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How to Rock Flared Jeans-#SoFlaCurves Style!

TGIF Lovs! It's been one heck of a week but it's finally Friday and I'm feeling it! Today I'd like to talk to you a little about one of this Springs hottest trends, the Flared Jean look and How you too can rock it! Let's Begin!
flared jean trend

History definitely repeats itself and that includes fashion as well which is why the flared jean look of the 70's era will always be a timeless style staple. I've loved flared jeans since I was a little girl so it's no wonder I jumped at the chance to share with you just how I choose to rock my flares. it was a time of peace, love, and lots of festivals and that's one of the main things that comes to mind when I first think of flared jeans. Today the look is kinda like a Mom Chic, High Waist Rocking, Skinny Jean rebellious way to show off a little and I'm here for all parts of it!

I'm at this new stage in life where I'm absolutely loving all parts of my body and I love how flared jeans play up that love. I'm a black girl with full thighs and round hips and I swear I feel like this trend was made for women just like me! My body's beautiful baby and I'm gonna Rock these flared jeans and show you just how beautiful it is!
There are actually tons of ways to rock the flared look. For my preferred look of the day I decided to play up the trend with a super cute and feminine off the shoulder semi flutter sleeve top, my favorite new head wrap I first wore here, thin belt to help emphasize my waist, super cute just smile clutch, wedge shoes, and of course my Violet Rose pout! The look came together flawlessly and had me feeling like a million bucks!
For today's take on the flared trend I actually had the pleasure of teaming up with my #SouthFlaCurves  Boo's  Kirstin, Natalia, and Sahily so we could also get their take on the flared look as well. Make sure you stop by their blogs and show each of my girls a little curvy love! It's the first of what I hope to be many monthly collaborations and I can't wait to show you more!
Thanks for allowing me to share my take on How to Rock Flared Jeans with you today and I hope you learned a little something about how you might wanna try rocking the trend yourselves. Anyone can rock the look but the confidence and fabness you bring to the style is all you and that's what I love seeing and playing up the most! Allows me to be Fab, Fashionable, and Flared yet another day and I'm loving it!
Have you had the pleasure of  Rocking the Flared look? What's your take on this popular 70's trend! Share your thoughts below!
Jeans Sears, Top Old, Shoes Burlington, Clutch Burlington, Head Wrap Goddess Fashion Factory, Pout Milan Violet Rose


Shopping Types-Which One Are You?

Happy Thursday Luvs! I have come to learn from my many many years of experience that at any given time in our lives we can all be classified as one of the below types of shoppers. Today I'd like to take the time and discuss which one relates most to you? Let's Begin!

 Classifications of Shoppers

Thrifty Shopper- This is the  person that thrives at the thought of there being a sale or some sort of special discount at checkout. It really doesn't matter what the items are that on sale, a thirst is quenched just by making the highly discounted purchase. A sign that you may be a thrifty shopper is when you purchase 10 different color T shirts because they were on sale for 4.99 each, or you have multiple items in your closet that you know you will never wear but simply bought them because of the sale price. The thrifty shopper will sometimes even buy items that are slightly damaged just because of the extra discount they may receive. The thrifty shopper can sometimes find herself in dangerous situations and always needs to make sure she is in full control of the shopping situation. Once the thrifty shopper goes bad, there is not turning back! Have you heard of  Hoarders?

Name Brand Whore- This is the person who thrives off making name brand purchases even though most times they can't afford them. This is the person who will avoid getting the black dress they can actually afford for the Betsy Johnson designer dress although the more affordable of the black dresses is cuter. You will never see this person out without some sort of name brand item and all to often all name brand items. A sign that you just might be a name brand whore is if you go through your closet and you have very few items but they are all name brand and you are satisfied with what you see then you fall into this category. Nine times out of 10 the Name Brand shopper is simply trying to over compensate form some area of her life that's lacking but until she is able to discover what that is it will be LouBou's all day!

Impulse Shopper- This happens to be my favorite type of shopper and definitely what I mostly consider myself. This is the type of shopper who shops often and makes a purchase based on her likes and dislikes. She is a combination of the thrifty shopper and the name brand whore. When she shops and finds an item that she likes and looks good on her she makes the purchase. Whether the item is on sale or a name brand means absolutely nothing to this shopper. If you go through your closet and find that you have a mixture of everyday chic items mixed with some designer names you fall into this category. The impulse shopper simply buys based on her likes and dislike and is often that person that everyone likes to shop with. She is a joy to be around and thinks of shopping as a art form and is secretly waiting for the rest of the world to discover this as well!

Now that you know my classifications tell me what type of shopper are you.


What To Expect and Not Expect When Weekend Road Trippin!!

I love that my son plays on a traveling basketball league. I enjoy the fact that we all get to visit different destinations, we get to spend quality family time together, and we get to have a little family adventure,  but for the life of me why is it that my weekend road trips always seem to turn out so horribly and never ever the way I expect? A couple weeks ago we decided to take a weekend trip to Atlanta Georgia and trust me when I tell you I won't be making that trip again! So that hopefully you won't experience what I did or at least you'll be better prepared for the unexpected I'm sharing my Top 5 Things to Expect and Not Expect when Family Road Trippin! Let's Begin!

  1. Don't expect for all to go smoothly at the car rental place--- So I made the rental reservation about a week in advance and yet once I reached the rental spot my reservation was all screwed up! I ended up being there for about a good 2 hours, paid more for the car than was stated on my reservation, was being helped by a Customer Service Rep who clearly had Zero Damns to give, plus ended up leaving with a car with no alarm plus wind down windows!
  2. Don't ever plan on staying up and driving all night after coming off a full shift at work---I have no idea who the hell I thought my Hubby and I were but we both must have been out of our minds when we made the decision to do this! Trust me when I tell you it was one of the longest nights of my life and I can't recall ever being that sleepy before!
  3. Don't expect to easily find any available gas stations open and at your convenience during the overnight hours--- Trust me when I tell you my life flashed before my eyes when we pulled off onto a total dirt road in search of gas only to find out we'd just pulled into a semi ghost town! Thank goodness we were able to hold on a little while longer and lucked up on a gas station after stopping about 5x's to no avail!
  4. Expect to argue with your spouse about his driving and everything else for most of the trip---I don't know what it is about road trips that somehow seem to bring out the worst in couples but be prepared for any and everything your significant other does to just irritate the hell out of you! I'm not sure if it's the long hours in the car, the confined space, or what but just take it from me and be prepared!
  5. Don't plan on socializing, eating good, or taking any good pictures--- Its so nice in your head when you think about a family road trip but in the end they turn out nothing like you expected. Before the trip you picture yourself having a great time socializing with friends and family, eating bomb ass food, and taking a million pics to document your trip. What you actually get is not enough sleep, Waffle House more than you expected and not one damn good pic to save your life! Ugh!
Have you had a weekend road trip not go exactly as planned? How did you go about handling the unexpected?


Sunday Brunch Lovin Fit of the Day!

Happy Sunday Fabulites! Hope all is well with the world! If you're anything like me then you are still super  inspired by BeyoncĂ©'s premier of Lemonade last night on HBO! I swear she gets more creative and inspiring by the day! I recorded it last night so of course I caught the replay this morning for a double dose of woman power! My soul wanted to dress up this morning so when Hubby mentioned grabbing a little Brunch I jumped at the chance! This is the fashion fatness that happened next!

I fell head over heels with this navy blue jumpsuit the moment I laid eyes on it! It was chic, sexy, and absolutely perfect for this South Florida Sun! Best of all I managed to catch it on sale for a Cute $7 from H&M. Don't tell me deals don't exist, The Devil is a liar!

I knew instantly that I would pair my romper with my new floral pumps I became obsessed with a couple weeks ago. Now all I needed was a cute cover up and a pink pout, necklace, and my look was complete! Found this amazing cover up in JCPenny's during one of their amazing sales and managed to cop it for an amazing $17 Bucks! Can somebody say winning? You will definitely be seeing this in heavy rotation this Spring and Summer!

Thanks for allowing me to share with you my Brunch Loving fit of the Day with you! Do you have a favorite Sunday Brunch spot? What do you prefer to wear to Brunch?
Jumper H&M
Cover Up JCPenny


Dearly Beloved! Prince Rogers Nelson 1958-2016


All I wanted was to be surrounded by the people who loved Prince Rogers Nelson as much as I did when I found out about his death and was dealing with the grieving process but what I got instead was just plain old fucked up!
I was sitting at my desk scrolling thru pics on Instagram when I came across a post talking about the influence Prince had on this girls life and at the conclusion of her statement there it was in the boldest of letters #RIP!! I was immediately taken back and then without a doubt I immediately convinced myself this girl must be mistaken. I scrolled down further to see if anyone else was talking about this and I found nothing so I began to breathe a little easier. Just  as I began thinking the coast was clear I began to notice it showing up on more postings so I then decided to take my inquiries to Twitter. I was pleased to see it wasn't a tending topic on Twitter and in my social media mind if it wasn't trending on Twitter it simply wasn't happening, oh how I wish this statement was true! After a while more and more people began asking and talking about it and I  knew I had to face the reality that Prince, one of my most favorite artists of all time was no longer!
At that moment all I wanted to do was surround myself with people who loved him as much as I did but instead I found myself sitting alone in my office wanting to drown myself in purple tears! As time went on things went from bad to worst as my coworkers returned to the office! Why does this always happen to me I thought to myself . Why wasn't I able to find out this news at a different time or different place? Like I imagined if this news broke while I was on the road there would be a sea of horns honking out all at the same time to show respect for the dearly departed, or if I was at a concert, the person performing would immediately change their set and dedicate their performance to the best of Prince songs, or  If I was in the mall when the news broke there'd be at least 2 women and maybe a male all whom straight out fainted from the shock of the news and were all being fanned back to life. In all instances there would be tons of crying, singing, praying, and respect being paid. None of that happened! You won't believe what really happened!
My coworkers returned and there was still quiet In my office. I out of nowhere asked, Did you guys hear about Prince and one of my coworkers responded, Yeah he ate the dust! OMG how rude, Why me Baby Jesus!! I wanted to stand up and shake the hell out of him and ask him over and over if he had any idea what that man meant to me!!! He was my childhood and now he was gone and without even knowing it so was a bit of that childhood. Did my coworker know my mom took me to see 2 movies when I was a kid that I'll never forget, one was Gremlins and the other one was Purple Rain and I swear I've loved him ever since! Did my coworker know how I so badly wanted to dropkick him at that moment and declare I did it all in the sweet name of Prince!
Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse they progressively did! I decide to try to eat away some of my sorrow so I headed out to Boston Market. I wanted to get the food to go because I refused to be away from my computer while everything was going on. There I was sitting at my desk when another of my coworkers entered the room. He looked a little down so I asked did you hear about Prince. He responded Yes, and for the first time since hearing the news I thought I'd found someone who could relate to what  I was feeling. I told him we needed a Prince support group and that those of us who wanted to pay tribute to Prince should all meet up. My coworker then stated Yes, I think that's a great idea and exactly what we should do. I put the top on my Boston Market and followed him out of the room. Things were finally starting to look up and I was feeling really good about paying tribute and discussing all things Prince. When I reached the hallway I noticed nearly all of my coworkers gathered in this one particular room. I was so happy to see everyone gathered together at such a difficult time for all I barely knew what to do. Soon as I entered the room another of my coworkers jumped out and everyone yelled Happy Birthday!!!! WTF!!!!! Here I am grieving the loss of one of the Worlds Greatest Entertainers and these fuckers were celebrating my birthday which passed 2 weeks ago!! Just when I thought there was no way things could get any stranger out of nowhere the desk 2 of my coworkers were sitting on collapsed and another 2 of them got into a strangely entertaining cake fight making things that much more awkward! Weirdest birthday celebration ever but I did manage to chuckle a little when I convinced myself it was Prince himself that broke the table and started the cake fight! What the hell did I do in my past life that required my grieving process to be this messed up? Who did I hurt? What damage did I cause? Prince Rogers Nelson you will be missed but through your music and greatness will forever live on and as for my grieving process I guess it's best I do it alone!

How do you grieve  the loss of one of your favorite entertainers? What words of wisdom can you
Share with a grieving public? Where were you and exactly what were you doing when you found out about Prince? RIP my friend!


Giving Back with Ford and the Latin Grammy Foundation!

If you're looking for a nice Feel Good Story to end your work week with then you've definitely come to the right spot because Today I'm going to tell you all about how the Latin Grammy Cultural Foundation teamed up with Ford Motor Company Fund to present Ronald W. Reagan Doral Senior High School with a 20,0000 Donation in Musical Instruments! Listen Up!
I'm all about anything that involves putting a smile on the faces of Kids so when Ford invited me to attend this special event I knew I was in for a great time but I had no idea I'd leave feeling the way I did once the event was over. What I didn't know was that because the students at this Doral High School lost a majority of their instruments to flooding that happened on the campus some months back the Latin Grammy Cultural Foundation and my friends at Ford Motor Company were going to surprise the students by having Latin Grammy Award winning duo Chino y Nacho speak with the students about setting goals, the importance of the music program, and giving back to their communities and have the beautiful and talented Univision's TV Host Chinquinquira Delgado  moderate the event.
When I arrived at the auditorium I could just feel the energy and excitement coming from the students, teachers, special invited guests and audience members. The goal was for the students to learn to optimize educational experiences presented to them in order to be able to compete in the music industry with a advantage and judging by some of the questions the students were asking I think its safe to say they'll be able to do that and so much more!
 It was an informative program that included a Q & A, as well as a goal setting strategy from the perspective of the artist. All I could think about was when I was in school and how much it would have meant to me to have one of my favorite artist speak to me about setting goals, the importance of the music program, and giving back to my community, and I couldn't stop smiling. This is the fifth time the Latin GRAMMY Cultural Foundation and Ford Motor Company Fund partner together for the Latin GRAMMY in the Schools program. The Foundation, with the partnership of Ford Motor Company Fund, will donate $20,000 in musical instruments to support the school's music program.
At the conclusion of the Q&A session Ford presented each of the special guests with their very own limited edition collector cars! Leave it to Ford to always add that thoughtful finishing touch!
Ford Motor Company Fund and Community Services works with community and global partners to advance driving safety, education and community life. Ford Motor Company Fund has operated for more than 65 years with ongoing funding from Ford Motor Company. Ford Driving Skills for Life is free, interactive, hands-on safety training focused on skill development and driving techniques, while addressing inexperience, distractions and impaired driving. Innovation in education is encouraged through Ford Blue Oval Scholars, Ford Driving Dreams, Ford Next Generation Learning and other innovative programs that enhance high school learning and provide college scholarships and university grants. The Ford Volunteer Corps enlists more than 30,000 Ford employees and retirees each year to work on local projects that strengthen their communities, visit
Chinquinquira' Delgado and Ford Community Outreach Manager Joe Avila

Myself and one of my new favorite singing groups, Chino Y Nacho
Thanks for allowing me to share this super special event with all of you and make sure you stick around to see more of the greatness Ford is doing in the community. Ford is full of surprises and there's no telling where they'll lead me next! For additional information on how Ford is working to improve lives in more than 40 countries around the world please visit


Fab Fit Fun SpringBox Review!

Spring is one of my most favorite times of the year so when I had the opportunity to review the Fab Fit Fun Spring Subscription Box I jumped at the opportunity! Fab Fit Fun is a subscription box with full sized fashion, beauty, fitness, and lifestyle products that comes out once each season. I must say I was pleasantly surprised once my box arrived, Here's why!

I'm a total Girly Girl so from the moment I received the box, before I could even look to see what was inside I was already sold visually by the appearance of the box alone! It was colorful and feminine and everything I wanted my Spring Box to look like and greatly built my anticipation of wanting to see what was inside!
Once  I opened the box I was again pleasantly surprised  by the neatness and organization of the box. This is all still before I had he chance to fully get into the contents inside but again I was so impressed by what I'd seen so far that I had a pretty good idea that me and the Fab Fit Fun Spring Box were on our way to becoming best friends!

What was in the Box.......

1. Herb Garden by MakersKit

2. Contour Kit by Ish

3. Bath Bomb Trinity by Just D'amour

4. Keratin Gloves and Socks

5. Tag necklace by Hook & Nona

6. Shaving Emulation Lotion by Hello Legs

7. Aryan and Hemp Oil Therapy by Marrakech

8. Yoga Mat Strap by Merrithew

9. $25 Gift Card by 31 Bits

10. $30 Gift Card by Sterling forever
Is this not unbelievable or what! All items were full sized and although it retails for $49.99 it always has a value of over $200! Products in box are indicated in the card that comes in the box, along with pricing for each item and description which makes it easy to reorder the products you like after you've finished the ones in your box.

Now that I've told you all about the Fab Fit Fun Subscription Box I have a little surprise so that each of you can join in on the fun. Head over to and Use my coupon code  (Deidre) for $10 off your first box!

Thank you for allowing me to share my Fab review of the Fab Fit Fun Spring Subscription Box with you. I was so impressed with this one you can bet I'll also be doing a review of the Summer box as well. Another thing that I really like about the box is that it'll make a great gift for Mother's Day, Birthday, Just Thinking of You Day and so on! I know I'd be happy if I received one as a gift!  I mean it ain't no fun if the Homies can't have none right? Are people still saying that? Anyways, Thanks and Enjoy!

Have you tried the Fab Fit Fun Subscription Box? Were you as impressed as I was? What was your favorite item so far?

While I was compensated for this post be advised the opinions are all my own.


Print Perfect and Live in Living Video!

Hey Yall Hey and welcome to another edition of the Frugal Flirty N Fab! Last we talked I was explaining BabyFab not feeling well and me having to cancel my birthday plans because of it but well well well what a difference a couple days make. BabyFab is Fab yet again I even managed to enjoy a nice birthday out with the Fam so all in all it was a win win for everyone! Now that we're pretty much back on track allow me to share with you my print perfect fit of the day and what's new in my neck of the woods!

Monday's can sometimes be the worst days of the week but that's mainly because of having to deal with the hustle and bustle of having to get the kids off to school and daycare and make my way to work. I'm not sure about you but I also feel like Mondays are my chance to right my wrongs from the week before. My main Monday goals are to get BabyFab to daycare without forgetting anything, get FabJr. to his bus stop on time, try to be on time for work, and top it all off by being Boss Lady Cute!

I was looking for something that was print perfect and required very little fuss to wear to work on Monday! I also knew I wanted to try a little print on print action with my new GX shoes I copped at Burlington a couple days earlier.

Mixed Prints are absolutely perfect for Monday's and I feel as though they set the tone for the rest of the week. These particular prints were not only trendy but because of  the style of both the top and bottom no ironing was needed and we all know the hassles of Monday Morning Ironing! I mean who knew Animal Prints, Stripes, and just Smile quote would be such a Big Hit!

Last but not least I tried something a little new for the Frugal Flirty N Fab. In a effort to increase my Blog visitors and connect more with my readers I will now be implementing a weekly video where I'll give you a brief recap of my posts for the week. I completed my first one on Saturday and I'd love for you all to check it out. Remember, Its my first one so go easy on ya Girl! I can wait to grow this platform. I actually enjoyed making this one and I feel it can only get better from here! I can't wait to hear your feedback and while you're there,  Subscribe why dontcha!

Now that you know all about what's happening with the Frugal Flirty N Fab, Stop being shy and share one new endeavor of yours! I can't wait to read and encourage you! Thanks!

Skirt Set Express 
GX Shoes Burlington
Clutch Burlington


Because I'm a Mom First Birthday Chronicle!

Happy Birthday to Me, I know I will hear all day from readers as well as family and friends of the Frugal Flirty N Fab, but if I can be honest with you today's turning out to be one pretty shitty hellava day! It's the kind of day that I probably should have seen coming from a mile away but because I'm a Mom first I held on strong knowing that one bad day does not determine all my days. Allow me to elaborate!

There I was merely hours away from enjoying the birthday of my dreams when out of nowhere I received a call from the daycare telling me BabyFab had a temperature of 102 and needed to be picked up. At first I thought it was some sort of sick joke being played because he was just fine when I dropped him off to school. I immediately headed to his school to see what was going on and when he didn't greet me with a big smile and warm welcome I knew it was time to face reality. How was this happening, how did he get sick so fast, and what was I going to do next?
We arrived home and I did everything in my power to try and help him feel better, You see as a Mom seeing my hyper toddler want nothing more than to cuddle in Mommy's arms and watch recorded episodes of The Lion Guard was a little heartbreaking. Forget my Birthday, Forget  my Trip, Forget all else because at this point it was just about BabyFab!
After BabyFab went down for a nap and reality set in I knew it was time to make some cancellations. I first contacted the hotel, explained my situation, and hoped like hell that someway, somehow they'd see it fit to refund me money. I'd booked a non-refundable stay so I wasn't sure what to expect. Because I booked the stay using a third party vendor I was told I needed to contact for my refund. They were very helpful and advised I should receive my refund within the next 72 business hours. I couldn't complain. I then contacted my connect who organized my weekend plans and advised her I would no longer be making the trip. She was super kind and just advised it was no problem rescheduling my adventure for another weekend. Happy Happy Joy Joy! 
I then began to focus on how blessed I was to be spending my birthday surrounded by people who love me, readers who appreciate me, and my family who adore me and all was well! Birthday weekend plans come and go but Being a Mom will always come first and I wouldn't have it any other way! 
Thanks for allowing me to share my not so Fab but still Fab birthday with all of you. If you'd like to help celebrate with me I think what I'd like most from all of you is to just Smile, Enjoy your Day, and Do Something Nice for someone without looking for anything in return! In the end that's exactly what Birthdays and Being a Mom are all about!
Have you ever had to rearrange your travel or vacation plans due to dealing with a sick child? How did you handle it?
Headscarf and Earrings from Goddess  Fashion Factory at


Throwback Thursdays- Spring Fashion Trend Culottes!

Happy Thursday Luvs! Today's off to a really great start in my neck of the woods and I'm sure my Navy Luvin Fit of the Day had lots to do with that. Check me out!



When I first realized the culottes trend was making a comeback I thought, "Oh No" another fashion trend that'll make my legs look even shorter! But when I tried them on it was quite the contrary and I feel in love with the way they looked on. For those who don't know Culotes simply means it hangs like a skirt but is actually pants. What's not to Luv right?

Spring Wear-Navy-Style

I decided to pair my Spring look with a cute semi sheer Navy top with a twist on the high low trend, low in the front and high in the back. And while we're discussing my top can I just say I'm currently crushing on all things navy! who knew right? In my book Navy is  the New Black!


From the moment I purchased the look I knew immediately I wanted to pair them with these now semi retro colorful shoes! I luv them long! They are definite attention getters and you know I'm always looking to get the conversation started!



Have you tried the Culotte Trend? What's a trend you've tried lately that in your head you didn't think would work but turned out Fab? Thanks for visiting and I can't wait to read your comments!

Culottes Burlington
Shoes Old


Clean and Comfy with Scrubbing Bubbles®,

FABulites, When you're a busy Mom, Wife, and Blogger on the go the last thing you want to have to deal with is a dirty bathroom. Much like you I'm sure I can think of a million and one other things I'd like to be doing. That's exactly why when life's little messes call, I depend on the Power of  Scrubbing Bubbles®, and why you should too!

Recently I took on the task of attending my City's annual Music Conference and somehow some way I forgot about just how much work and time go into covering those types of events. It was only a 2 day event but I swear the two days  were so strenuous that it felt like 4! I missed my sons basketball tournament, ate out horrible foods the entire weekend and missed out on the cleaning of both my bathrooms! As you can imagine, after the conference was finished I was not a happy camper!
Monday morning I woke up and thought about all the reasons I became a blogger and decided to instead of sulking in my misery, reflect  on what I love most about what it is I do. That time made me realize just how lucky I was and gave me the courage and willpower to take on those chores and responsibilities that had been previously neglected. I started with the bathroom of course and it was Scrubbing Bubbles® to the rescue.
 Scrubbing Bubbles Logo.png
Scrubbing Bubbles® is a trusted partner when it comes to keeping the bathroom clean, and the Scrubbing Bubbles® product line will give you that complete clean after every use.
  • Kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria*
  • Cleans and disinfects almost all your bathroom surfaces
  • Kills odor-causing bacteria
  • Expands into hard-to-reach places
  • Formulated for cleaning soap scum, hard water stains, dirt and more
  • Deodorizes your bathroom and leave behind a pleasant scent
I first headed out to my nearest Walmart and picked up a can of Scrubbing Bubbles®,  to help me tackle the bathroom.  Scrubbing Bubbles®, was easily found in the Home Cleaning section at Walmart and has been my cleaning product of choice for many years when it comes to tackling the dirt and grime associated with most bathrooms!
Once I returned home I eager to tackle my bathrooms and turn them back into the once Zen and Peaceful oasis they use to be! I mean as a woman we all know there's a certain level of peace and serenity that comes with a clean bathroom and when that feeling is off everything else is normally off as well!
It was amazing how once the Scrubbing Bubbles® began working everything else suddenly fell into place! I simply sprayed the Scrubbing Bubbles® in the area I was cleaning and watched them immediately go to work!  I could once again see my reflection in the bathroom sink, the tub and shower area were once again sparkling, and the scent of cleanliness was everywhere. It was amazing how once the mess was gone I had all the motivation I needed to be a Mom, Wife, and Blogger another day! Funny how something as simple as using Scrubbing Bubbles® to clean your bathroom can actually help you put your life in perspective. Have you ever experienced that?
Thanks for allowing me to share with you why I choose Scrubbing Bubbles® and why I think you should too. Can a busy Mom, Wife, and Blogger Have it all, I don't have the answer to that  but what I do know is that She can have a clean and tidy bathroom!
Are you a fan of Scrubbing Bubbles®? If you take nothing else away from this post I hope it's the willingness to give Scrubbing Bubbles® a try. I mean does this look like the face of someone who's not satisfied with her cleaning products? Certainly does not!  Scrubbing Bubbles® to the Rescue, Goodbye!

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envye template.