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Do Dreams Die With Age?

After reading some of the blogs that are out right now I am compelled to ask my readers if they feel dreams die with age. Dreams begin at an early age yet by the time some of us reach our early 30's we are forced to retire our dreams whether they have been fulfilled or not. I read last week that the average age of a fashion blogger is mid to late 20's, so does that mean I should let my dream of one day having a Online Urban Fashion Magazine similar to Lucky die? As far as I'm concerned it has taken me years to finally realize what it is I really want and there is no way I am going to allow age to keep me from it. I often hear the public criticize greats like Jay Z because at the age of 40+ he is still rapping, but has anyone ever stopped to think that rapping is what he was meant to do. Does his skills, wants, or desires simply end because of his age? Will he somehow become less of a great rapper and business man because of his age? Or will he just have more to teach us because of the experiences he has gone through with age? Why is it that baseball players can live out their dreams until 60+ while supermodels only have until the ripe old age of 28 to fulfill their dreams?A wise person once said, "Dreams never die, Just the dreamer"....

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