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Birthday of all Birthday's

Yesterday one of Khamaury's classmates celebrated his 6th birthday with a pool party at his home, but this was no ordinary pool party. First let me start off by saying music is a very big part of my family's enjoyment. We are constantly listening to music and encouraging the kids to enjoy it and express their creativity. But after seeing what happened we might just want to be a little more descriptive about what our kids, especially my six year old is listening too.

The party was going great when the mother of the kid who was having the party decided she wanted to showcase her sons talent by having him sing a song for himself in honor of his birthday. This idea then turned into an all out talent contest because a couple of the little kids decided they wanted to sing also. So here they were, 3girls and3 boys all lined up waiting patiently to showcase their talents to the partygoers. I noticed that my son was going to be the last kid to perform and since he had attempted to sing the Happy Bday song at another party before his dad and I just normally thought he would sing it again. Anyways he was so cute it didn't matter what he did I knew it would be great.

Five kids had already showcased their talents and last but not least it was time for Khamaury to sing his song. There he was standing there in all his six year old glory waiting for the parents and kids to quiet down so he could sing his song when all of a sudden he began singing, "Its Your Birthday and I Know You Want To Riiide Out. Even If We Only Go To Myyy House". Yes, my six year old angel was singing Jeremih's own BIRTHDAY SEX. Please let this be some sort of a nightmare I thought to myself as I gave my husband the look to try and make Khamaury sit his butt down ,but as I looked at the looks on the other parents faces I knew it was too late. By this time Lil Maury was repeating the chorus over and over Birthday Sex, Birthday Sex. The one good thing that happened was that there were some other kids that joined in on the chorus but it really didn't stop us from being totally embarrassed. The good news is that he definitely won the talent contest, but I don't think we'll be invited to anymore parties anytime soon.

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