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14 Must Have Summer Sandals!

Hey yall Hey and Happy Monday! How's the month of July treating you so far? Things have been super busy for me but not so busy where I can't take the time to share with you my Top 14 Must Have Summer Sandals! I got the most amazing pedicure this weekend and from that moment on I couldn't seem to get my feet or finding the most perfect pair of sandals off my brain. Let's take a look and after viewing you can let me know how I did with my selection.

I take caring for my feet very seriously and this includes making sure that pedicure stays on point far beyond the summer months as well as making sure they stay dressed to the T if you know what I mean. Sandals are cute, creative, functional, and when done right can be downright adorable. They come in a variety of prints, styles, and colors and can be purchases with even the smallest of budgets. Some of the things I look for when I'm shopping for sandals is great color, embellishments such as stones, fluff, or tassels, and a cute print. Just because sandals are flat by no means says they have to be boring or ugly.

What's your strategy when it comes to selecting the perfect pair of summer sandals? Which of my Top 14 Must Have Summer Sandals are topping your current Must Have List?


Frugal Flirty N Fab Covers Essence Music Fest!

Just when I think 2017 couldn't possibly get any better something happens to make me change my mind. In reality I'm just a Mom trying my hardest to live my best possible life while motivating, uplifting, and encouraging my family and friends along the way. Imagine my shock when I got the news that I'd been approved to cover one of the largest music festivals in the World after having it on my BucketList for over 5 years! Yep you heard it right folks. The Frugal Flirty N Fab had the honor of covering this years Essence Music Festival and today I'm sharing some  of the Festivals most memorable moments with all of you!

As most of you already know I'm a huge Mary J Blige fan so of course I had to be front and center when she hit up the Walmart stage.

This video of Mary performing will give you a little glimpse into why I love her so much. At one point or another this has been every one of us at the family BBQ!

One of the Weekend's most anticipated performances was that of Super Group Escape and trust and believe the ladies didn't disappoint!

Lately I'm absolutely intrigued by every move Chance the rapper makes! To be so young and talented and have such a powerful urge to give back is absolutely amazing!

 I have been a fan of this woman, Diana Ross since before I was even able to walk. It was a dream come true seeing her grace the Essence Fest stage.

I know I've said it before but there's something so soothing and calming about Monica's voice and presence. It's like she's a walking World Peace poster.

"Star" was definitely one of my most favorite shows of last season so it was truly an honor to hear them speak on the direction of the show and what we can expect next season.

Thank you so much for allowing me to share with you some of my highlights from the 2017 Essence Music Fest. I just wanted to send a special Thank You to my niece Sheniqua who captured all of the above pictures and videos  and covered for the Frugal Flirty N Fab!

Did you attend EssenceFest? What was your most memorable moment?


Hippy Heart Fit of the Day!

Hey yall hey and happy Monday!!! I hope everyone enjoyed a fantastic weekend. Mine was pretty good but as always I look forward to next one being better. Today I want to share with you my Hippy Heart Fit of the Day and I'd also like to have a little conversation with all my Mom followers about how much if any influence your kids have on what you wear. Let's get started!

Hippy Heart/ Boutique sales Chic/ Fashion

So allow me to set the scene. There I was getting ready to go have a drink with the hubby looking and feeling all cute when suddenly these words came from my 14 year old son's mouth, "Ma, that shirt is about 20 years too young for you to be wearing"! I laughed when he first said it and brushed him off but then when he said it again I really had to think about it.

All Black/ Block heels/ Jeans

So here I am, a 40+ Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger, Fashion boutique owning Boss who prides herself on being able to wear what I want when ever the hell I want to wear it listening to my 14 year old son's Mom fashion do's and dont's.  I mean when and how did this happen? Up until this very moment I had actually never considered anything actually off limit but am I finally at that age where I need to be a little more careful when choosing the things I'll wear? Am I?

Online shopping/ Sale/ Deal/ Trends

Hippy Heart is one of our best selling shirts at Boutique Sales Chic. I fell in love with it the first time I laid eyes on it and immediately knew I wanted it to be for sale at our boutique. I mean in my head this top is uni-age. That may or may not be a word but you know what I mean. I know there are some tops that women over a certain age might not feel comfortable wearing but in my head this one just wasn't one of them. If I'm being truly honest with you, I love this top because it gives the GIRLZ a little extra shine time. Women of all ages want the GIRLZ to shine a little , Right? Don't yall dare judge me!

Choker TShirt/  jeans/ block heels/ Boutique Sales Chic

Is there some truth in what my son was saying? Am I now at that age where I can no longer just wear whatever the hell I want to wear? Is it time to switch from Hippy Heart to Change of Heart? Clearly FABulites, I have questions!

Is my Fit of the Day inappropriate for a Mom or woman of my age? How much of an influence do your kids have over what you wear?

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Intimate Conversation with Author Sheri Riley of Exponential Living!

While I can't seem to pinpoint it to one single reason or current event that's happening I can tell you it's an awesome time to be a woman in the United States of America. Being a Black Woman is definitely without a doubt my super power. That's why when I was informed that one of my current favorite authors, Sheri Riley , was going to be at Books $ Books in Coral Gables, FL discussing her best selling book, Exponential Living, Stop Spending 100% of your Time on 10% of Who You Are, being moderated by my good friend in my head Tracy Mourning I knew I had to be in attendance and soak up the gems that would be coming my way!

Sheri Riley is wife, mother, entrepreneur, author, motivational coach, sister, girlfriend, and so much more! In her book, Exponential Living Sheri shares with us the 9 Principles of Exponential Living that changed her life. Sheri shared that earlier own she used these same 9 principles in her everyday life and how they helped her with everyday living. As a result of this she began sharing these same principles with the people she worked with, family, and friends and noticed how those same 9 principles were making a positive impact in the lives of those around her. That's what inspired Sheri to decide she needed to write a book and share these principles worldwide.

One of my favorite things about the book signing is that it was very intimate and moderated by one of Sheri's close personal friends Tracy Mourning. It was beautiful to see how these 2 black women connected on such a spiritual level and shared their sisterhood with all that were in attendance. Sheri shared how the 4th principle, Have a Servants Heart and a Giving Spirit,  was a representation of Tracy Mourning, well the giving spirit part. Tracy as we know is no stranger to giving as she gives her all day in and day out to Honey Shine, her mentoring foundation for Girls and Women.

Throughout the conversation Sheri shared with us the most valuable asset we have is time, how we needed to learn the value of NO, why we shouldn't get upset when someone doesn't live up to our expectations, and how not to waste time trying to fit into someone else's mold of who we should be. It was an amazing, Book Signing, and Conversation and I left feeling beyond inspired. It was the most perfect way to spend a Saturday evening for sure!

Have you had the chance to check out Exponential Living? Which principle do you relate to the best?

To purchase Exponential Living or to get additional information on Sheri Riley please visit


ThursdayThrowback-Lion Country Safari Summer of Savings!

Now that school's out I want to provide my boys with the best possible Summer on record and I refuse to use that old I'm working statement as a bailout.  Because I'm not available for the daily activities I promised I'd put additional effort into making the weekends fab and on our first Summer Saturday that's exactly what I did by taking a visit to Lion Country Safari in West Palm Beach FL!
The only thing better than experiencing something new for the first time is being able to experience it with your family. BabyFab, FabJr., FatherFab and myself were all super excited to be visiting Lion Country Safari for the very first time. We didn't really know what to  expect but after being there for just a short time it would be a day we wouldn't soon forget.
Couple quick pics of the kids and myself enjoying our Saturday at Lion Country Safari. It's only been a couple days since we visited and FabJr. has already requested to have his birthday party there and also wants to know the next time we'll be able to take another visit.

Let me just start out by telling you this park is Gorgeous! As the nation's first "Cageless Zoo", Lion Country Safari has been a leader in the conservative movement since 1967 and strives to ensure genetic diversity and sustainability among several threatened and endangered species

One of the very first things you experience after entrance into the park is the animal drive thru and I'm not even sure I can put this remarkable experience into words. I mean I have visited several zoo's in my time but nothing has ever made my experience as up close and personal as did Lion country Safari. Imagine being in your car driving and being just feet away from an African Lion, impala, Zebra, or Southern White Rhinoceros. Out of this world Amazing Right! Best of all the looks on my kids faces when the Ostrich actually comes up and pecks on your window!

Another great thing about visiting Lion Country Safari is that once the drive through portion of your visit in completed you can then park your car and proceed to the walk through portion of your visit. the scenery once again is Gorg when you walk through. It was probably somewhere near 90 degrees on the day we visited so it was a very welcomed relief to all the kids to have a little fun in the water park. Admission to the water park is included in your park admission so it was really nice to be able to enjoy all the parks amenities without have to pay anything additional.

When you want to take a little break and get a personal look at the beauty of Lion county Safari when you take a boat ride, take a nature walk. You also have the option of visiting the animal encounters, petting zoo, animal exhibits where you can visit the Spider Monkey's, Porcupines, Burmese Pythons and more. One you feel like you need a little recharging you can pay a visit to the main restaurant where they provide a variety of meal option. whatever you need or want, Lion Country Safari has you covered!

  One of my favorite parts of the visit was the Parrot Exhibit. Beauty at it's finest!

Thanks for allowing me to share my families visit to Lion country Safari with you. For additional information or to plan your next visit please visit 

Save time and money by purchasing your tickets online today. Tickets will be scanned at ticket booths (located at the main entrance).
As a special bonus for our online purchasers, parking at the park is included with your online purchase (a $8 Savings per vehicle).
NOTE: Online tickets EXPIRE 6 months from date of purchase.

*Complimentary tickets were provided but the opinions her are those of the Frugal Flirty N Fab*


Beach Bodies and The Fabness of the Leaf Print Halter V-Cut Swimsuit!

FABulites, the thoughts never fail me. No matter how many times I visit the beach at some point or another during my visit I always seem to take a look around and time after time there's one thing I notice over and over and over again. Why is it that my fellow African Americans are always or at least nine times out of ten so covered up. What happened to make us more conscious of our bodies than our counterparts? Let's go ahead and discuss it and how I experienced one of my most confident days ever rocking this Ami Clubwear V-Cut Halter One Piece Swimsuit. Ready?

Swimsuit/ One piece/ halter swimsuit/ Ami Clubwear

For the most part I love my body and I'm one of several million women who actually have and show major love for their God Given bodies yet when I visit the beach I too am one of the African American Women getting in the water fully dressed in either shorts or my cover up. This body has birthed 3 children and while I often flaunt it and  remain proud of it I still can't seem to figure out why even I feel the need to keep it under wraps at the beach. The one place where it's fully OK to let it all hang out and have a good time in spite of it!

It wasn't something I was taught from when I was a kid, it's not that I feel my body is less attractive than others on the beach, it has nothing to do with me enjoying my beach day out with my kids and family so exactly what is it that makes me and many other women like me such beach prudes? Could this swimsuit prudeness be the reason why when it comes to swimwear African American Women are less solely marketed to? Could this be the reason why when it comes to Fashion Week Swim there are a lack of both models and designers who look like me? Could there be some underline reason why this is happening? Do we love out bodies differently than our counterparts?

Amiclub Swimsuit

I have no idea why these are the thoughts  I think about whenever I visit the beach but these very thoughts are my truth. The pictures you see above were probably my first time actually wearing nothing but my swimsuit at the beach and feeling confident enough to Rock it since I was probably in my teens. Part of this confidence came from finding a swimsuit such as this Sexy Leaf Print V-Cut Halter Swimsuit that deserved the entire world to take notice of. I felt sexy, and confident, and damn cute might I say. I wish every woman could feel this good in a swimsuit.

When it comes to swimwear and body confidence what are your feelings? What do you think are some of the reasons African American Women tend to more so  Keep it Covered at the Beach?


An Evening with Gentleman Jack- Real to Reel- and Omari Hardwick

Thursday evening I had the opportunity to attend Gentleman Jacks presentation of  Real to Reel with Omari Hardwick honoring  and celebrating new African American voices in film and can I just say it was simply amazing! Follow along as I walk you through my evening.

Omari Hardwik and Host Anthony T Rose

Gentleman Jack did what few brands are doing and decided to celebrate new African American voices in film with a unique  multi-cultural initiative to help bring young and aspiring African American voices into the spotlight, by showcasing bold, new filmmakers in theaters all over the country.
Gentleman Jack

Gentleman Jack in partnership with Codeblack Films hosted “REAL TO REEL” screenings with a seven city tour where local and national film makers have presented short films for viewing in St. Louis, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York Atlanta, Houston and wrapped this week Miami, FL as part of the American Black Film Festival (ABFF).

Elements to Band

The evening started with guests being entertained by  Band to Elements while mingling and experiencing the fabness of Gentleman Jack, and a bite to eat. The live band also included spoken word features from some of the audience members as well. It was intimate, grown, sexy and had my full attention.

Film contest winner Janlatae' Mullins

After the band wrapped it was now time to see the 3 short films that were being displayed for us and meet the National Winner of the Real-To-Real contest Janlatae' Mullins. Amazing work presented by all 3 film writers with one being from the host Anthony T. Rose. Janlatae' Mullins, featured above center, and the cast of her movie, Soul Fire, took the time to speak with the audience on how her film came about and what it  took to make it just the way she wanted.

Omari Hardwick and Host Anthony T Rose

Now it was time to get up close and personal with the handsome and talented Omari
Hardwick. My favorite part of the evening after you got past his amazing looks and chiseled body was learning that Mr. Hardwick was so very much more that what was on the outside!

I would have loved to sit down and hear Omari give us all the secrets of this upcoming season of Power but instead he gave us so much more. Omari talked about his passion which is educating and connecting with others through the arts. His love of music and album he'll be releasing soon. Why he chooses to mentor young kids and how he fights every day not to be typecast.  I loved how he took the time to think about every question presented to him and really wants to educate other African American Actors looking to follow in his footsteps. Omari shared with  us while it appears he's already accomplished so much there's still alot that he wants to achieve.

Special thanks to Gentleman Jack & CodeBlack Films for seeing the necessity in having events such as these celebrating African American voices in film. It was truly an amazing night with a focus put upon the fact that if you work hard and believe, Greatness is Achievable!

Thank you all so much for allowing me to share with you an evening at Real to Reel. Once again because of your support I was placed in the company of amazing people telling their amazing stories and allowing me to share them on this platform with all of you. To all my present and future filmmakers I say, surround yourselves with the right people, take the time to learn the ins and outs of your craft, and never ever ever stop working toward your dreams!

Did you have the opportunity to attend the Gentleman Jack Reel to Reel event with Omari Hardwick in your city? If so what were the most important jewels you were able to take away from the event?

A Gentleman knows his limits. Please drink responsibly. Visit us at

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Grey Cincher Fit of the Day

Hey yall hey and Happy Tuesday. I know I'm a day late but I really hope everyone enjoyed a fabulous weekend. This weekend I participated in my very first Panel Discussion for Frugal Flirty N Fab and Fashion Show for Boutique Sales Chic as part of the Style Luxx Expo at Artserve. It was such an amazing experience and all I know is that I Want More! Without a doubt sharing my love for life and Fashion is definitely what I'm meant to be doing and you can expect to see lots more coming your way. Now without further adieu, let's get into my Grey Cincher Fit of the Day!

Grey Cincher/ Dress/ OOTD/ Fashion/ Trend

Ladies, I promise I just wanna see you smile. I know it kinda sounds like something some creepy dude would say to a person he doesn't know but it's my honest truth. While I by no means place my happiness in the clothes that I wear there is a sense of joy that comes from knowing you look good. That's something I think all women should experience. because looking good=feeling good=being and doing good things to and for others!

Midi dress/ style/ color/ trends/

I think that's one of the main reasons I like shopping and helping others find pieces that compliment them and makes others feel great as well. that's also why when shopping for pieces for Boutique sales Chic I make sure the fabric is nice. the look is something that will compliment the woman's body, and the price is something she can afford. It was those very things that led me to the Grey Cincher.

Normally I'm not a grey kinda girl but there was something about this dress that drew my attention in right away. It was all about the details for this dress. I absolutely adore the cinched waist corset detailing in the front of the dress, the material was great, the length was perfection and best of all it was well within the price range of what I wanted to spend. I also immediately recognized that I could wear this dress on many many different occasions and could easily dress it up or down for both day and night. Win Win Right!

Thanks so much for sticking around and allowing me to share with you a little about both my weekend and my Grey Cincher fit of the day. Grey cincher can currently be found on Boutique sales Chic and will run you approximately $39.99 and includes free shipping. Feel free to use code CART for an additional 20% OFF your purchase. Earrings can be found here.  Make sure to also catch bits and pieces from my weekend events on both my Facebook and Instagram pages.

What are you wearing for your Tuesday Fit of the Day?


FOTD and How to be your own Source of Sunshine!

FABulites, I'm not sure what's going on around here but we in what we normally call Sunny South Florida have been experiencing some of the most dreary and depressing weather we have ever had. I mean it's been raining for days and it appears there's no end in sight. While I prefer my sunny days over rainy days any day, I can say that some of my best thinking happens on those rainy days. Stayed up a majority of last night and after all was said and done I came to the conclusion that no matter what, sometimes you have to be your own source of sunshine!

As a full time Blogger, Boutique Owner, Brand builder, and influencer I spend a majority of my time being online. While some may think this is beyond awesome, there are many days I have to shake it off and be my own source of sunshine. When I send a pitch and get a No I have to get back on the horse and keep it moving. When I apply for an opportunity and don't get it I have to motivate myself enough to try for the next one. When I put myself out there online with one of my outfits and don't exactly get the response I was looking for I have to have the ability to brush it off and move full speed ahead with my next fit of the day. Nothing but Sunshine coming from my end.

Life is full of opportunities! Just when one door closes you'd be surprised to find another one opens. No one is ever going to get any and opportunity they apply for but the key is to remain hungry and humble and keep your goals in mind. On those days when nothing seems to be going right are the days you need to allow your own source of sunshine in. think about how blessed you are to be doing something you really love and how it takes hard work and dedication to be able to continue on this path.

When the doors appear to be closing faster than they re opening allow your Sunshine to push you to create your own opportunities. You are Smart, You are Kind, You are Worthy! Think of  a need or void in your current line of work and create something to fill it. We all have it in us, just dig down deep and release it!

When all else fails and you need a little sunshine simply think about how far you've come to achieve your goals and have the type of life you want. Think about all the work, time, and dedication it took to achieve those things and just reflect. Think about the younger you who had no idea where to even get started and the you of today who won't allow anyone or anything to hold her back or get in her way! Release that sunshine, you got this!

Life consists of good times and bad times and no matter what comes and go's , the yay's and the nays, Sunshine or Rain, Promise me that you'll always Be  Encouraged and Be Your own Source of Sunshine!

How do you stay motivated when surrounded by Dreary Days?

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