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Thank God for Sports

Ladies please let me know if you can relate to this situation. For nearly 10 months out of the year men are so preoccupied with football and basketball that they very little time to inquire about the things that are going on around them. But for that two month time period as they wait for the Professional Preseason of Football to begin they become real thorns in our sides. Well that's whats currently happening in many homes today. Since we like to shop, watch reality TV and blog in our spare time some of us really enjoy when the men in our lives take those couple hours out of week to enjoy a good football game or basketball game ,but when the season finishes and he starts paying more attention to what we're doing in our spare time then Houston we have a problem.

Every since the Lakers Series ended women have been forced to deal with men asking questions during our favorite reality shows, inquiring about our top secret shopping trips, and even stating that we may spend too much time blogging. Ladies the nerve of these guys. How many weeks out of the year do we put up with the Thursday, Friday, Saturday and not to mention Sunday night at least 4 hour football games. Where do they get off nagging us about what we do in our free time just because their favorite sporting season has come to an end. This is practically the only time of year that we can wake up to the sound of the birds chirping outside instead of the sound of ESPN Sports repeating its morning shows over and over. Don't get me wrong I know we love the men in our lives and even love watching sports with sports with them every now and then but most of us are extremely happy and feel intense joy as the new season of football begins for both the sake of the men in our lives as well as ourselves...

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