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Mel B Making You Step Your Game Up

Melanie Janine Brown, aka Mel B has women challenging their physical abilities all around the world right now. That's because the 34 year old pop singer and TV personality is showing us how we can still have great bodies after marriage, child rearing, and anything else that comes our way. Who would have thought that after 2 kids anyone could have a body like hers without plastic surgery or steroid use, not many, but Mel B proves it's possible. She's definitely not afraid to flaunt it appearing on many magazine covers and the topic of many well known blogs. Mel B currently has a workout DVD out called Totally Fit where she attributes her toned frame to a 28-day program of aerobic and resistance workouts while all along stating she's not body obsessed. Thanks Mel B for getting women all over the world to STEP YOUR GAME UP!

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