Life is but a FairyTale but Eventually!

Hey yall Hey and Happy Monday!!It's been a rough past couple days for the Frugal Flirty N Fab but if you've heard it once you've heard it time and time again, what doesn't kill you will eventually make you stronger but pay attention how I took it upon myself to add the eventually!


Natural Effortless Everyday Style with TRESemme' Micro Mist Hair Spray!

One thing that I've learned being a Blogger, Business Woman, & Brand Builder is that no matter the time nor place I have to always be on and ready to go at a moments notice and be ready and willing to look my best and shoot my shot! Looking my best for me means making sure my outfit is chic, makeup is on and poppin, and my hair is naturally Fab indeed! To achieve this level of success I need products that support me on my mission and that's exactly why I'm talking to you today about how to create effortless everyday style with TRESemmé Micro-Mist Hair Spray Products!


Ring the Alarm in Boutique Sales Chic Siren Sweater!

Hey yall hey and how's everyone doing today? My day is off to a great start and part of that is due to 
the joy today's post is bringing me. You ever wear something that just makes you feel good all over? You know that piece that makes you feel like you could conquer the world and look super cute while doing it? That was my experience my first time wearing the Boutique Sales Chic Siren Sweater and today on the Frugal Flirty N Fab we're going to talk about why!
Sweater-BSC/ Jeans- BSC/ Shoes-BSC