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Boutique Sales Chic

Boutique Sales Chic
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Retail Therapy

In a perfect world when I go shopping the stores advanced IPhone application would immediately scan my brain, pick out some items I would like and then set them aside for me to try on in the dressing room. This store would play a different song specifically customized with my favorite artist such as Mary J Blige, Anthony Hamilton, and Beyonce for each one of the outfits I try on. Once I am done trying on my outfits I would immediately be provided with a Strawberry Margarita as I proceed to the Accessories Counter to look for items to match my outfits. Once I reach the register I would scratch off a box that would tell me exactly how much I am able to save today for shopping at that establishment and there would be a gorgeous semi-buffed man to take my items to my car. Retail therapy in a perfect world...

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