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Dream The Impossible Dream

For anyone who has ever had a dream both young and old that you thought was impossible please read this posting. After nearly a month and a half hiatus from working out I started my work week off by challenging myself to getting up at 6:00a.m. Monday -Friday and running five miles before I go to work. I'm not sure if it was the upcoming Maxwell Concert, or the retail therapy I knew I'd be experiencing on Saturday that made me think I had the strength to just wake up and run five miles ,but I was determined to give it my all. Monday was definitely one of the worst days I had. It was extremely hot and after I struggled to complete my first five miles not one muscle in my body went without hurting. As the week went past I got better and began feeling more confident about what I was doing and things began to get easier. Not only was I running the five miles I set out to run but as the days passed I was accomplishing my goal quicker than I had the day before. I can't even begin to express the overwhelming feeling of confidence I felt this morning when I completed my 5Th day of my five mile challenge.People all I can say is if this feeling was a drug it would definitely be my drug of choice.
I may never win a Grammy but after this wonderful feeling that I am feeling it is only right that I give thanks. I thanks GOD for giving me the strength and endurance to keep going when deep inside all I wanted to do was quit. Thank my husband for mid week realizing that the Mel B. 5x a day fitness thing would never be a possibility for us (sorry). I thanks my kids Khambria and Khamaury for sleeping peacefully while I was running and not giving me any distractions to interfere with my goals. I want to thank all the dog lovers on my path for realizing that just because your dog loves you doesn't mean that he won't try to kill my black ass. I want to thank Pembroke Lakes Mall that I ran past every morning for being a constant reminder that if I keep my running up there won't be one outfit inside that won't look good on me. I am thankful for the little black dress and hooker heels that I will slip into tonight when I have a night out with my hubby. And believe me when I tell you I am thankful to know that tonight when I am tearing up those chicken wings (extra wet) and throwing back the Blue Long Island Iced Teas in celebration of my accomplishments, ladies in the room will feel the need to hold on to their man just a little tighter. Last but not least to the fat on my back and the little belly bulge that appeared around my birthday in April I'm thankful you are long gone, but will never be forgotten.

What many of you didn't know was that from the sixth grade through my freshman year in college I traveled the United States participating in sold out track and field events being sponsored by the Adidas Track Club. Due to the ins and outs that life can throw your ways its been years since I have even thought about running. This week proved that dreams really do come true no matter how old you are or your life experiences. This week I accomplished five miles but I have a long way to go as I prepare for the Susan G. Komen 26 mile Race For The Cure Marathon that's coming up. But right now nothing can compete with the feeling you get when you take the necessary steps to make the dream you once thought was impossible come true. To all my Frugal Flirty N Fab readers I encourage you to Dream The Impossible Dream...

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