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Magical Monday Fit of the Day!

Fabulites, The older I get the more and more I know what works for my body type and what doesn't. One of my favorite things to dress myself in is a beautiful dress. My body and I can spot them a mile away and then it feels like some sort of magic is taking place once I put it on. Today is no exception so let's jump right into my Magical Monday Fit of the Day!

I guess it's safe to say that I've been feeling H&M lately. The definitely meet my price range and provide me with the perfect variety of options when it comes to Spring/Summer dresses. And don't get me started on the fabness that takes place when I roll up on a sale like it did when I found this Dress.
She was sitting on the discounted dress rack just looking for a nice place to call home when I walked in. Her beautiful floral print and quality design immediately caught my attention. I took one look, scooped her up, took her to the fitting room and the rest was history. Yes lady's shopping really can be just that easy. I think I was in the store for a total of 20 minutes max and a obvious love connection was made.
I think all women should experience this feelings. It hurts my soul to hear women say they hate shopping or that they can never find anything they like or that fits well and yet here I am never meeting a dress I didn't like. That go to dress is a style staple and if for any reason you don't have her you need to Stop what you're doing and make it happen. I'll be here to help you along the way like any Fairy dress Mother should! Ha!
Thanks for allowing me to share with you my Floral and Fab Fit of the Day. Feel free to click the link to Get additional details on this Floral Sleeveless Dress

Dress-H&M/ Shoes-Bakers/Bag-Michael Kors/Earrings-Burlington


Share a Memory, A Song, and a Smile with Coca-Cola!

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and The Coca-Cola Company. All opinions are mine alone. #ExpressUrSelfie #CollectiveBias
Just when I thought things couldn't get any better than the refreshing taste of an ice cold Coca-Cola™  I come across the Coca-Cola Share a Coke and a Song while visiting my nearest Albertsons Store and immediately I'm taken back to a different time and place. Listen Up!

 Every relationship goes through things and this one incident specifically comes to mind. I had just broken up with my high school sweetheart but I knew he'd be at Kory's big party going down tonight, and of course I planned on making him regret ever breaking up with me. So I hooked up with my best friends the twins, hit Aventura Mall, and set my eyes on the make him eat his heart out dress. It was lime green and white, short but not too short, and would give him a nice glimpse of what for the past two weeks he had been missing. Operation Make Him Eat His Heart Out was in full effect! As I entered the party all eyes were on us which was exactly the way I had planned it but I never expected what was about to happen next.
As I made my way to the dance floor with some guy who had asked if I wanted to dance all I could think about was seeing my ex boyfriend. Just as we were slow dancing to Forever my Lady  guess who decides to come right next to me dancing with some random chick that had nothing on me. As we took a quick glimpses at each other while we danced the slow song through I knew there was something I needed to do. Just at that point it happened,  the DJ began playing It's Getting Hot in Here , So Take off All Your Clothes, and in my head it was ON! I immediately began busting out my best dance moves, sweating like crazy but feeling like at that moment I was the envy of every girl in the room. To my dismay my ex had also decided he wasn't going out like that and he too hit the dance floor with his best moves. Before I knew it we were in a hard down battle on the middle of the dance floor. We battled for about another two songs when we both realized we were both too tired and way too embarrassed to go any further.

Although we ended up battling each other and pretty much making fools out of ourselves we had both gone to that party with a goal in mind, and neither of us was willing to leave without at least fighting the fight. Do I really need to tell you that of course we left the party together and haven't looked back since. I think it's safe to say not a day goes by that I don't have some super embarrassing memory of the Hot in Here Dance Off and now thanks to Coca-Cola I can enjoy it even more! Not only can I enjoy it to the fullest, because of my experience I think I can give you a cute little Tutorial on my

 Top 5 Songs for Breaking up with your Boyfriend and Getting him Back!
  1.  It's getting Hot in Here
  2.  Cause you are on my Mind
  3. Lean on Me
  4.  We are the Champions
  5.  Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Now's your chance to create a great musical memory of your own by Entering to win the Share a Coke Sweepstakes at for a chance to win tickets to the American Music Awards and  more." Enter up to 12 times to increase your chances of winning a trip for 2 to the 2016 American Music Awards®, along with hundreds of other great prizes! Including: wireless headphones, wireless speakers, a 1 year Premium Music App Membership or a $50 Music Gift Card. Download the Shazam App, available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android and other devices to get your Coca-Cola Share a Song today!

Now that I've shared with you my Musical Love Affair I ask, "How do you express yourself with music"?


Today I Gave Up!

FAbulites, I'm always sharing positivity with you but sometimes I might skip out on exactly how that situation became positive. Today I'd like to share with you my truths about being a Blogger. I know when you read my posts it's happy and uplifting and things look great from the outside looking in  but today I want to share a little about how I get to that point. Believe it or not there are days when I just want to call it quits and today, the day I speak of,  was one of those days! Listen Up!

Today I GAVE UP! I thought about it all weekend long and just kept asking myself why I was even blogging. I spent Saturday working on my You Tube video about my latest week in review and after working on the video for hours a voice appeared out of nowhere asking does it really matter if your You Tube video is good or not? Is anyone even going to really see it? That little voice haunted me for the entire weekend and by the time Monday rolled around I was convinced I was ready to give up blogging for good, just walk away forever or so I thought!

I was headed in to my 9-5 when a woman I'd never seen before began talking to me as we waited for the elevator. Out of nowhere she said I always see you smiling and dressed so nicely and wondered how does she manage to do that on a Monday morning. She asked if I had kids and I proudly told her 3. She then asked if I had any tips I could give to a Mom who has kinda found herself in a fashion rut after the birth of her 3rd child who just so happen to now be 3. In a instance I wanted to help this Mom be great! I spoke briefly to her about taking time for herself and how it was possible to find clothing that made her and any Mom look and feel great! In an instance I was reminded why I started blogging in the first place. It made me feel good to know that  even though sometimes I'm not aware of it there is always someone inspired by what it is I do. Even those who might not even know about your blog can be inspired just by looking at you and the way you carry yourself. It felt good to know this Mom saw me how I want other Moms and women in general to relate to me. By the end of our brief conversation I nearly shed a tear. You see for so many years I longed to be able to share a part of myself with others the way I'm able to do by blogging but after I reached a certain age I was pretty much convinced that ship had sailed. From the time I decided to use my blog to be the inspiration I wanted to see in others that's when my Life changed for the better. A day that up until today I'd never looked back on.
As if that little incident wasn't enough to make me see the error in my ways I was pleasantly surprised when I checked my email and found not one but 2 new sponsorship opportunities but more importantly I had a letter from a young Mom asking for advice on how to go about maintaining a happy and thriving family life while going after her dreams. Somewhere somehow at a time when I thought no one was really interested in what I had to say not only were they listening but they also want me to share my story with others! I couldn't believe how what I thought was one of my worst blogging days yet turned out to be one of my best and definitely one of my most memorable. 
In an instance I was reminded what it is that I love so much about blogging and the truth is when it's something you really love and are passionate about, walking away will never be an option.
Today I Gave Up, and fell in love all  over again with this thing called Blogging.


Friday Floral Fit of the Day!

Happy Friday Luvs! Yet again we made it to the end of the work week and I'm Ecstatic! It was a pretty long week but a good one and because I wanted to end the week on a fashionable note I decided to share with each of you my Friday Floral Fit of the Day! Let's take a look!

Not sure when it all started but I am completely obsesses with Florals! Throw in the super hot off the shoulder trend and make it a matching set and I'm sold! I was so happy when I stumbled upon this Steal in H&M. I was lucky to find the Top on the clearance rack for a cute $5 and these trendy ankle Pants for a mere $17.99, Can someone say winning!

Now let's talk a little about why this is the perfect Friday wear to work look. For those of you who don't already know I'm a super busy mom of three and when I talk about getting off work that by no means has anything to do with me not working. When I leave work I have to rush and pick up BabyFab from Daycare and also make sure my teen FabJr. is good. Today we are going  out for a family dinner and hopefully cheer on our Miami Heat to this win over the Toronto Rapture. With all of that being said, time is not on my side. I don't have the time nor the patience to get cute after I get home so I prepared myself by wearing something I could easily wear to work and beyond!

Because I took the necessary measures to prepare myself  the most I'll have to do is refresh my lipstick and maybe just maybe change shoes. I'm all for looking real cute when out with the Fam but there's nothing cute about chasing a toddler in Heels and possibly falling flat on your face. I'm way to cute for that and so are you!

Thanks for allowing me to share with you my Friday Floral Fit of the Day. As always I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy your day. Make sure you check me out tomorrow as I'll be updating my You Tube Channels with my Week in review post. Before you go take a minute and share with me  what you're Rockin for your Friday fit of the Day! XOXO! 

Top-H&M/ Pants-H&M/Shoes-Ross/Clutch-Ross/Earrings-Burlington/Pout-NYX Addis Abbaba


Throwback Thursday--My Fashion BucketList!

As I approach my third year Blogaversary I am so thankful for the opportunities blogging has allowed me. I now know what It feels like to truly luv what you do and have decided on focusing on ways to make fashion blogging my full time career(Yay)! Although I have accomplished lots over the past 3 years there are so many many more things that I want to do. So today I thought would be the perfect opportunity to share with you some of the items on my Fashion Bucketlist...let's get started!

Fashion Bucketlist

1. I want to attend New York Fashion Week, Attending only the most glamourous shows while wearing only the finest of designers ....

2. I want to make a list- Fashion Bloggers Under 40, Best Fashion Bloggers, Blogger on the Rise, at this point I'm not picky about which list I want it to be, just List me!

3. I want to wear one of Beyonce's sparkly show numbers...Haven't yet decided where I will wear it or what I will do with it on, I just know I want to wear one!

4. I want to pose in a fab swimsuit on my blog showing everyday  women that we too can rock swimsuits in pure hips, thigh, and ass glory!! (If any other bloggers are interested please let me know)

5. I want to shop and play dress up with Solange......I imagine her closet to be this really wonderful , magical place filled with color and sparkles!

6. I want to have one of my blog post appear on Shape Magazine where I discuss how choosing the right workout gear has the ability to motivate you to stay in shape.

7. I want to host my very own fashion event from start to finish with the designers of my choice and sponsors who agree to my every command. Something Grown and Sexy like a PDiddy party.

8. I want to attend the Grammy's wearing ThEE Last dress and blogging about the fashions on the red carpet

9. I want to star in my very own webisode of the Fashion Police- Watch out Joan

10. I want to provide fashion makeovers for women who have forgotten the beauty of  being a strong, confident, dressed to kill woman,  Such as Once homeless, or once in abusive relationships, or even moms who have forgotten what its like to pamper themselves.

11. I want to renew my vows but this time around I want to wear the big bright red sexy dress I should have gotten married in the first time around!-Judge me not!

Please feel free to leave comments on what you think of my Fashion Bucketlist as well as what items are on your list....Thanks and I hope you enjoyed! -


Style File-How to Fashionably Rock Mondays!

Happy Monday Luvs! Hope everyone enjoyed a super fantastic Mother's Day Weekend. I greatly enjoyed mine and want to send a special Thanks for all those who took the time to wish me Mothers Day Fabness! I know all too well how rough returning to work can be specially after celebrating a big holiday so today I just wanted to provide you with a couple tips on how to greet your Monday's in Style!

How many of you spend a majority of your weekend counting down the dreaded hours, minutes, seconds before Monday Morning rears it's ugly head?  Fess up FABulites, I can't possibly be the only one! Well for those of you who have freed your souls and are able to admit it the last thing you want is to walk up on Monday looking how you feel. That's why it's supper important that you give that Monday Look, beginning of the work week, chance for a new work week beginning your all. That starts simply by looking your best! Below are 3 tips that will help you do just that.
 1. Work your Closet!- Don't  you dare start your Monday off that same old I have nothing to wear mess. Everyone has a favorite outfit, and as long as you didn't wear it Friday pull it out and get suited.
 2 Increase the Cuteness Factor- you're already feeling fab because you're wearing one of your most favorite looks. Now take that Fab Favorite the next level by adding an additional touch of Chic to that look. This can be achieved by adding a special accessory, bright lip pie, nice earrings, or cute hairstyle. Whatever it is that makes you feel special  add it!
 3.  Own your Look and the fact that you are rolling into your Monday wearing your favorite look. Believe that You Look Good, and Feel good and are able to fashionably handle whatever Monday Throws your way! Show Monday's who's boss and eventually you'll have a new outlook on what Mondays mean to you. Seeing id believing!

As always Thanks for allowing me to share my Fashionable Monday Style post with you. This one was actually lots of fun and might make a return posting next Monday. Guess you'll just have to stay tuned to find out.
What are your thought's on Fashion Forward Mondays? What do you wear to kick your Work Week off in Style?
Dress-HM/ CoverUp-JCPenney  Shoes - Burlington


Frugal Flirty N Fab Week in Review!

HEY Luvs! It was a great week on the Frugal Flirty N Fab and just in case you missed anything I wanted to provide you with my new You Tube posting highlighting my Week in Review! If you enjoy this video and would like to see more make sure you Subscribe and Share, Share, and Share some more! Thanks and enjoy!!

 What activities did your week consist of?


15 Must Have Layered Dresses!

FABulites, I have been obsessed with layers ever since I got the visual of BeyoncĂ© strutting down the street in her beautiful yellow dress and baseball bat affectionately name Hot Sauce! Was that dress not everything? Of course it was! While I may never get my hands on the one Queesn B wore I can provide you with 15 of my current Must Have Layered  Dresses! Let's Begin!

While my signature look, Selfie Couture Layered Knit Tunic, is not the complete BeyoncĂ© look it does very much put you in the mind and spirit of what she was wearing. This look is perfect for Spring/Summer weather and the color is amazing!  If you're looking for a layered look that's a little more Rock N Roll then this Asos Cut & Sew Stripe Double Layered Dress is for you! And of course for my Ladies who like to rock the trend but keep it simple and sweet then this Double Layered Tank Dress is for you! All in all there's a way for all Fashionista to incorporate the layered trend. The best part about it is figuring out How you can make it a style all your own.

Thanks for allowing me to share with you my 15 Must Have Layered Looks! Are you feeling the Layered trend? Which of the above looks are topping your current Must have Layers List?


ThrowBack Thursday--I'm a PickUp Artist!

Today after much thought and a careful look deep inside my closet I came to the conclusion that I'm a Pickup artist. Technically a pickup artist is defined as a man who is skilled at attracting and meeting a variety of different women. But in the world of the Frugal Flirty and Fab I am defining a pickup artist as a habitual shopper who collects items of clothing she knows deep inside she will never ever wear. I'm not sure what it is about these items that pretty much makes it close to impossible for me not to pick them up but I think its time I shed my Pickup Artist ways. Let me start off by telling you a little about my pickup artists tendencies.Take this skirt for instance.

Because I'm obsessed with feathers I purchased this beauty from Bebe on sale for $69.99. In my head when I pictured myself wearing this skirt I would look absolutely fab and be the fashion envy of everyone I passed on the street. The reality of the situation is that deep inside I knew the odds of me wearing the skirt were slim to none. For one thing the skirt is a size 2 and with my fascination of all things fried and my margarita fixation, me fitting into a size 2 is pretty impossible. The second thing that makes me wearing this skirt impossible is that I have a booty, a donk, a back, so unless I planned on hitting the town with both my cheeks out (which I don't) me wearing the skirt was an impossible dream. I am the Frugal, Flirty N Fab and I am a pickup artist, are you?


14th Annual HoneyShine Hats Off Luncheon Recap!

Tracy Mourning Wilson and  Honey Shine, Inc celebrated it's 14th Annual Hats Off Luncheon and 10th Anniversary of Camp Honey Shine recognizing the Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart and the Carnival Foundation for their unwavering commitment in recognizing that goodwill and corporate citizenship go hand-in hand and I was honored to be in attendance  It was my first time attending so I really wasn't sure what to expect but after just mere moments of entering the Hilton Hotel I knew I was going to witness amazement! Let's take a look!

Hats Off Luncheon

 Tracy Mourning along side Host for the Luncheon Rudabeh Shahbazi and Kalyn James

When I entered the venue the very first thing that caught my eye was the beautiful atmosphere and scenery. There were beautiful colors everywhere, guests were greeting and hugging one another and mimosas, bubbly, and h'orderves  were flowing freely. I almost felt like I was on the scene of a Tyler Perry Wedding. Beyond Gorgeous! As I worked my way around the room I felt so honored and welcomed seeing all the women in their beautiful hats knowing we all came together to support such a beautiful cause. I immediately headed over to the red Carpet and allowed my camera to take in the magic!

Honey Shine Inc.

I think this was one of my most favorite hats of the Luncheon. It was creative, different, springy and beyond Fab! Added plus was the ensemble that accompanied the hat!

Luncheon Attendees Rocking their Hats in honor of the event, Love the creativity for sure!

Hats, Hat's and More Hats  was the theme and for these Ladies it was all about adding color and that Wow factor to their hats!

Carrolton School event attendees bonding and enjoying the Hats Off Luncheon Red Carpet

Once the red carpet was completed we headed into the ballroom which had an unbelievably beautiful setting! It was stunning! Salads we're awaiting everyone at their tables and the luncheon was all set to begin!

Host Rudabeh Shahbazi welcoming and thanking event guests for attending. During the luncheon there was a Live Auction, Honey Bug Runway Show, Passing of the Baton and more. I was so pleased just to be a part of this event.

It was so nice to see such a beautiful collection of Women coming together for such a needed community cause. Cathy Hughes joins Tracy Mourning and friends for a little red carpet fun.

You already know your girl had to hit the red carpet. I'm normally not a hat person but after the Hat's Off Luncheon that's definitely going to change.
Just when I thought the event couldn't get any better we were invited to the Ballroom Level Terrace for an Post event Party sponsored by BET and Centric which was remarkable! There was a live band, (video above),  coffee/tea, lots of photo ops and event attendees enjoying each others company all in the name of a great cause.  Needless to say the Hats Off Luncheon was a huge success for HoneyShine Inc and the Honey Bugs. While it was my very first time having the pleasure of attending the Hat's Off Luncheon you can rest assured it won't be my last. For additional information on HoneyShine Inc. please visit

Thanks for allowing me to share with you my experience attending the 14th Annual Hats Off Luncheon. For addition pictures please make sure to visit me on Instagram


Groupon Coupons for The Savings Win!

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine
Happy Monday Luvs, It's the beginning of a brand new work week and what could be better than kicking your week off with a super great coupon site. If you know anything about the Frugal Flirty N Fab it's that I'm all about saving my coins, using coupons, and finding great deals and today I'm going to share with you one of my favorite sites, Groupon Coupons, that helps me get it done!

Many of you are probably already pretty familiar with Groupon, the site that allows you to get great deals on activities, events,,dining, and getaways but did you know they also offer a super fab coupon site? Yep you heard it right, Groupon Coupons is one of the best coupon sites I've seen and I make it a point not to purchase anything with checking them out first! Since being introduced to Groupon Coupons a while back I noticed I'm able to enjoy doing more with my family, buy them more of what they want and need, and also see a little more saved in the savings account and who in their right mind wouldn't want that?

As a self professed shopaholic some of my current favorite coupon deals are the ASOS coupon deal giving you a 30% Off Weekend Sale,  Ulta giving you $3.50 off $15 in store and online purchase, and Kay Jewelers Coupon giving you an amazing $50 off any jewelry purchase of over $149! Amazing right and just in time for Mother's Day. Don't even get me started on the deals I find when shopping for the family at places like Macy's, JCPenney, and Foot Locker, the coupons are never ending!

Thanks for allowing me to share with you a little of my coupon fabness and if you you're interested in getting deals and saving money on your everyday purchases  make sure you sign up today!  Its absolutely free and best of all you can get the mobile app to  make sure you never miss out on a Groupon Coupons deal again! As always make sure to follow and connect with me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook so you can always stay up to date with my most recent coupon steals and deals! Enjoy!!


How to Rock Flared Jeans-#SoFlaCurves Style!

TGIF Lovs! It's been one heck of a week but it's finally Friday and I'm feeling it! Today I'd like to talk to you a little about one of this Springs hottest trends, the Flared Jean look and How you too can rock it! Let's Begin!
flared jean trend

History definitely repeats itself and that includes fashion as well which is why the flared jean look of the 70's era will always be a timeless style staple. I've loved flared jeans since I was a little girl so it's no wonder I jumped at the chance to share with you just how I choose to rock my flares. it was a time of peace, love, and lots of festivals and that's one of the main things that comes to mind when I first think of flared jeans. Today the look is kinda like a Mom Chic, High Waist Rocking, Skinny Jean rebellious way to show off a little and I'm here for all parts of it!

I'm at this new stage in life where I'm absolutely loving all parts of my body and I love how flared jeans play up that love. I'm a black girl with full thighs and round hips and I swear I feel like this trend was made for women just like me! My body's beautiful baby and I'm gonna Rock these flared jeans and show you just how beautiful it is!
There are actually tons of ways to rock the flared look. For my preferred look of the day I decided to play up the trend with a super cute and feminine off the shoulder semi flutter sleeve top, my favorite new head wrap I first wore here, thin belt to help emphasize my waist, super cute just smile clutch, wedge shoes, and of course my Violet Rose pout! The look came together flawlessly and had me feeling like a million bucks!
For today's take on the flared trend I actually had the pleasure of teaming up with my #SouthFlaCurves  Boo's  Kirstin, Natalia, and Sahily so we could also get their take on the flared look as well. Make sure you stop by their blogs and show each of my girls a little curvy love! It's the first of what I hope to be many monthly collaborations and I can't wait to show you more!
Thanks for allowing me to share my take on How to Rock Flared Jeans with you today and I hope you learned a little something about how you might wanna try rocking the trend yourselves. Anyone can rock the look but the confidence and fabness you bring to the style is all you and that's what I love seeing and playing up the most! Allows me to be Fab, Fashionable, and Flared yet another day and I'm loving it!
Have you had the pleasure of  Rocking the Flared look? What's your take on this popular 70's trend! Share your thoughts below!
Jeans Sears, Top Old, Shoes Burlington, Clutch Burlington, Head Wrap Goddess Fashion Factory, Pout Milan Violet Rose


Shopping Types-Which One Are You?

Happy Thursday Luvs! I have come to learn from my many many years of experience that at any given time in our lives we can all be classified as one of the below types of shoppers. Today I'd like to take the time and discuss which one relates most to you? Let's Begin!

 Classifications of Shoppers

Thrifty Shopper- This is the  person that thrives at the thought of there being a sale or some sort of special discount at checkout. It really doesn't matter what the items are that on sale, a thirst is quenched just by making the highly discounted purchase. A sign that you may be a thrifty shopper is when you purchase 10 different color T shirts because they were on sale for 4.99 each, or you have multiple items in your closet that you know you will never wear but simply bought them because of the sale price. The thrifty shopper will sometimes even buy items that are slightly damaged just because of the extra discount they may receive. The thrifty shopper can sometimes find herself in dangerous situations and always needs to make sure she is in full control of the shopping situation. Once the thrifty shopper goes bad, there is not turning back! Have you heard of  Hoarders?

Name Brand Whore- This is the person who thrives off making name brand purchases even though most times they can't afford them. This is the person who will avoid getting the black dress they can actually afford for the Betsy Johnson designer dress although the more affordable of the black dresses is cuter. You will never see this person out without some sort of name brand item and all to often all name brand items. A sign that you just might be a name brand whore is if you go through your closet and you have very few items but they are all name brand and you are satisfied with what you see then you fall into this category. Nine times out of 10 the Name Brand shopper is simply trying to over compensate form some area of her life that's lacking but until she is able to discover what that is it will be LouBou's all day!

Impulse Shopper- This happens to be my favorite type of shopper and definitely what I mostly consider myself. This is the type of shopper who shops often and makes a purchase based on her likes and dislikes. She is a combination of the thrifty shopper and the name brand whore. When she shops and finds an item that she likes and looks good on her she makes the purchase. Whether the item is on sale or a name brand means absolutely nothing to this shopper. If you go through your closet and find that you have a mixture of everyday chic items mixed with some designer names you fall into this category. The impulse shopper simply buys based on her likes and dislike and is often that person that everyone likes to shop with. She is a joy to be around and thinks of shopping as a art form and is secretly waiting for the rest of the world to discover this as well!

Now that you know my classifications tell me what type of shopper are you.

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