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My First Time- JCPenney's Styling and the 2017 Tecla Awards!

I had no idea of what I was getting into when I signed up to cover the 2017 Hispanicize Conference in Miami! All I really knew was that it was local for me, it was a chance to connect with some really great brands, and a pretty large conference focusing on the contributions of the Latino and Multicultural Market Trendsetters and Newsmakers. When one of my most favorite brands JCPenney stepped in and offered to style me for the final event of the conference,  TECLA Awards, my Mama I Made It  Hispanicize Moment began!

I just need to make sure all of my FABulites realize the magnitude of what I'm sharing with you today. A brand that I Support, Frequent, and Love to death reached out to me to style me for the Tecla Awards! So major right! I totally had to pinch myself at the fabness of this opportunity! Not only was I being styled by JCPenney I was also going to have my hair and makeup done as well, Can someone say Winning!

I was so excited to get styled by JCPenney the day of the Tecla Awards. We met up at the beautiful  J.W. Marriott Marquis Hotel in Miami and shortly after departed for JCPenney at the Dadeland Mall to begin our special day!

We were immediately greeted upon arrival  from the JCPenney styling team and provided our schedule for the day. My first stop was going to be makeup and I couldn't wait to get started!

I was in total heaven once inside JCPenney and couldn't wait to get started.  JCPenney's has always been one of my favorite go to spots when I have a big night out or a special event to attend.  They offer a broad assortment of private fashion brands which offer the perfect blend of style quality and value. When they say you get your Penney's worth, they actually mean it.

As I stated earlier my first stop was to Sephora to have my makeup done. Bridgette was my makeup artists for the day and right away made me feel right at home. She asked questions about what I was wearing, what makeup brands I preferred and also when I pictured myself heading to the Tecla Awards what did my makeup look like. After our conversation I knew without  a doubt Bridgette was going to get me all the way together and that's exactly what she did! I can be very critical of those doing my makeup but Bridgette nailed it and now it was time for me to head to wardrobe.

This was my very first time being styled for anything so when I walked into my fitting room and saw my picture and personal details hanging on a rack of gorgeous dresses I almost started crying. I mean honestly and truly I'd only seen this type of thing in the movies and now it was happening to me. Definitely something I can cross off my bucketlist. The dresses that were chosen for me were absolutely amazing but you'll have to wait a longer to get the deets on my final look. It was a really hard decision and I'm so pleased the JCPenney's styling team was on hand to help me with my decision. You best believe this isn't the last time the JCPenney's styling squad will be seeing me! Such an amazing experience.

After makeup and styling was completed it was now time for me to head to the JCPenney's Hair Salon for the finishing touches to be put on my hair. I'm going to admit I was a little nervous about what the stylist was going to do to my hair. I mean I'm a natural girl and not everyone is trained to deal with natural hair but within seconds my stylist showed me she had everything under control. Not only was I feeling like a princess for the day, I now had the crown on my head to prove it. My stylist was so creative that she actually took her time and made me a crown made out of twist. It was absolutely gorgeous and the compliments were coming from everywhere. Once again The JCPenney's style team showed me just how amazing they are and now it was time for me to head back to the hotel, put all the pieces together and get ready for the Tecla Awards!

I couldn't believe how wonderfully everything came together. I mean I knew JCPenney's was amazing but my final look totally blew me away! I wen with this super sexy and beautiful ruffle top red dress. There was nothing but LOVE from the moment I put it on and both the stylists and I agreed it was the look for me. I paired with these gorgeous black multi strap Nicole Miller shoes, feathered earrings, and I was confidently on my way! It was now time to take my style to the Tecla Awards but before I go, How do I look?

I felt like such a star walking the Tecla Awards red carpet. Here I am pictured with Blogging Boo's Lily and Myrah who also took part in the JCPenney's styling event. Not only did we look great but the feeling was completely indescribable. It was an evening I won't ever forget and for that I truly thanks JCPenney's and the JCPenney's styling team.

Thanks so much JCPenney's for sending me to the Tecla Awards in style. It was a night I won't soon forget and can't wait to do it all over again my next night out on the town! Have you had the pleasure of experiencing the JCPenney's  Styling Team? If so what was your experience like and if not, What are you waiting for? Let JCPenney's Styling Team treat you like the Star that you are you're next night out.


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