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Tiny N Toya Episode 2

Last night as I watched the second episode of the Tiny and Toya Reality Show on BET and I was proud that for the first time on reality TV I could actually relate with what the stars were dealing with in both their personal and professional lives.
Toya I can really relate to what she was dealing with coming out of a relationship that to her was her everything. But Toya what I want you to know is that the person you met when you were 14 years old and later married and had a child with is no longer. His life has changed so much and most likely what you shared with him will one day just become a distant memory. What you had during those times will never be forgotten and a beautiful daughter came from what you shared. But today is a new day and its time to move on. Work on making Toya happy and when the time is right you will find a man who will respect and love you for everything that you are today.

Tiny I know its hard dealing with your professional career while trying to maintain your relationship at the same time. But I truly feel that if you take the time to give Tiny what she needs in return your partner will love you even more for giving him a better, happier you to love. Just think about it, if you decide to let go of your dreams it will always be in the back of your mind what could have been and later on you will end up possibly resenting him for not supporting your goals and dreams. I think in today's society its now more important than ever to show the world that it is very possible to have the profession and the man of your dreams. All too often we are forced to sacrifice one for the other.
In the end after all is said and done I learned from the Tiny and Toya show that money doesn't stop you from dealing with the bullshit of everyday life but quite the contrary can make it even more difficult. Tiny and Toya keep on doing your things ladies and don't forget, The World Is Your Stage...

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