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Happy BET Awards Day!

I know that maybe in the past the BET award have been plagued with fighting and black people behaving foolishly, but this years BET awards will means so much more. A couple friends I know say they haven't watched the awards in years or pretty much anything that comes on BET because it does not represent black people in the best light. I personally think its not the BET awards that shows us in a negative manner but it's the individuals that attend the awards and decide to honor the awards for which they are given with a negative depiction. The BET awards show is one of the only remaining awards show that honors African American.

A couple days ago when watching the best moments of the past BET awards I found myself overwhelmed with emotions. I remembered every last moment and how seeing each made me feel. Who can forget when Monique and the big girls danced to Beyonce, when James Brown performed and Michael Jackson came out, when we listened to the old school medley, or when Rick James let the girl backstage know ,"I'm Rick James Bitch"!

I don't know what will happen at this year's BET Awards but what I do know is if it's anything like the past episodes it will give me once again an everlasting memory and make me proud of my people. I don't know about you, but I can't wait for the BET Awards!

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