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On Tuesday night the Frankie and Neffe Show premiered on the BET Network and for right now I am kinda having mixed feelings about the show. I have however been hearing alot of negative comments in reference to the stars of the show, as well as what's BET thinking for putting this type of show on TV. I believe the overall idea of the show is a pretty good one. We know that from watching the Keysha Cole Show that both Neffe and her mothe Frankie needed to make changes in their lives for the better which most of us can agree we all do. This show is suppose to show us the progress that has been made on their parts to get their lives in order by getting over the things they have dealt with in the past and securing a brighter future for themselves. People let's face it, We all either know someone or have at least one family member that reminds us of this mother daughter duo. Speaking for my family, if BET were to come to us in reference to making improvements to our lives and sharing it with the world while getting paid, we'd be all for it. I am not sure what this season of the Neffe and Frankie Show will show us but I am interested in giving it the opportunity to show me what its all about. Who knows we may all be pleasantly surprised in the end.

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