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I Twitt Therefore I Am

I don't know about anyone else but for the most part I am very pleased by what I have seen and the way I feel when I am on twitter. Some of my most memorable moments were when @Tyrese4real brought to my attention if you want to be successful selling something just listen to what people complain about not having and provide it to them. Another twitting moment that caught my eye was when I read Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us & new beauty waiting to be born which was posted by @blackvelvett99. Her tweets are always very inspiring and so are 90 percent of the postings. And yesterday was another highlite when after MJ's daughter Paris spoke on how much she loved her father, for the first time @lilduval admitted to having a heart and refrained briefly from telling any jokes. After being on Twitter for a couple months I was inspired to start my blog and although this is all new to me so far so good. Twitter also hasn't been all roses and I'm pretty sure it never will be. I still recall the day I received a direct message from Tameka Raymond asking me not to send her anymore blog updates. Tameka is all about inspiring others and positivity on Twitter but I guess we wouldn't be who we are without keeping it real every now and then huh? If you haven't already join twitter, follow @Deidre7777, and let me know what you Twitter experience is like.

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