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Peplums N Culottes!

Happy Hump  Day Fabulites! Can I just start out by saying the Struggle is Real! I have attempted at least five times previously to get you a good shot of this two piece JCPenney printed peplum culotte set to no avail! Either my photographer has early morning basketball practice, the baby wakes up too early, the sun ruins the shot, you name it I've experienced it! Nearly didn't happen today but I refused to put it off any longer! Let's take a look!
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I'm not sure what it is about Peplums and Culottes but up until recently I never would have thought I'd like this look as much as I do! You don't exactly think culotte wearer when you think of someone with a five foot three frame because the rule is to never wear anything to shorten your legs. I love breaking the fashion rules and from this my culotte obsession was born!

I originally wore this look to the Macy's American Icon Event and let me just say I enjoyed every minute of it! There's no better feeling than feeling confident in what you're wearing! That's exactly how you should feel with anything you put on your body.

Things wouldn't be Frugal Flirty N Fab if I didn't tell you about the great deal I got on this look! Just so happened I managed to hit up JCPenney when they were having one of their many major sales! I managed to get the complete look for a Fab $43 bucks! Can you say winning? Thanks for allowing me to share my Peplum and Culotte look with you today but before you go, How Do I Look?

Matching Set JCPenney
Shoes Nordstrom Rack
Earrings Burlington


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How my 12 Year Old Rocks H&M

Happy Tuesday FABulites, Hope each and every one of you enjoyed a FABtabulous Memorial Day Weekend. Mine was beyond  FAB but of course I'm already ready to get this week over with so the weekend can begin again! I know I'm not the only one who feels this  way now am I? I didn't think so but just to put a little fashion step in your prep I thought it was a good time to share with you how the one and only FabJr.  Rocks H&M, Let's Go!
 If you follow me on Instagram then you already know FabJr. was fortunate enough to spend Memorial Day Weekend in New Orleans playing basketball with his Below the Rim Teammates. What you might not know is that before he left I of course wanted to make sure he was fly,(do people still say that), so we headed to Pembroke Lakes Mall to see what we could find.
 When we reached the H&M FabJr told me he would wait outside while I looked around then we could go to the store he wanted because he was sure they didn't have what he liked or needed. I convinced him to come inside and take a look around and the rest was history! He had a  pretty good idea of what it was he wanted and within 2 seconds of entering the store he'd already found 4 looks he wanted to try on. He was pleased with the variety of options and I was pleased the cost wouldn't do too much damage to my pockets, Can somebody say Win, Win!

 It doesn't  surprise me that my son has great style like his Mom of course, I love how he decided to work with the contrast of the black n white prints with this look. The top portion focused on a white silhouette with black prints for a fresh, clean look that requires little to no fuss.
The joggers or bottoms focused more on a black silhouette with bold white prints, Gotta Love it! He has a couple more looks that he plans on sharing with you all but instead of all in one day we're planning on maybe having one post a week. If you like the way FabJr, Rocked H&M then don't be afraid to let him know. If you know like I know then  you already know he'll be watching so let's show this PreTeen  Fashion Mr. in the making some luv! Thanks everyone for stopping by and please, Have a Fab Day!


Shares a Coke all Smiles!

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It's amazing how the simplist things turn out to be such a large source of inspiration. A few days ago I entered  my nearest Sam's Club and was immediately inspired by what I saw on the 32 pack of Coke Soda. I was used to seeing the cans with the specific names on it but this time the soda's jumped out at me because they focused on the people in your lives and got me to think how I'd love to share a Coke and a smile with my special someone's!
 It was originally the demonstration I was participating in showing exactly how a Can of Coke is absolutely perfect for any and every large event and also how the new cans would be the perfect time to tell your special someone's exactly how important they are to you. I'm not sure about you but that's something I don't get to do nearly enough. How about yourselves?
The cans were stacked neatly and nicely inside Sam's Club and ready and waiting for a good home. I immediately began to think of all the smiles I'd soon be seeing once I had the chance to share them out.

In honor of Veterans Day my family and I were planning a special evening BBQ complete with Food, Family, and Fun and of Coke's would be right at home. I've already planned out exactly who I'd be surprising with my cheers of gratefulness for being a part of our lives and fulfilling it with so much joy.

One of the best things about the cans is that everyone was covered such as my Bestie who's been my friend sine I was a mere 10 years old. She was by my side during my unforgettable wedding to the birth of my children and loves and care for me like no other. The Dreamer who no matter what dreams of the day Peace on Earth will be a reality instead of just a quotable saying. The Grillmaster who without no event would be complete. I mean it's he who holds the outcome of your event in his special grilling hands. The Legends who have been there and done that who constantly guide you and steer you in the right direction. Now you get an idea on exactly why Coke's 32 pack is perfect for your next event?

 I love that today is Memorial Day and Coke is giving each of us the opportunity to share our thoughts with those we care about. Throughout the day remember to take the time out to give a special Thanks to all our Men and Women Service Men who because of their past and present braveness we are able to enjoy the act of even having or celebrating an event. Now that you've heard my story tell me how  you plan on enjoying and sharing  a Coke and a smile  with Sam's Club at our next event?


Macy's American Icon Event Recap!

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Special thanks to everyone that came out to have a good time and show support for our Veterans at the Macy's American Icon Event Friday evening in Aventura Florida! Once again Macy's Shows up and Shows out!

Macy's decided to honor American Veterans with a  timeless indoor fashion show and event panel showcasing the hottest fashions while discussing Got Your 6 which is an focused coalition of Veteran focused non profit partners.

The fashions were absolutely amazing! This bright yellow Thalia Soda dress was definitely one of my favorites of the evening.  The tropical tiered skirt also from the Thalia Collection is perfect for the South Florida sun.
Prints and Florals, Who could ask for anything more?

It was great hearing the amazing panel consisting of  Andrew Kaufman of  Baseldom, Nathan Samuel of History of Miami, and Marine Corps Veteran and proud supporter of Got Your 6 Steve Schneider, one of the most respected and well known Bartenders in the industry.

 Thanks for allowing me to share my recap of the American Icons Event as well as some of my favorite looks of the Season with you. Did you attend the Macy's American Icon Event in your area? What was your experience like?


*Throwback Thursday* Should a Married Woman Walk in a Single Lady's Shoes?

Hello FABulites! Hope everyone enjoyed a Fabtabulous weekend! I Spent my Sunday Afternoon catching up on old episodes of Sex in the City. Is it just me or do you feel like you're watching every episode for the very first time no matter how many times you've seen it? In one particular episode Carrie was invited to a dinner party at her friends apartment and was asked to remove and leave her shoes at the door. To make a long story short once the dinner party was completed and Carrie got ready to leave she noticed her brand new $485 Manolo Blahniks were missing. After a couple phone calls and visits to speak with her married mother of 2 friend an important question was asked, Should a Married Mother of 2 walk in a Single Ladies Shoes?......While you ponder the answer to this question check out this Mom's Top Kicks of the week! Single or not I think you're going to enjoy these!


I never really thought about not wearing certain shoes because you're married or have kids but i'm realizing there are lots of people who feel this way. I have always wondered why we put so much of a emphasis on what you can and can't do, wear or shouldn't wear once you get married or become a Mom. I mean to me those same shoes you were wearing when you met him will most likely be the ones to help him stay if you know what I mean. Being a busy Mom you might not want to hit the streets in your 6 inch pumps on the daily but to those who do, More power to you, you're an inspiration to some. Personally, Single or Not I buy shoes based off my preferences and what I like but  I'm very interested to know where you stand on this modern day issue. Is it OK for a Married Mother to walk in a Single Ladies shoes? Which of my Kicks of the week are topping your June Must Have list?


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Back 2 Black!

FABulites, I know it's the middle of Spring and we are all head over heels for the Brights & Whites, but sometimes don't you just want to take a moment and take things back to where it all begin, Back 2 Black?

Back to Black

It was with my very first pair of black heels the love affair began. In honor of a time when it was once all so simple I give you my Must Have Black Kicks of the Week, Ya Digg? When was the last time you fell in Love with a sexy black shoe? Did any of y Must Have Black Kick of the Week  take you back to that time?


Wings for Life World Race Recap!

On Saturday May 3rd, Yours truly had the honor of participating in the Red Bull Wings for Life WorldRace in Ft. Lauderdale FL for spinal cord injury research and let me be the first to tell you the pleasure was all mine!

Wings for Life is a not-for-profit spinal cord research foundation who's mission is to find a cure for world-class scientific research and clinical trials around the globe aimed at healing the injured spinal cord. Progress in spinal cord research is largely driven by private funding making Wings for Life dependent on donations from individuals and companies with 100% of the donations used for research purposes! Awesome Right!
What exactly is the Wings for Life WorldRun you ask? The WorldRun is a global running and wheelchair event which starts at 11am UTC on May 3, 2015 and finishes when the last person is caught by the catcher car. The Global Champion are the last man and woman worldwide to be passed by the catcher car. Each country will have a national champion and everyone who takes part is a Winner! Sounds pretty fantastic right! It is!

Puma has entered a global partnership with Wings For Life which is the reason I'm decked out in Puma's finest pieces and accessories plus all the amazing Puma Gear at the race site. Now that I know Puma is supporting such a great cause you can be sure I'm going to pick up some additional pieces the first chance I get.

Participating for the first time in the RedBull Wings For Life WorldRace was an amazing experience and I'm already planning on ways to beat this years time in next years race! The only thing that would make it better is you joining me!To find out exactly how you can donate and support a great cause please visit For additional information on Wings For Life please visit

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Macy's American Icon Event!

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 FABulites, As part of our salute to all the things that make us proud to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave, Macy's is hosting a party and You're Invited to join us for all the in-store excitement! Afterall, What could be more American and iconic than Macy’s, and  Macy’s is beyond proud to partner with those who have served our country alongside Got Your 6. For complete event details, visit 

 Join us Friday May 15th in the Missy Department where you'll discover everything you need to put together a timeless, All-American ensemble at our fashion show hosted by Lulu and Lala of 97.3. Pick up your favorites from the show at Fashion Happy Hour's shopping party, and afterward, take your #AmericanSelfie at our pep rally with the band, cheerleaders and color gaurd of Patriots of Miramar High School Aventura! Plus, learn all about the rich history of the Seminole Tribe of Florida at their patchwork installation.

We didn't forget about our iconic men, Be a part of a special panel with Andrew Kaufman of Baseldom, Nathan Samual of History of Miami, and Marine Corps veteran and proud supporter of Got Your 6 Steve Schneider, one of the most respected and successful bartenders in the industry. Moderated by Local 10 news anchor Neki Mohan, this is a rare opportunity to hear from some of the brightest minds all assembled on one stage. Enjoy the chat with a drink from our beverage lounge, courtesy of Bai Beverages, LunchologyOnli, Jo Jo Tea, Cawy Bottling Company, Havana Roaster, Nelsitos Brewery, and Lolitas Sangeria.

Just when you think the fashion show and special panel were enough, If you and  your kids love to take selfies? Macy’s will have patriotic photo opps for you to take your #AmericanSelfie with! Yep you heard it right, Fashions, Discussions, and Selfies Oh My!

Below are additional location Dates and Times 
5/14   New York, NY (HSQ)
5/16   San Francisco (Union Square)
5/16   Atlanta, GA (Peachtree Mall)

For complete event details, visit and of course I can't wait to see you there!

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