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Why Black Women Hate

Lately I have come across several articles about the black women hating on other black women epidemic thats plaguing the African American Society ,and wanted to comment on it from the Frugal, Flirty, and Fab point of view. I believe that it is society that has taught African American women to hate on their fellow sisters. For as long as I can remember it has always been survival of the fittest and let's face it In Hollywood, Corporate America, and many other arenas there is most often only room for one of us at a time. So how do we find our way to the top? Simply by hating and destroying our sisters who were there before us or who are trying to get there. Take the modeling world for instance, In the days of Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell there were hundreds of other celebrity supermodels in the industry but when Tyra Banks, a fellow African American Supermodel came along Naomi was intimidated by her status because she like many others felt there was no room in the industry for both of them to be there. You can say what you want about the way that Naomi reacted to Tyra, but we all know when it comes to survival of the fittest this is something that most of us do on an everyday basis, HATE. Look at Mega Celebrity Beyonce Knowles, talented, beautiful, intelligent yet on any given blog site on a daily basis we have hundreds of other African American women trying to knock her off her pedestal. I believe that if their were more roles in Hollywood,more jobs in Corporate America, more opportunities for African American women then and only then will we have less hatred and more respect for each other. We have to learn that if we want to see ourselves being represented in a positive light then we have to start treating each other with more respect and in a positive manner. Until we learn to do this we will continue to see that one African American woman playing in all the movies, that one African American woman in Corporate America, and only one African American female gracing the pages of the top Magazines. Lets learn to give credit when credit is due and put an end once and for all to black women hating on black women!

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  1. Well what adds to this is that in society there seems to be a double strike against Sisters. Being Black and being a woman, so the opposing forces become compounded.


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