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Summer's Top 25 Must Have Wedges!

Hey Yall Hey and Happy Second Day of Summer! I am so excited about Summer 2016. I have been working out extra hard, cutting back on the soda and carbs and I'm liking what I see even when swimsuit shopping! Another element of Summer16 that has me excited is all the super cute wedges that are currently out and about. The different styles, prints, and patterns are nothing short of amazing! For these reasons and also because they allow you to look super fab on a budget I'm sharing with you my Top 25 Must Have Wedges, Your ready to take a look?

Click on the arrow to view all top 25 choices. For prices and additional info click on the shoe.
Man Listen, Unless you live on a remote island somewhere and spend your days and night barefoot, Wedges are a Must! Yeah I said it! Doesn't matter if you chose a 1 inch or go wild and crazy in a six inch wedge, whatever you do, just chose one, as a matter of fact if you're having a hard time making a decision, chose them all!  I love the fact that wedges give you the appearance of wearing a herl but with the comfortability of wearing a flat. I also appreciate the fact that wedges can be dresses up for a night out on the town as well as dressed down for an afternoon out with the Fam! If played right your entire Summer can be spent in a pair!

Which of my 25 Wedges are Topping your Must Have List? What Summer16 Fashion trends are you most excited about?


Ft. Lauderdale Florida Welcomes the Elite 360 Wealth Womens Conference!

Have you considered making major life changes but have been a little unsure on how to exactly get started? If so this post is definitely for you. The city of Ft. Lauderdale FL welcomes the "Elite" 360 Wealth Women's Conference and if you are ready to make your dreams a reality then you definitely want to be in attendance!

The "Elite" 360 Wealth Women's Conference is your opportunity to to create a lifestyle that manifests wholeness, wellness and creates generational wealth for yourself, your family and your business and change your entire life! This transformational experience will be facilitated by dynamic, powerful, and professional presenters  and coaches all sharing  their unique gifts, talents, and necessary tools needed to help you soar your wings and fly! Join us for Sunshine and Sandals! Private Beach Party, Fashion Show, Zumba, Sunset and Conversation and more ELITE Surprises! See ya there!
           Bahia Mar Hotel, 801 Seabreeze Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316
Purchase tickets here--Tickets
While compensation is being provided the ideas and opinions stated above are all my own.


Print Party and Fit of the Day!

Hey yall Hey and Happy Hump Day! I hope everyone is off to a great start! I went outside to take photos this morning and it felt like it was 100 degrees! Why oh why is it so darn hot at 7:30 am? I love you all and there's nothing like that natural sunlight but I immediately headed back in the house and Rocked on with my Outfit of the Day!
For today's Fit of the Day I went went one of my favorite pieces currently in my closet, my H&M print tunic and favorite gladiator sandals. I love how these two pieces combine for such a chic and polished look!
This look is the perfect example of how to look great on a budget! This super cute Tunic was such a steal priced at $9.99 and these Sandals a cute $32.99! Frugal Flirty N Fab indeed!
I am really loving how these shots turned out and a special shout out to my favorite photographer FabJr. For supporting and bringing my vision to life!

Thank you for allowing me to share with you my Hump Day Fit of the Day! What are you wearing today? 


How to Wear a Sheer Dress and Blue Lipstick!!

Happy Monday Luvs! Before we get knee deep into today's Fit of the Day I'd just like to send my condolences to all the families affected by the Pulse Night Club Shootings in Orlando Florida. I still can't believe we live in a time when such a senseless crime could exist. We are also living during a time when people think its cool to tell others what to say, what size they should be, and what they should and shouldn't wear. My fit of the day actually consists of many of those things! Let's take a look!

I first wore this sheer jumper/dress to Dwyane and Gabby Wade Fashion Night on the RunWade event back in November. It was a fashion event so I wanted to be fashionable of course. I haven't worn this look since the event because for one, once I wear a look to a major event I don't usually wear it again, and for two I haven't found the right event to wear it to.

Sunday after hearing about the deadly shootings in Orlando I had the overwhelming urge to put on whatever I wanted to and not have a care in the world what people think about what I'm wearing! You see I think we consume way too much time focusing on the decisions others are making instead of basting in the glow of our happiness! From now on I will wear what I want, when I want, and how I want to regret free! I guess you can call this my coming out look!

Yes I'm a Mom and a Wife but where is it written that once you become those things you give up your sense of style and give in to a life of Mom Jeans and Yoga Pants, Nowhere!

From this moment on I promise to give you the best of me no matter my age, salary, education, maritial status, how many kids I have etc. Just know that when you visit the Frugal Flirty N Fab you are in an environment that really wants to see everyone Win and we all Win by doing what makes us happy!

Can I change the world by showcasing my finest shoes and clothes, maybe not, but I can use my experience with fashion to make a difference one person at a time and the good news is, I'm OK with that!

Thanks for allowing me to share with you my sheer and blue Fit of the Day and also get some things off my chest. For years I wanted to try wearing a bright lipstick color and unfortunately I listened to the masses tell me I shouldn't! Look at me now! This post is for all those who hearts beat to a different drummer and those who love them in spite of it. I so look forward to the day when the least become the favorable and we can all live and love together differences and all!

What's that one style or trend you've been dying to try but society told you it wasn't for you? What role does society play in your life when it comes to making fashion choices?

Dress-Dior/ Lipstick-NYX Little Denim Dress/ Shoes-Burlington


Jumper and Vest Fit of the Day!

TGIF Luvs! It was rough at times but we made it to the end of another work week! This week was filled with Growth as I tried to figure new ways to build the Frugal Flirty N Fab brand, History as I nightly caught up on all 4 episodes of Roots, and as always family as I take not one day of having them in my life for granted. With all that being said let's jump right into my Friday Slayday Fit of the Day!

If you've heard me say it once you'll hear me say it again, I LIVE for a jumpsuit! Throw on a cute vest, laceup sandals, hairband and a pink pout and we are definitely on to something!
Jumpsuit=Sears/ Shoes=Ross/ Vest=Marshalls

I think I might need to start taking my pictures wearing shades. The sun was absolutely brutal this morning. It appeared the more I smiled the smaller my eyes got! Rain or shine I was determined to share with you all how simple it is to jazz up a jumper for a little Friday action at the office. Yall know it's donuts day right? What better to wear as you stroll into the office kitchen and put those 2 delicious old fashioned doughnuts on that plate? (don't judge me)

I picked up this jumper at Sears probably a little over 2 years ago now and as you can see its still in good shape and remains one of my timecrunch go to items. It's easy to wear requiring no fuss and don't get me started on how I love wearing it after my weekly workouts have gone right. Waist=Snatched!

Thank for allowing me to share with you my Friday Slayday Fit of the Day and before you leave I'd love to hear your comments on what you think of my Fit of the Day. Is this something you could see yourself wearing to the office or not?  What are you wearing for your Fit of the Day?


Top 5 Reasons to Visit Duffy's Sports Grill Today!

Hey yall Hey! How's everyone doing today? Fine I hope. It's raining a little over this way but I think we are all pretty familiar with just how sporadic this South Florida weather can sometimes be. Anyways I just wanted to take some time to share with you this awesome experience I had with my family over the weekend. Saturday FabJr and his Below the Rim Teammates competed in a weekend Basketball tournament. After day 1 wrapped Fab.Jr had done so well I wanted to try to keep the momentum going so when it came time to decide what we were going to have for dinner I decided I wanted to try a Sports Grill. The events that took place the very first time my family and I had dinner at a Sports Grill definitely inspired me to share with you my Top 5 Reasons you should head out to your nearest Duffy's  Today! Shall we get started?

I had one request for my family this Summer16. that request was that we refrain from visiting any restaurants we've frequented in the past and be open and willing to try something new. Duffy's Sports Bar and Grill was that something new! We decided to hit up the Weston location and I'm Beyond Thankful we did!

1. 2for1 Drinks!- It was Saturday, the Weekend, my Teen was having a great time enjoying basketball and my Toddler was napping! Perfect time for this Mom to bask in the Glory of 2for1drinks! You already know I'm all about being Fab on a budget and 2for1 is definitely a part of that budget! I decided to go with the Gummy Bear Mojitos and Heaven ensued next!

2.Appetizers from the Gods!- I am all about having good appetizers. So much so that when I have ones that are not so great my mood is instantly changed. I swear I believe the mozzarella sticks were the best I've ever had the opportunity to eat. Delicious. While we are speaking on the appetizers can I just take a moment to throw in the fabness of the staff. We were assisted by Alex and he was all that is great and fair with the world. I mean who knew you'd receive 5star service plus the worlds best appetizers at a Sports Bar?

3. More than a Sports Grill-I knew it was a Sports Grill but for some reason I just did not think I would be able to get the quality of food that I did. I was originally thinking wings and fries but did Duffy's ever prove that they were so much more. Hubby went with the Grilled Salmon and for the first time in what might be forever he was pleased with his choice! So basically all I had to do over the past 10 years was visit Duffy's for him to find happiness, Who Knew! Get ready to be pleasantly surprised with the items on the menu. The variety was amazing!

4. Grilled Sirloin-I'm a meat eater and I live for a perfectly seasoned grilled sirloin topped with a little garlic butter sauce. Duffy's must have sensed this about me from a mile away because they gave me exactly what I needed and more! The Steak, The salmon, The Appetizers, Drinks and more totally had me floating on cloud nine! the only thing left for me to do was just to go ahead and fully move into the establishment.

5. Scenery-I had no idea a Sports grill and bar would put so much emphasis on making the scenery so absolutely gorgeous. I enjoyed that it was a family atmosphere and there were lots of other families all enjoying each others company and the surroundings at the same time. I can only imagine how fantastic it must be to actually enjoy watching a game there. Maybe I'll return tonight to catch Game 3 of the NBA Finals! Honestly as you can probably tell I haven't been able to get Duffy's off my mind since Saturday. Now you know all about my Top 5 reasons why!

Thanks for allowing me to share with you my Top 5 Reason You Should Visit Duffy's Today! Have you even visited a restaurant that maybe you completely rethink the way you thought of something. That's exactly what Duffy's did for my family and I and I'm sure it will do the same for you!


Fab's Great White Hope!

Happy Monday Luvs! I hope everyone enjoyed a FABtabulous weekend! My weekend was spent with family eating great food which you'll hear all about in a couple days and spent cheering on my son FabJr at  his basketball tournament, I love cheering him on! That kinda explains why my post all about what I like to call the Great White Hope is a little late but hey better late than never right!
I definitely have an obsession with white dresses. The only issue is that I'm obsessed with seeing it on other people. I have never really been too self conscious in my life but for some reason the thought of wearing a white dress can be alarming to me. I didn't even want to get married in one but it was tradition so I went with it but I think you've all heard me say that if I had the chance to do it all again I'd rock a puffy red dress like it was nobody's business. Sorry not Sorry!

I found this little white number at Sears a while back and every now and then I get courageous and allow her out to play. Did I mention I also refrain from wearing nudes, browns, greys and so on? When I say I prefer to live in living color I really mean it.
 Thanks for allowing me to share my Monday Great White Hope with you and after this post I can honestly say I'm kinda looking forward to my next vision in white!
Do you have a specific color that you kinda manage to stay away from? When you wear that color what are the steps you take to rock it with style and grace?
Dress-Sears/   /Earrings-Burlington


BurgerFi-Our First time!

Hey yall Hey! Just wanted to take some time to speak with you all today about one of my very first loves, Burgers! I have been a burger fan for as long as I could remember and one of my most favorite things to do with my family is search for the Best South Florida's Burger spots and this week that very search led me to BurgerFi for the very first time, Get ready to hear all about it!

While there are now several Burgerfi locations listed all over South Florida our Memorial Day Weekend activities led us to the location in Beautiful Sunrise, Fl. It was located in a cute little plaza that appeared to be fairly new and my family and I could wait to get inside to see exactly what BurgerFi was all about!

We were pleasantly surprised when we first entered the establishment. It has sort of like a new world diner style vibe going on and I was impressed with the mix of the old and new and the bright pops of color going on. ButgerFi boasts to give you less of a burger joint feel and more of a Gourmet Restaurant feel and believe it or not it did just that! The scenery, pictures, and aroma of burgers being cooked actually made me want to get my hands on one of their delicious burgers even more. Time for the good stuff!

After careful consideration my Hubby and I who both claim to eat fairly healthy (lies) decided to try the Conflicted Burger. This burger consists of a Natural Angus Burger on top of a Veggie Burger topped with American and White Cheddar Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, and the delicious secret BurgerFi Sauce. Please believe me when I tell you this picture in no way does it justice. Definitely one of the best burgers I've had in a very long time and best of all my soul was comforted by it being a Veggie burger as well. Both my boys went with the Burgerfi Cheeseburger which is a Double  Angus Burger topped with Double American cheese, lettuce, tomato, and BurgerFi Sauce. Both meals were completed with delicious natural French Fries, Smiles all around!
For our sides we wanted something tasty as well as great to look at so without a doubt we went with the Cry & Fry Onion Ring and French Fru combo and never looked back! It was everything we needed it to be at the moment and so much more!

Just wanted to provide you all with a sneak peak of me going to town on my Conflicted Burger. You kinda couldn't tell but I was all smiles behind my massive burger! And for good reasons!

This is what the table looked like once we were all done with our meal. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to  get smiles from both your Teen and Toddler? BurgerFi managed to do just that and so much more. Good Food, Great Vibes, and a Great Time had by all. BurgerFi, you outdid yourselves!

Have you had the chance to experience BurgerFi? What are you waiting for? Tell em the Fab Family sent ya Oh and Thank me Later!


Free to Be Me and My Must Have Top 15 One Piece Swim Suits!

Happy Hump Day Fabulites! This week is going by so fast not to mention today is the First day of June. Excuse me if I'm still a bit wrapped up in my wonderful Memorial Day adventures. While my holiday was filled with Good Food, Fab Drinks and amazing quality time being spent with my family, The one thing I regret not doing is Rocking a variety of SwimSuits! Allow me to explain!

Click on the photo for additional info such as pricing and availability! Click on the arrow to move to the next suit!

Not sure exactly when and if it ever happened but for as long as I could remember I have never been one to be totally free at the beach in my swimsuit. I don't necessarily think it's a body issue thing because I adore my body but for some reason I don't think I have ever visited my local beach just wearing my swimsuit and nothing else. For the longest time I wondered if it was something that was unknowingly taught in black households because not only was I not comfortable wearing just my swim suit, I would also not see too many others who looked like me wearing theirs either. I'm proudly here today to say the buck stops here! No longer will I cover up, No longer will I not be free, and No longer will I hold back from having that Celebrated FREEDOM moment at the beach and I've featured my Top 15 Must Have One Piece Swimsuits to help me do just That! Join me!

Which of my Top 15 Must Have Swimsuits is topping your Must Have List? Are you free as a bird or a little skeptical when it comes to rocking your swimsuit at the beach?


Natural Health & Hair Summit Giveaway!

Hey Luvs Hey! It's Friday, We are just moments away from celebrating Memorial Day Weekend, and best of all I have teamed up with Natural Hair Mag to provided 4 Frugal Flirty N Fab readers with  a Giveaway to win tickets to the Natural Health and Hair Summit in Atlanta, Ga, Can things get any better than this?

The Natural Health & Hair Summit is the first event to emphasize nutrition and whole body wellness as the basis for healthy hair. Some of America’s leading natural health and hair professionals will be lighting up the stage at this year with information-filled talks on everything from nutrition, fitness, mental health, and of course, the latest in natural hair care! This summit focuses on health education as the essential vehicle for maximizing overall wellness. From the list of presenters, sponsors, and exhibitors each attendee will receive invaluable information to help facilitate a healthier lifestyle. With this approach we’re helping women to establish a solid foundation for complete physical health!

How to Enter

To enter the Frugal Flirty N Fab Natural Health & Hair Summit Giveaway simply follow @frugalflirtynfab on Instagram, Repost this image, and tag #fffGiveaway, That's all! Giveaway Winners will be announced  on Friday June 17th and participants can enter as much as they'd like.

Just to show you just how much I appreciate my readers, I am also offering you the chance to save $5 off all tickets purchased  by using code "ATL1138"  at checkout!! Earlybird registration ends June 20th.

Good Luck and for additional information on the Natural Health & Hair Summit  or to purchase tickets please visit


Ford Honors Hometown Hall of Famer Larry Little!

 When you mention the name Larry Little amongst a room of Football Enthusiast and all you hear about is how he's a Great guy, Awesome football player, engaged community leader and so on it's no wonder I was absolutely honored when Ford Motor Company and The Pro Football Hall of Fame invited me out to pay tribute to the former Miami Dolphins right guard at his high school alma mater, Booker T. Washington High School Wednesday Morning. Little was  honored as part of the “Hometown Hall of Famer™ program and I was super excited to witness the honoring!

Larry Little was born in Groveland, Georgia in 1945. In 1967 he signed as a free agent to the San Diego Chargers and was traded 1969 to the Miami Dolphins. Little immediately won starting right guard job and was the epitome of powerful Dolphins rushing game of the 1970s. He was All-Pro six years, a Five-time Pro Bowl pick and a Three-time NFLPA pick as AFC offensive lineman of year. Little is known for being extremely fast and quick on pass-protection. He started in three Super Bowls. Larry Little was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1993.

Larry Little pictured above with his daughter (left) and Wife (right).

When asked what he does to currently keep busy Larry smiled and spoke of enjoying time with his family and grandkids and how he enjoys attending their track meets and sporting events. Although I had never met Larry before there was something about him that showed how committed and proud he was of his family. Maybe it was the way he teared up when speaking about how his mother raised him and the sacrifices she made to make sure he was able to reach such high levels doing what he loved, or maybe it was the way the students hung onto his every word as he encouraged them to never give up and to always be the best that they could be, but no matter what it was I knew I was in the presence of greatness from the moment I walked in and so did everyone else in attendance.

Hometown Hall of Famer™ is a national program that honors the hometown roots of the greatest heroes of the football game with special ceremonies and plaque dedication events in local communities. The plaques given to the schools will live permanently at Booker T. Washington High School. In addition to the plaque, South Florida will receive two commemorative Hometown Hall of Famer road signs to proudly display.

Special thanks to Ford Motor company for inviting me out to be a part of such a wonderful event. Ford, the PFHOF and the Miami Dolphins share a commitment to excellence and an appreciation for the legacies upon which each organization is built.   This program is a great way for them to connect the community and to celebrate one of its favorite sons. Larry Little we Thank and Honor you for all that you have done and the powerful community influence you'll continue to be.

What are your thoughts on the Hometown Hall of Famer Program? Why would this program be important for your community?


Magical Monday Fit of the Day!

Fabulites, The older I get the more and more I know what works for my body type and what doesn't. One of my favorite things to dress myself in is a beautiful dress. My body and I can spot them a mile away and then it feels like some sort of magic is taking place once I put it on. Today is no exception so let's jump right into my Magical Monday Fit of the Day!

I guess it's safe to say that I've been feeling H&M lately. The definitely meet my price range and provide me with the perfect variety of options when it comes to Spring/Summer dresses. And don't get me started on the fabness that takes place when I roll up on a sale like it did when I found this Dress.
She was sitting on the discounted dress rack just looking for a nice place to call home when I walked in. Her beautiful floral print and quality design immediately caught my attention. I took one look, scooped her up, took her to the fitting room and the rest was history. Yes lady's shopping really can be just that easy. I think I was in the store for a total of 20 minutes max and a obvious love connection was made.
I think all women should experience this feelings. It hurts my soul to hear women say they hate shopping or that they can never find anything they like or that fits well and yet here I am never meeting a dress I didn't like. That go to dress is a style staple and if for any reason you don't have her you need to Stop what you're doing and make it happen. I'll be here to help you along the way like any Fairy dress Mother should! Ha!
Thanks for allowing me to share with you my Floral and Fab Fit of the Day. Feel free to click the link to Get additional details on this Floral Sleeveless Dress

Dress-H&M/ Shoes-Bakers/Bag-Michael Kors/Earrings-Burlington


Share a Memory, A Song, and a Smile with Coca-Cola!

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and The Coca-Cola Company. All opinions are mine alone. #ExpressUrSelfie #CollectiveBias
Just when I thought things couldn't get any better than the refreshing taste of an ice cold Coca-Cola™  I come across the Coca-Cola Share a Coke and a Song while visiting my nearest Albertsons Store and immediately I'm taken back to a different time and place. Listen Up!

 Every relationship goes through things and this one incident specifically comes to mind. I had just broken up with my high school sweetheart but I knew he'd be at Kory's big party going down tonight, and of course I planned on making him regret ever breaking up with me. So I hooked up with my best friends the twins, hit Aventura Mall, and set my eyes on the make him eat his heart out dress. It was lime green and white, short but not too short, and would give him a nice glimpse of what for the past two weeks he had been missing. Operation Make Him Eat His Heart Out was in full effect! As I entered the party all eyes were on us which was exactly the way I had planned it but I never expected what was about to happen next.
As I made my way to the dance floor with some guy who had asked if I wanted to dance all I could think about was seeing my ex boyfriend. Just as we were slow dancing to Forever my Lady  guess who decides to come right next to me dancing with some random chick that had nothing on me. As we took a quick glimpses at each other while we danced the slow song through I knew there was something I needed to do. Just at that point it happened,  the DJ began playing It's Getting Hot in Here , So Take off All Your Clothes, and in my head it was ON! I immediately began busting out my best dance moves, sweating like crazy but feeling like at that moment I was the envy of every girl in the room. To my dismay my ex had also decided he wasn't going out like that and he too hit the dance floor with his best moves. Before I knew it we were in a hard down battle on the middle of the dance floor. We battled for about another two songs when we both realized we were both too tired and way too embarrassed to go any further.

Although we ended up battling each other and pretty much making fools out of ourselves we had both gone to that party with a goal in mind, and neither of us was willing to leave without at least fighting the fight. Do I really need to tell you that of course we left the party together and haven't looked back since. I think it's safe to say not a day goes by that I don't have some super embarrassing memory of the Hot in Here Dance Off and now thanks to Coca-Cola I can enjoy it even more! Not only can I enjoy it to the fullest, because of my experience I think I can give you a cute little Tutorial on my

 Top 5 Songs for Breaking up with your Boyfriend and Getting him Back!
  1.  It's getting Hot in Here
  2.  Cause you are on my Mind
  3. Lean on Me
  4.  We are the Champions
  5.  Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Now's your chance to create a great musical memory of your own by Entering to win the Share a Coke Sweepstakes at for a chance to win tickets to the American Music Awards and  more." Enter up to 12 times to increase your chances of winning a trip for 2 to the 2016 American Music Awards®, along with hundreds of other great prizes! Including: wireless headphones, wireless speakers, a 1 year Premium Music App Membership or a $50 Music Gift Card. Download the Shazam App, available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android and other devices to get your Coca-Cola Share a Song today!

Now that I've shared with you my Musical Love Affair I ask, "How do you express yourself with music"?

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