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Where Are My Morals?

A couple of weeks ago I received a call from my friend saying she was at work and one of her customers had just brought a wallet over to her that they'd found in the parking lot. She checked inside the wallet and of course it had the persons Id as well as $95. My friend then went on to ask me if I thought she should take the money out and just return the wallet or if she should just return the wallet with the money if someone came looking for it. For a brief moment I was in shock, first because my friend was asking what the right thing to do was and secondly because up until that very moment I just had never thought that this particular friend would ever have a second thought on if she should or should not take the money. Obviously she called me because she felt as though I would convince her that the right thing to do was return the wallet with the money, but did I have news for her. After a brief chuckle I told her to take the money out of the wallet and if anyone comes looking for the wallet to give them back the rest of their belongings. To my disbelief my friends stated she did not want to take the money because she was a firm believer in what goes around comes around and she did not want anything bad to happen to her. At that point I asked my friend if she had any money and she replied she didn't even have enough money to get home from work. I guess its all about the way you look at things. Here she was at work with no money trying to figure out how she would make it to work the rest of the week when a stranger shows up and gives her a wallet with $95 in it. I told her that the lord works in mysterious ways and that if he did not want her to have the money he would not have place it in her hands. My friend then said thanks for the advice and that she needed some time to think about it.

Here's where I began to think wow are my morals out of whack. When I got off the phone with my friend I called 3 other friends to ask their opinions on what they would do in that situation and they all agreed that they would not have taken the money. Where I have forever vowed not to steal, cheat, or destroy I never thought twice about the decision I made telling my friend to keep the money. Even after I got off the phone with my other friends I still thought that she was doing the right thing by keeping it. This incident has caused me to question my morals alot lately in the past weeks. I am constantly second guessing myself on the do's and don't of life. Have your morals been questioned lately and if so what are you doing about it?

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