Mowry Hardrict. Most of you are already familiar with the routine but for those of you who aren't , Inquiring Minds wanna know if you had a choice and could only chose one option for each look, Which look would you Buy Borrow and Bury?
Buy Borrow Bury?


Kicks Ass Kicks of the Week!

 Happy Tuesday FABulites and even more importantly Happy April! I absolutely luv the month of April! Not only because it's my birthday month but its also a very fashionable time of year and who doesn't LUV that. In honor of  all things Frugal Flirty N Fab this month I'll have Giveaways, Reader appreciation Prizes, and of course the fab fashions we all look forward to! To give you a little taste of what April will consists of check out my Kick Ass Kicks of the Week!
Kicks of the Week

What do you say FABulites, Is it a FAB or DRAB for the Kick Ass Kicks of the Week? Which ones are topping your April Wishlist?



Throwback Thursdays-My Black is Beautiful!

With so much talk today about African Americans not being  showcased on the catwalks of Milan, the Big Screen, the Small Screen or anything else for that matter, I just wanted to take the time to showcase just how Beautiful, Alluring, Confident, Intelligent and Sexy we can be! People of all ethnicity's are Fabulous and I think its about time everyone from Hollywood to the cat walks of London take notice! My Black is Beautiful, take a look!

Jessica White

Serena Williams

Kelly Rowland


Amber Rose


Damaris Lewis


Lala Vasquez


My Black is Beautiful and Don't you forget it!


Kick Ass Kicks of the Week!

Happy Tuesday FABulites! I know Monday was a rough one but if your reading this post right now congratulations,you made it through!No matter what activities or event you have coming up, Today's Kick Ass Kicks of the Week definitely have you covered, Lets take a look!

spring kicks of the week

From the Boardroom to the Bedroom this weeks Kicks of the Week consists of a little bit of everything. Clearly the definition of a little bit of this and a little bit of that makes a whole lot of Fabness!  Do you need any other reason for Spring to be one of your favorite times a year, I mean the possibilities are endless! I can't get enough of numbers 2 ,8 and 10 but enough about me,  which of these hotties are topping your current Top 10 Kick Ass Kicks of the Week Wishlist?



Baby Fab Does the Movies!

Happy Monday Luvs! I hope everyone enjoyed a great weekend! For as long as I can remember I've been an avid movie fan. Watching movies is one of my guilty pleasures and I can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Things have really slowed down since the birth of BabyFab but when I felt the Need for Speed I knew the timing was right for him to attend his first movie.

We chose the early afternoon time (12:00) because I figured if BabyFab somehow went on a screaming spree, fewer people would be affected, but little did I know BabyFab behaved just the opposite. His behavior was downright amazing! He was asleep in his carrier/stroller travel system when we first entered the theater and the volume inside the theater was perfect and didn't bother him or wake him at all! I was pleasantly surprised by the movie theater setup. It was very easy for me to find a seat where I had a full visual of him and also where I could get up and leave if his behavior warranted it. He managed to stay sleep for maybe the first 45 minutes of the movie and once awake I fed him his bottle and he spent the remainder of the time sitting on my lap smiling and cooing at the screen. He absolutely loved the movies! Not only did I find the movie theater very accommodating but I also found out that they offer a certified babysitting service for kids ages 3-8  for a $9 charge so parents can enjoy the movie without having to worry about their kids as well. Can somebody say genius idea! All in all at 3months BabyFab gets an A for his first movie experience and I can't wait to do it again.
Have you ever taken your baby to the movies and if so what your experience like?


Prom Dress Fantasies!

It's one of the most important times in a young woman's life, It's Prom and every Diva deserves to show up in a dress that not only easily slays the other dresses in the room but also isn't afraid to show up and show out! It's your chance to not only tell a little about who you are but also showcase your very own individual sense of style! Today the Frugal Flirty N Fab and JenJenHouse would like to help you have the prom of your dreams by providing you with a couple of things you want to keep in mind when selecting the all so Important Prom Dress....Let's begin  shall we......


Let's not kid ourselves,  Prom night is all about the dress and the more spectacular the dress  the more exciting your prom will be! I mean let's be real, who doesn't dream of having their very own Pretty Woman moment at their senior prom, minus the whole paid prostitute thing of course! Although these are your girls and you love then, your prom dress should make every girl in the room rethink the dress she chose, be the standout in the room of mediocrity and single handedly make you the Belle of the Ball! There shouldn't be a guy in the room not slapping himself  for not taking the time out to get to know you better,or any girl who isn't slapping herself for choosing her prom dress over yours. In other words your dress should make you feel like the Numero Uno head Princess in a sea of many. Last but not least your prom dress should be love at first sight. You shouldn't have to think about it or choose between it and your top 3 choices but instead know immediately without hesitation that you've picked the dress of your dreams for a night you'll never forget! I hope I was able to assist you in fulfilling your prom dress fantasies. For this and additional Special Occassion dresses please make sure to visit my friends at JenJenHouse and tell em the Frugal Flirty N Fab sent ya!

Fabulites, What did you wear to your Senior Prom and more importantly How did your selection make you feel?


Fab's Top 10 Kicks of the Week!

Happy Tuesday Fabulites! hope everyone is ready for another Fantastic Day! Todays post was inspired by High Heels, Bright Colors, and Kick Ass Fabness! Lets jump right into Fab's Top 10 Kicks of the Week!

kicks of the Week
Alright Fabulites you already know the routine. Which ones are your favorites and topping your top 10 lists?

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