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15th Anniversary Hats Off Charity Luncheon!

What could be better than giving back to the community in which you live? Nothing in my book! That's why when I received the invite to attend the 15th Annual Hats off Luncheon  honoring Mrs. Madeline Arison, Wife of Miami Heat Owner Micky Arison at Loews Hotel on Miami Beach I couldn't wait to attend and be a part of it!

Tracy and Alonzo Mourning

Saturday morning I had the pleasure of joining the beautiful and charitable Tracy Mourning Wilson and the Honey Shine Foundation for the 15th Annual Hats Off Luncheon and to say it was amazing would be a total understatement. This year's luncheon was exceptionally special because of the honoring of Mrs. Madeleine Arison and her contributions since Day One of the Honey Shine Foundation. Tracy Wilson Mourning and the Honey Shine Foundation have been serving the community of Miami Dade through her philanthropic work with girls, teens, and young women from a variety of backgrounds for over  an amazing 15 years now. By the way this luncheon was executed I can proudly say there will be many more years to come.

Tracy Mourning, Host Katelyn James and Honeyshine Director Marlo Wilson

After arriving to the Ballroom area and being greeted with Mimosa's I couldn't help but to fall in love with the setup, how beautiful everything was, and the sheer woman power in the room! I mean it really looked like something out of a fairy tale and the energy was magnetic! Just Gorgeous! The event had a Flapper theme and feel and enjoyed seeing everyone dress the part.

Lauren of LA Boudoir Miami

After taking a tour of the area I was highly impressed with the items that were being auctioned off. There was something for everyone and all budgets which made giving that much more wonderful. Attendees had the option of bidding on a large variety of items from fashionable bags to travel items, to food and wine, to entertainment and best of all was that it was all done very easily using an app.

Novelty Clutch Bidding Item

Entertainment Bidding Package

At the conclusion of the red carpet and viewing of the bidding items we headed into the ballroom for the luncheon to begin. The setting was once again amazing and the food was as well!

Can't remember the exact name of this salad but it was beyond delicious as was the entire luncheon

As we enjoyed the actual Luncheon part of the event we were treated to a really cute fashion show featuring many of the Honey Shine Girls and got to know them and their future goals a little better. Many of the Girls from the community go on to further their education at four year colleges of their choice made possible by the Honey Shine Foundation, Carnival Foundation, and other Donors from the South Florida Area.

At the conclusion of the luncheon guests were treated to a super fab Patron after party complete with a live band which was the most perfect end to a perfect luncheon!

Thank you for allowing me to share with you my attendance at the 15th Annual Hats Off Luncheon. Have you ever had the opportunity to attend one? I say you add it to your Must Attend List today!

For additional information on the Honey Shine Foundation or to find out how you can give back to the community please visit


5 Things I'm Doing Differently to Conquer my Fitness Goas!

Hey yall Hey! It's been over a week since we last talked but I had to take some time and redefine my blogging goals and what I want from this experience. I want to be able to share my highs and lows with you, inspire you to want more and be the best you that you can be, and I want us to be able to grow and learn from our mistakes together. That's exactly why I wanted to share with you 5 things I'm doing differently this time around in search of conquering my fitness goals. I'll also be sharing a Coupon and Ibotta Rebate Offer from my friends at U by Kotex Fitness! Let's Begin!

It seems like I have been trying to lose these 20-25 lbs for the last 10 years and ever time I even begin to get close to achieving my goal something happens and I end up starting from scratch all over again. I am so tired of repeating the same old mistakes yet expecting different results.. That's why this time I've decided to take a different approach. I pretty much know what works and doesn't work for me so I'm going to try to do more of the good and way less of the bad. Let's get into my Top 5 Things I'm Doing Differently this time around!

1. Drink More Water- FABulites, i'm a Coke head and I think it's about time I admit it. Coca Cola that is. When i'm not slurping up Coke I have a mean fascination with Dunkin Doughnuts coffee. While I'm not going to pretend or force myself to give up either of them I will hold myself accountable to drinking way less of both. This also means increasing my daily water intake and hopefully lessening the urges to have the bad drinks.

2.Eat Healthier- Food is totally my kryptonite and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I have a love of food that far too few will really ever understand but I just love it. This time around instead of vowing to purge rice, bread, and other favorites from my life I have decided to just try to eat what I love in moderation. This also means having portion control, consuming my carbs earlier in the day and replacing at least one daily meal with a nice refreshing salad. Sounds totally doable right?

3.Weightlifting- I'm a runner by nature so naturally I just figured I could lose all the weight I wanted simply by spending an hour a day doing some type of cardio exercise. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong! I fought it off as long as I could but the truth of the matter is that if I plan on achieving my goals I am going to have to implement some type of weightlifting routine into my daily workouts. I was always afraid of bulking up too much when lifting weights but the truth is that lifting makes will make it 1ox's easier for me to get lean and lose weight. It's all very new to me but I'm definitely interested in seeing where this leads.

4.Keep it Cute-I'm not sure about you but knowing that I get to wear a really cute workout outfit to the gym is one helluva morning motivator. Truthfully speaking I like pretty things and my workout wear is no exception. seems like I'm at my best when I have a motivating and inspiring outfit to match.  Guess it's just the fashionista in me!

5. Stop Making Excuses- One of my biggest excuses when it comes to missing days at the gym is my good old PMS excuse. The buck stops here thanks to U by Kotex Fitness. U by Kotex fitness products provide comfortable protection for bodies in motion, are shaped to fit and flex with your body, and are specifically designed for exercising. High Protection with Low Distraction come to Mama Fitness Goals and say Hello to the new Period Boss! Visit the
Walgreens U By Kotex Landing Page landing page to learn more.

Feel free to  visit your local Walgreens to purchase the products from the U by Kotex Fitness collection with this Coupon.  You  can also  receive a $2 Ibotta coupon by simply using the app post purchase.

Thank for allowing me to share with you my current tips and techniques for finally conquering my fitness goals. How are you making sure you're covered when it comes to your fitness goals?


How to Wear a Floral Jumpsuit!

Hey yall Hey! In honor of it being Throwback Thursday I thought this was the most perfect time to throw it back to the time I rocked  my favorite Floral Jumpsuit. To take things a bit further I'm also going to share a couple things to keep in mind in case you plan on one day rocking a Floral Jumpsuit yourself!

Jumpsuits-Floral Jumpsuits- Summer Trends- Fashion-Sheer Jumpsuits

I originally purchased this jumpsuit during the Summer of 2016 so I could wear it to a Miami Fashion Week Swim event. As most of you already know I absolutely love wearing bright color and I thought this look was fitting for a South Florida outdoor event(hot). Other than a swim event this jumpsuit would be perfect for a fun date night, a concert and would be perfect for a weekend getaway.

Florals-Jumpsuits-Sheer Jumpsuits- South Florida Style

I must admit when I first laid eyes on this jumpsuit it wasn't an immediate sale for me. It was after I tried it on and liked the way that it fit my body I was sold. It's important with any jumpsuit that you take the time to try it on and make sure it accentuates your body. Not every jumpsuit is meant for every body type but trust me when I tell you that you'll know immediately when you find the right one.
Jumpsuit with Pockets

I'm a South Florida girl born and raised and I don't know if it's the fact that we are surrounded by water or the year round sunshine but we love wearing as little clothing as possible, me included. One of my favorite things about this floral jumpsuit was the sheerness of it and the fact that it came complete with black shorts underneath. To me this is the perfect way to show understated  grown woman sexiness. Give em a little to look at but not too much!

Floral Jumpsuit- Floral Trend-Floral Style- Floral Fashions

When rocking a floral jumpsuit try not to be concerned with what others think of your look. The real key to fashionable fabness is how you think you look in this trend. Anytime a jumpsuit can make you smile like this it's a definite Yes and you'll be sure to rock it with confidence. This look is definitely not for the fashionably shy for it will most likely be a topic of conversation at more than one point throughout the day. Take in the attention and use it as a chance to meet new people and converse making your choice of purchasing it a Win Win all the way around.

Thank you for allowing me to share with you some of my Frugal Flirty N Fab Fashion tips on Rocking a Floral Jumpsuit. Is it safe to say you'll be Rocking a Floral Jumpsuit in your near future?

Jumpsuit= Steps New York, Block Heels =Boutique Sales Chic

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15 Plus Reasons why Maxi's Make Great Mother's Day Gifts!

FABulites, Is your Mom super trendy and up to date on all the latest fashions? Has it been a while since your Mom dressed up and you're looking for a look that will do the trick and show her how much you lover her? Are you headed out for a Mother's Day Brunch and need an outfit to show just how proud you are to be a Mom? Look no further because the Frugal Flirty N Fab definitely has you covered!

Garden Rose- Maxi Dress-Fashion-Boutique

When it comes to giving and receiving fashion as gifts I think there's one thing most of us can agree on, Mom's love Maxi's! This year is no exception to the rule and I think it's the perfect way to shower both Yourself if you're a Mom and your Mom and Grand Mom with Love! No matter the size, style, likes and dislikes, there's a maxi out there for everyone! Gift your special Lady with the one that's perfect for her. To make this gift giving as hassle free s possible I took the fashion liberty of providing you with my current Must Have Maxi's, Take a look!

Maxi Dresses provide maximum comfort, are for the most part effortless, are affordable, can easily be dressed up or down, are chic, and just look downright wonderful and classy. Those features made it very easy for me to put this list together. I can wait to see all the Mom's rockin their Maxi's on Mothers day, me included!

Thanks for allowing me to share with you my top Mother's Day Maxi Dress Picks! Which Maxi is topping your Must Have list and Which one will make the perfect gift for the Special Mom in your life?

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Luigi's Coal Oven Pizza Delray Getaway!

Adulting can be so beyond hectic! Between running the business, blogging, wifing, cleaning, encouraging, inspiring, and moming, Sometimes  you just gotta get away! That's exactly what happened a few days go as I headed north to the city of Delray to try out Luigi's Coal Oven Pizza  Happy Hour for the very first time!

Coal Oven Pizza
Luigi's Coal Oven Pizza is located in the heart of Delray Beach Florida and has been around a little over three years. Recently they introduced their new Happy Hour Menu and of course I had to see what all the hype was about!

Luigi's boasts the Best Happy Hour in town with an extensive happy hour menu including a selection of salads, pasta and specialty items. I couldn't wait to try it out for myself!


I was already sold after my first glass of Sangria. Luigi's offers an open bar during happy hour. On the daily drink specials are offered including half off glasses of wine as well as domestic been under$12.

Luigi's famous Coal Oven Pizza

Luigi's Calamari

Crab Cakes
Luigi's Crab Cakes

Luigi's Event
Quick snapshot of yours truly enjoying a little Luigi's salad.

Chef Luigi
Couldn't possible leave without taking a moment to thank Chef Luigi for all the deliciousness!

Welp folks, It's all true! Luigi's Coal Oven Pizza does have one of the best Happy hours in town! I came expecting one thing and left counting down the days until the next happy hour! The food was absolutely amazing, the staff was super friendly and warm, the chef was inviting and talented and the atmosphere was perfection! This is how you wind down from a busy week in style!

Have you had the chance to experience Luigi's Coal Oven Pizza in Delray Beach? what was your experience like?


Shoulder Baring Boyfriend Wearing Strappy Shoe FOTD!

Happy Hump Day Luvs! I was up bright and early today in full dress and makeup so I could share with you my Fit of the Day before my photographer (son) heads off to school. No one said this blogging world was an easy one but being able to share with all of you darn sure makes it all worth it! Let's get into my Fit of the Day!


Today is a special day. For the first time in months instead of me running to my closet to pick out my latest and greatest dress of the week I decided to change things up a bit and show you all that Fab Knows Casual!

Boyfriend Jeans- Fashion- Style- Trends

It's very important to have that pair of jeans in your closet that you know you can turn to in times of thick and thin. For me it's my pair of ANA Boyfriend Jeans from JCPenney. I actually have quite the little collection of ANA jeans but my Boyfriends are by far my favorites!

While it might not be something you see from me in on the daily I love throwing on a cute top, boyfriend jean, strappy heel, and going about my day like everyone else. I like that I can easily dress them up for a casual day at the office or wear them with my favorite current trend. Boyfriends are a Must Have!

Tops- Trends- Style-Shoulder Baring

For todays look I paired my Boyfriends with this cute top I picked up a couple months ago from Steps New York. I love how it's so versatile and the fat that I can wear it with many of my Spring pieces. While black isn't exactly my go to color of the moment you can never go wrong going black!

Heels- Strappy Shoes- kicks-Trends

I have been head over heels in love with these Nicole by Nicole Miller Sandals since I purchased them from JCPenney's weeks go. The look good with everything and you can definitely expect to see more of them! They are super comfortable, trendy, and do a great job at allowing me to showcase my latest Spring pedi! Win Win Right!

Thanks for tuning in as I share my Hump Day Shoulder Baring, Boyfriend Wearing, Strappy Shoe  Fit of the Day with you. Before we go, What are you wearing for your Fit of the Day?


Style File- Choker Trend!

FABulites, Have you ever been in love with a certain trend but absolutely hated the name of it? That's my current Monday Morning situation! I am obsessed with the new Choker Trend but for some reason referring to anything as a choker just has a negative connotation for me. I know it's super silly but after I share with you my must have Choker Pieces I promise we'll both forget all about it!

A choker can be defined as anything that fits closely around the neck or throat and is one of this Spring's most sought after pieces. Choker pieces can include anything from  just a simple top or
T-shirt  to your favorite jumpsuit and dresses. Even more fabulous is the fact that it prevents you from having to add any neck accessories to your look. Let's take a look at some of my current favorite looks.

I think what I like best about this trend is that it pretty much brings the excitement to any look. It's nice to be able to take the everyday top, dress, or jumpsuit to the next level by separating it from the rest. What are your thoughts on the  new Choker Trend?


Featured Blogger of the Week-Charell Star!

TGIF FABulites! There's not  a day that goes by that I don't give thanks for the platform I've been provided to share with others. One of my favorite ways of showing thanks is by of course showing love for my fellow  Bloggers. That's why it's no wonder Back by popular Demand we have the Featured Blogger of the Week. This week's featured blogger in non other than Not Just a Girl in a Dress own Charell Star! Let's get to know Charell!

How do you describe your style?
I would describe my style as classic and bright. I seek out items that have clean lines, great fit and show off a bold pop of color. I'm a happy person by nature, so I wear clothes that reflect my sunny personality.  

Favorite Celebrity Style Crush and why?
My favorite celebrity style crush is Janelle MonĂ¡e, hands down. I adore her fun and effortless style. I love how she goes from streamlined suits to classics to ultra-modern red carpet dresses and looks amazing in them all. Everything she rocks reflects her vibrant but approachable personality and I see a lot of myself in her. I totally fangirl over every item she wears. 

Favorite Lifestyle/Fashion Blogger
There are so many great lifestyle and fashion bloggers sharing amazing stories right now. It's hard to pick just one, but I'm loving Rana Campbell from Dreams in Drive. She hosts a weekly podcast and interviews entreprenuers on their business and road to success. Her show is always so motivational.  

One thing you'd like the world to know about your style?
 I've overcome a lot challenges in life and feel blessed to have come so far. Fashion is just one way I get to express my daily joy and hopefully inspire others to do the same.  

What's your Blog site and how we can find you on Social Media?

Instagram: @CharellStar
Twitter: @CharellStar

Thanks so much Charell Star  for being the Featured Blogger of the Week. I find your style to be Chic and Refreshing and I can't wait to see the direction in which it takes you. Your Ladylike style is definitely something to be admired for ages to come!

Do you Have what it takes to be the Frugal Flirty N Fab Featured Blogger of the Week? If so  please send an email to the expressing your interest! Thanks and enjoy!


7 Must Have Spring Bottoms Under $50!

Hey yall Hey! I hope your day is off to a wonderful start! Those of you that know me already know that I'm a sucker for a pretty dress but did you also know at a certain time of year I become obsessed with the almighty Spring Bottom? Let's take a look and discuss my Spring Must Haves!

Everyone knows Spring hasn't Sprung until you have that favorite pair of go to jeans. This Spring it's all about ankle cleavage and fringing out the bottom of your jeans. These Shredded Machine jeans will fashionably take you through Spring and more! Rock em!

ActiveWear has become all the rage and what used to just be seen at the gym is any and everywhere! Hit the streets in style and comfort in this Fit Me bottom. Also comes with a super cute matching top but we'll save that one for another day!

The time will come throughout Spring when you'll just have to let em know about your Slayage.  This Bad 2 the Bone bottom is what you pull out for such occasions. Give em a little something to talk about!

For all my fashionistas who'll be taking advantage of Spring Travel, Sometimes you just have to
Lace Up and Go and when you do this bottoms for you. Comfy, Chic yet Sweet!

There's no denying the fabness of the Floral Flow this Spring so don't even try to. Find a cute bottom that matches your Fly and Flow On all through Spring!

Shorts are always a Spring Must Have but this year it's all about embellishments and ruffles so you better be ready to bring your A game with these Pretty in Pink pair! Think Bruch, Girls Night Out, Fun Times for sure!

Must Love the Almighty Palazzo Pant and this Solange version of this trend is a must Have! Perfect for anywhere Spring sees fit to take you!

What's topping your Spring Must Have Bottom List?

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